How to tie a triangle tie


A tie is the subject of a man’s wardrobe, a type of scarf. In Russian costume, he appeared after the reforms of Peter the Great. During the XVIII century, mostly light ties were worn. As early as 1829, a special book was published, in which 40 styles of tying a tie were described. Currently, it is a necessary element of the official men's suit and women's accessory accessory.

How to tie a tie with a triangle: instruction?

  • Place the necktie on the neck with the front part facing out. He should lie down so that the wide side is on the left, slightly below the narrow end.
  • Throw, crossing, both ends, without pulling. The difference in length must remain. The wide part of the tie is above the narrow end to the right, and the narrow end is below and to the left.
  • Stretch the wide part to the left under the narrow end. It should cling to the narrow part under the knot.

How to tie a tie?

  • Lift the wide part upwards as if closing. In the central part, the wide end forms something similar to a circle, and the narrow end forms down from the center of the circle.
  • Pass the wide end through the inside of the knot from the side of the neck from right to left. Pull it out.
  • Stretch the wide end in the opposite direction, laying on the narrow. Do the same in the opposite direction, but under the narrow end. It turns out that the wide end will wind narrow. In the end, you should have 2 rings. If you succeed, you are doing everything right.
  • Draw a wide end from the inside of the knot from bottom to top. You do not need to tighten too much, otherwise, you will fail.
  • Slide the wide end down through the resulting ring. Now it remains to remove the folds, fix the knot and tighten the tie as you need.

How to tie a triangle tie: scheme

How to tie a triangle tie: schemeHow to tie a triangle tie: scheme

  • Position the tie on the neck so that the wide end is on the left and slightly longer than the narrow one. The front side of the tie should look out.
  • Cross the ends so that the wide segment is located on the right above the narrow end. Stretch the wide part of the tie under the narrow end to the left.
  • Do not let go of the wide end and take it up. The result is that the core part forms a circle with a wide part. In this case, the narrow end should go out of the circle from the bottom.
  • Now, pass the wide part of the tie from the side of the neck through the part of the knot that is located inside. This can be done either from right to left or from left to right. Pull end slightly.
  • Pull the wide end in the opposite direction, putting it on the narrow part of the tie. It turns out that you reel the knot of the wide part on your fingers.
  • Do the same with the narrow end in the opposite direction. It will turn out that the wide end wraps around the narrow end. Repeat the previous step.
  • Draw a wide end from the inside of the knot from bottom to top. Do not tighten it. You will have a ring through which stretch down the wide end.
  • You tied a tie with a triangle, now it remains only to straighten and tighten as you need.

How to tie a tie triangle: video

How to choose a tie?

  • Tie advised to choose a darker suit or have a contrasting color.
  • The shirt should be a little lighter tie. You can not wear a white shirt and white tie.
  • If you put on a shirt with a pattern, the color of the tie should preferably be monophonic and, conversely, if the shirt is monotonous, it is better to choose a tie with a pattern.
  • The color of the tie determines its functionality. For business communication will not fit bright models with catchy pictures. For a date, you can pick up a tie of unusual colors, which has a non-standard texture and ornament.
  • For everyday life suitable accessory unobtrusive colors with neutral patterns. Better to choose matte silk materials.
  • Red ties are quite extravagant. They have one drawback; they draw excessive attention to their owner. So, for an interview or an important meeting is not recommended to wear a tie of red shades.
  • The signs of a quality thing can be recognized on the back and on the inside. On the inside, check for a loop of fabric at its wide end. From the wide end of the tie, the seam should be open, without stitching to the end.

How to choose a tie?

  • Inside this object should be a pad of dense fabric that allows you to keep shape. A quality tie always keeps the shape of a knot, no matter what matter it is made of.
  • Before you buy a tie, take it in hand, touch it. It is recommended to crush the thing in your hands to check whether it will wrinkle or not.

A tie is an important part of a formal men's suit. To impress your friends and colleagues, it is important to be able to tie a tie with a triangle correctly. Follow the instructions and you will not go wrong with the choice of a tie, learn how to tie beautiful knots. Modern fashion allows you to add this accessory to women's clothes, do not neglect this opportunity. An appropriate and stylish model will allow you to revive any outfit, to show good taste and originality!