How to stretch shoes


Many girls are familiar with the problem of crushing and rubbing shoes. And when, when fitting in the store, everything was fine, the shoes sat comfortably on their feet. But then when wearing, there are calluses, corns, etc. Sooner or later, the question arises of how to stretch the shoes, how to soften it? And is it possible to do this at all?

Stretching shoes is quite possible, for this there are quite a few ways. Before proceeding to the procedure, it is necessary to take into account the type of footwear, and from what material it is made.

How to stretch leather shoes?

Leather shoes are almost not afraid of aggressive factors, and methods of stretching can be very diverse.

How to stretch shoes?

  • The most popular is the so-called "army method." It is distinguished by its simplicity and simultaneous high efficiency. To accomplish this, you will need ordinary cotton socks that need to be wetted and wrung out carefully so that they are wet. Shoes should be worn in such wet socks until they dry out. After that, in the shoes you need to fall asleep regular newspapers that absorb moisture.
  • If it is inconvenient to use the army method, there are safer and more gentle methods of stretching shoes, namely chemical. Practically in any shoe store you can buy a special tool for such purposes. Most often it is a foaming spray that needs to be sprayed inside the shoe. After that, it will need to walk around the house for some time. But this method has its drawbacks, which is worth remembering. The chemicals that make up the spray can change the skin color, especially if it is light.
  • An alternative to the chemical method can be ordinary alcohol or cologne. These were the means used in the USSR. Stretching shoes can also be accelerated, for this you need not just to walk around the house in it, but to squat and tear your heels off the ground.
  • You can use the ice method. In shoes you need to put a plastic bag filled with water and put in the freezer. Fading liquid will increase in volume and stretch the shoes. The most important thing is to choose a good durable bag that will not leak, otherwise there is a big risk to spoil the shoes. After the water is frozen, you should not try to pull out a piece of ice, it is best to let it melt.
  • The opposite way of stretching shoes is boiling water. But you can only use it for high-quality leather models. Only shoes, stitched with the observance of all rules, or boots, can withstand such an aggressive impact. To stretch the shoe you need to pour it from the inside with boiling water. Dress already cooled down a little and wear it around the house until it is completely dry.
  • After stretching the shoe in a hot, cold or other way, it is imperative to treat it with a cream. With aggressive exposure, the skin can lose its natural fats and become brittle, which will affect its appearance.

How to stretch shoes?

What if sneaker shoes rubs your feet?

Suede shoes are quite capricious, and many ways to stretch it just do not fit. Therefore, with this problem it is best to go to the experts. Most shoe repair shops provide stretching services, taking into account the material and model.

Professional ways are quite effective and practically safe. In the arsenal of workers there are special metal pads on which shoes are put on and gradually stretched.

Approximately the same method can be used at home, by purchasing a special shoe block. Some devices are capable of stretching shoes not only in length, but also in width, since many of them are equipped with a special screw mechanism.

It is worth remembering that suede is a rather soft and elastic material that is easy to wear and easily takes the shape of a foot. And in most cases, with the stretching of shoes you can cope at home.

For example, walk around the house in new shoes and slightly wet socks or dry, but thick - terry. You can use special tools - aerosols. And the spray should be just for suede shoes, with the exception in the composition of oils, fats and varnish.

Stretch imitation leather shoes

Most often, dermatin, of which there are hundreds of species, acts as skin substitutes. And it is difficult for inexperienced buyers to determine how high quality such shoes are. Externally and to the touch, they may not differ. The whole problem lies in the fact that 1 type of imitation leather does not stretch at all, because he has a fabric base, but the second will stretch. For these reasons, when stretching shoes from leatherette, you can not achieve a result or spoil the shoes.

But it’s still worth trying, especially since most ways are gentle. The most ideal option is to trust the specialist and take the shoes to the workshop. But if this is not possible, the use of special sprays adapted for artificial skin is acceptable.

You can use folk remedies, but only with caution. Often advised to handle shoes with alcohol and walk in it for a while. But it is necessary to apply alcohol or cologne not on the entire inner surface of the shoe, but on the areas that rub, press or press.

How to stretch shoes?

Artificial leather can withstand moisture and to stretch it, you can use the wet method. Stuff your shoes with wet newspapers and leave to dry completely. There are several such procedures.

How to soften shoes: tips

  1. In addition to stretching shoes under a certain size, there is often the question of how best to soften shoes that have not been worn for a long time? A great help in this can be castor oil or vegetable oil, or simple petroleum jelly.
  2. After processing the shoe, it must be worn at home for several hours. Further it is necessary to clear it from the used means. This method can be used for shoes made of natural materials, and for leather substitutes.
  3. With paraffin, you can also soften shoes. Most often, the substance is treated with a backdrop that is too hard and rubs. Paraffin is best left overnight, and in the morning to clean the tool.
  4. Kerosene will also make your skin soft. Before you use it, you must first wet the shoes and only then handle them. Despite the effectiveness of the method, the question remains about the smell. It is because of the unpleasant sharp flavor that this method is less popular than others.

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In order not to lose time and money in trying to stretch or soften an uncomfortable pair of shoes, you need to buy shoes right in size. The only possible problem in this case may be too hard a backdrop, but this is easy to fix. Remember that an uncomfortable couple can cause various ailments. Therefore, if a new shoe presses you, do not waste time, effort and nerves, it is best to hand it back to the store.