How to tie a men's scarf around his neck under his shirt

The scarf is an accessory that is often associated with the refinement of a gentleman. There is an opinion that he is from Croatia, where he was originally used as one of the parts of the military uniform. With the filing of the French king Louis XIV in the 17th century, the handkerchief around his neck became popular throughout Europe. Today, he also holds the palm among the elements that complement the main wardrobe of a man. So that the question of how to tie a man's shawl around his neck, does not put anyone in a dead end, let us deal with the nuances of using this exquisite accessory.

Stylist tips

How to tie a men's scarf?

Before you tie a scarf and appear in society for the first time, you need to feel it, as if to get to know him. This is necessary in order to

Feel comfortable and not be shy.

The scarf can be tied in the traditional way to the neck, tucking the ends under the shirt. They also tie a scarf over a shirt or wear a scarf on top of a T-shirt or cardigan. The freer the scarf is tied, the greater the feeling of randomness, and the more tightly the knot is tightened and raised higher, the more formality in appearance.

Types of scarves

In the 18-19 centuries, the representatives of the aristocratic class of France or England simply could not wear a scarf. It was from them that the classical forms of men's scarfs, topical to this day, went. We will understand the types of scarves:

  • Ascot is a classic of accessories with a name in honor of the English village. Appearance - oblique woven bleed. Rich fabric, discreet colors.
  • Foulard. The creation of French fashionistas - a piece of fabric measuring 10 cm by 1 m. A loose scarf that does not accept a formalized approach to together. Bright colors, a variety of patterns.
  • Plastron. Somewhat wider than foulard. Covers besides the neck part of the chest. The main use is a wedding scarf.

How to tie a men's scarf: basic ways

Let's start with the classics. One of the most popular sites is ascot. Modern fashion lovers tie such a man's shawl around his neck under his shirt.

How to stylishly tie a men's scarf around your neck?

Tie a scarf with a knot of ascot:

  1. We throw the ascot or foulard scarf around the neck and fold the ends on the chest.
  2. We start one of the ends after the other and skip to the loop that forms on the throat.
  3. One corner of the scarf, released through the ring on the throat, is compared with the other and gently straightened.
  4. Practically ready knot we place behind a collar of a shirt, we hide the ends inside for a shirt.
  5. Done, give the accessory a bit of volume and do not fasten the top buttons.

How to make an ascot knot?


This accessory for the bridegroom at a wedding is tied on a shirt and with the help of pins attached to the neck:

  1. We throw a handkerchief on the neck, and the ends are placed in front of each other. They should be equidistant from the neck.
  2. We cross the ends.
  3. One end of the plant under the other and skip to the loop on the throat.
  4. Combine and trim the ends on the chest.
  5. The angle of the upper plant for the bottom.
  6. In the resulting ring skip the bottom part of the plastron.
  7. We tighten the resulting node.How to make a knot-plastron?
  8. Spread the knot, cross slightly the ends and fix with a clip or clip.
  9. Node complete. We dress vest, we fasten, we hide the ends of a scarf inside.

How to tie a scarf knot-plastron?

Fully knot

Consider a knot-foul in the classic version:

  1. We cover the neck with a handkerchief (we put it on the shirt, not under it); we place the ends on the chest.
  2. Cross the ends of the scarf.
  3. One of the ends we start from the bottom after the other.
  4. We continue the movement and circle around the other with the same end and start again from below.
  5. We produce one end, which we wrap around the other, from the bottom through the throat ring.
  6. Grab the end and pass from top to bottom through the resulting loop.
  7. Smooth the ends of the scarf relative to each other and one above the other.
  8. Both ends are hidden under the vest.

How to make a foulard knot?

A neck scarf is an alternative to a standard tie, but with advanced features. Involving its originality and originality of ways of tying, we get the opportunity in any situation to look stylish. Good luck to you in the development of this accessory!

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