How to remove the gel polish at home without special liquid

Nail aesthetics has long become an integral point of self-care. The fair sex uses it for all occasions, and its arsenal, ranging from ordinary manicure and ending with constantly updated fashion trends, is rapidly growing. Relatively new procedure - shellac - is in constant focus. Is it possible and how to remove the gel polish at home?

More recently, literally in the last 5 years, the beauty industry has combined gel and varnish, thereby making it easier and more varied the variations in bringing nails in order. The peculiarities of shellac include strength, such a coating is quite stable. And after 3-4 weeks of manicure, when the nails noticeably branches and spoil the overall look, you have to somehow correct the situation. The removal procedure will be carried out in the cabin, but in terms of costs it is rarely inferior to the application itself. Therefore, it will not be superfluous to figure out how to remove the gel polish at home.

How to remove gel polish at home: tools

How to remove gel polish at home?

  • Nail polish removers (the simplest acetoacetate agent or remuver of a popular company: Nano Professional, Shellac Remower, etc.).
  • Buff-polishers.
  • Cotton pads (cotton wool or dry wipes).
  • Foil or caps for removing gel polish, which completely cover the nail. They can be purchased at almost any specialized store or via the Internet.
  • Citrus stick used for manicure (in appropriate cases, you can use the standard tool - sharpening nail care, cuticle).
  • Various manicure files.
  • Electric sander for nail care (in rare cases).
  • Means for moisturizing the skin of the hands and cuticles.
  • Restorative base for nail care.

Remove gel varnish at home: the way with foil

How to remove the gel polish at home with foil?

  1. Wash your hands and dry them.
  2. Cut down with the help of a buff or a nail file top coat of varnish. The top layer of shellac coating does not soften by itself and can interfere with the remover or acetone to dissolve the inner layers.
  3. Dampen a cotton pad in a remuver or acetone.
  4. Apply cotton wool to the nail plate so that the entire surface of the nail is completely covered with cotton. Minimize oxygen access under the fleece. Wait a minute.
  5. Wrap the nail tightly in foil. The procedure is done separately for each nail. For convenience, carry out this manipulation alternately, changing hands. Keep cotton wool with foil should be at least 15 minutes. Constantly follow the process: under the fleece, you should feel the heat. Temperature increase is the main condition for shellac softening.
  6. When the gel polish has softened enough, remove it from the nail plate with a citrus stick or a manicure tool - cuticle.
  7. Upon completion, gently, without pressure, gash the nails and grease them abundantly with cosmetic oil.
  8. In the end, cover the nails with a keratin and vitamins repair base.

How to remove gel polish with foil?

How to remove gel polish with foil at home?

And if there is no foil?

  1. Fill a small jar with a remover or any other material to soak the gel polish (you can use alcohol and triple cologne: they are more gentle on the skin, only alcohol is appropriate to be slightly diluted beforehand).
  2. Cut down the top varnish.
  3. Lubricate clean hands with a nourishing or moisturizing cream, oil or petroleum jelly.
  4. Dip your hands in a jar with a remuver so that the nails are completely immersed in the liquid. Time - up to 15 minutes. The duration of the procedure is proportional to the quality of the gel polish used.
  5. Carefully remove the shellac with a citrus stick or cuticle. Do not push: the surface of the nail is vulnerable during this procedure.
  6. Complete the removal with a repair agent or make a rehabilitating mask.

How to remove varnish gel without foil?

Ways to remove gel coating from nails without special liquid

  • Cutting - shellac-manicure is easy to remove with a nail file, buff or a high-quality electric sander (for nails). This "surgical" procedure should be carried out gradually, carefully, layer by layer, observing the measure of pressure. In order to control what is happening and not to cut too much, from time to time, wipe the nail with a cotton wool previously moistened with a varnish remover. Do not cut to the last layer. Leave a thin layer uncluttered to avoid injury. For a week, he will get away himself, and the nail surface will have time to get stronger.
  • Simple nail polish - this method will not be as effective as the previous ones, but in case of insufficient quality shellac coating will help. Cover with a thick layer of unnecessary varnish you clean the surface of the nail. When the lacquer is only slightly grabbed, wipe off this sticky substance with a dry, lint-free cloth.

How to remove the gel polish without special liquid?

How to perform the procedure without harming the nail plates?

  • It is best to remove this type of varnish in a well-heated room.
  • Petroleum jelly - the perfect tool for the procedure (as opposed to creams and oils). When used for cuticles and hands, it is possible to prevent the penetration of acetone and harmful substances into the pores. Conventional creams and especially - oils are in the epidermis much faster.
  • Remove the foil or caps preferably in turn with each nail. If you remove in one approach, then the softened coating risks hardening again.

Resuscitation of nails after removing nail polish

How to reanimate nails after removing gel polish?

  • Massage of nails with vegetable oil - rub vegetable oil on nail and skin 2-3 times a day during a week.
  • Iodine net - apply iodine on the nail with a cotton swab around the nail plate, in particular, on the cuticle. The procedure is carried out at night. By morning, the ugly brown color of the nails will disappear.
  • The mask with black currant and cream is an old, proven by many, rejuvenating agent with a rejuvenating effect, which can affect the regeneration of the nail plates and the epidermis of the hands. Mash currants with a fork, mix in equal proportions with cream, put on your hands. If possible, keep the mask for at least an hour. The use of cosmetic gloves will enhance a positive result.

Massage of nails with vegetable oil after removing gel polish

How to remove shellac and ordinary varnish from clothes?

  • On white (only white - not light!) Clothes, the usual “White” perfectly removes traces of carelessness. In undiluted form, you need to pour it over the stain, cover with a clean napkin and hold for an hour. Then wash it with your hands or in a washing machine.
  • Lace, chintz and delicate fabrics are easily cleaned from stains using a mixture of turpentine, ammonia, vegetable oil (olive, sunflower, almond, etc.).
  • Solvents - acetone, white spirit, gasoline, denatured alcohol - do an excellent job with traces of spilled varnish, and remove both fresh and old stains. After processing, soak the item for half a day, change the water until the unpleasant smell is gone, and only then wash it.
  • On synthetic fabrics, the easiest way to remove a stain is with a acetone-free agent. Naturally, after processing, the item should be washed out - either by hand or in a washing machine (in delicate mode).

Ways to remove the gel polish at home a lot. The only requirement that is important to comply with and for which you do not need to skimp, is the quality of the materials used. Give preference to proven brands that deserve good reviews - and the lengthy procedure for removing yesterday's “beauty” from your nails will not turn into a multi-weekly nightmare for you with all the consequences: treatment, recovery and bad mood.

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