How to quickly grow eyebrows


Usually care for eyebrows is to give them a beautiful shape, which will emphasize all the beauty and shape of the eyes and face. But it happens that because of some problems, such as a lack of vitamins and microelements, problems with the thyroid gland, simply improper care, eyebrows begin to rapidly fall out and grow poorly.

In order to restore the old beauty and accelerate the growth of eyebrows, you can use various folk remedies.

How to quickly grow eyebrows with cosmetic procedures?

To accelerate the growth of eyebrows, you can use your own hand-made cosmetics If for a period while the eyebrows do not restore the previous form, you can not refuse the makeup, this tool will help you to remove it, while caring for the eyebrows.

You will need lanolin, petroleum jelly and glycerin. Melt the lanolin in a water bath, then rub it thoroughly with Vaseline to form a homogeneous mass, and put the glycerin there. All components must be taken in equal parts. Then apply the product on cotton wool and wipe their eyebrows.

Also improve the growth of eyebrows help carrot mask with Vitamin A. Take the vitamin in oil form and add to 1 tbsp. l fresh carrot juice. Then put a napkin in it and place it on the eyebrows. After 20 minutes, rinse with warm water.

How to quickly grow eyebrows with oil?

  • To make eyebrows grow faster, you can make a compress with peach oil. You need to heat the oil so that it becomes warm, and soak it with small pieces of cotton wool. Then put them on the eyebrows. Then cover the cotton with small strips of parchment paper and secure with a bandage. Hold this compress for 20 minutes. Exactly the same procedure can be performed using almond, sea buckthorn, burdock or castor oil. All of them have properties that accelerate hair growth. But if you have the opportunity to buy usma oil, then try to do it. It is considered the best natural remedy that accelerates hair growth.
  • You can also make a mixture that you need to rub into your eyebrows every day until your hair grows back. To prepare it, mix 4 drops of camphor oil, 10 drops of castor oil and 1 tsp. flaxseed oil.
  • Various oils do well with eyebrow nutrition. Before you apply them to the eyebrows, heat, and then, moving along the growth of hair with a brush, apply. Castor oil is best applied overnight as a compress. To make the effect as good as possible, do a massage, pressing lightly on the eyebrows and pinching the skin to add blood.

How to quickly grow eyebrows with ointment?

Make eyebrows grow faster and able to ointment, prepared with Peruvian balm.Take 0.4 g of Peruvian balsam, 10 g of Vaseline, 8 g of castor oil, and move everything carefully. Smear this eyebrow ointment every day 2 p. Instead of the Peruvian balsam, you can use Shostakovsky balsam.

How to quickly grow eyebrows folk remedies?

You can grow your eyebrows quickly with the help of so-called paper fat. Take a paper cap from plain paper, put it on top of the glass cup and light it. On the walls of the glass will begin to precipitate, the so-called brown fat. You need to collect it and rub it every day in the eyebrows, until you reach the desired result.

Vodka tincture of bitter pepper has a good effect.This tincture is able to grow eyebrows very quickly. For its preparation, take 1 pod of bitter pepper, 200 ml of vodka. Set to infuse for 2 days. Then soak the cotton in the tinctures and brush the eyebrows well. Just be careful not to get the tincture in your eyes. You can walk with her for 2 hours, then wash off.

How to quickly grow eyebrows with herbs?

In order to quickly browse the industry, you can use the power of healing herbs. Take 0.5 tbsp. l chamomile and fill with 1 liter of water. Boil the grass, then strain and, after cooling, you can rub 2 p. per day in the eyebrows. But chamomile has brightening properties, so use the decoction for a short time, otherwise eyebrows may become 2 tones lighter.

Will help to quickly grow eyebrows and a mask of medicinal calendula. Pour 1 tbsp. l Calendula flowers 1 cup of vodka and leave to infuse for 2 weeks in a cool and dark place. Then dilute the tincture in half with water and wet it with cotton swabs. Then apply to the eyebrows. After 1.5 hours you can remove the compress. Repeat this procedure 3 p. per week for 2 months.

How to quickly restore eyebrows?

To return your eyebrows to the former delightful look, you need a complex of vitamins: vitamins E and A, carrot juice, olive and almond oil.

In order to grow eyebrows quickly, it is necessary to understand the reason why hair growth slowed down and their hair loss accelerated. Try not to pluck the eyebrows of month 4. This will help them strengthen and improve the condition of all the hair. Start drinking carrot mock, take the vitamin and mineral complex inside, and prepare it for external use. Take 15 drops of vitamin E, 30 drops of vitamin A, 1 tsp. castor and olive oil. Mix everything well and start to rub the prepared eyebrow composition 4 times a week. After 2 months you will notice the result.

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Eyebrows emphasize the expressiveness of your eyes, and this is achieved through proper care for them. But sometimes you can face a problem when there is a strong hair loss or slow growth. And it can be an unpleasant surprise for every woman. Now the fashion for natural and natural eyebrows has returned, which should be thick, soft and even. If you do not have such eyebrows, you can use a variety of methods (oil, herbs, folk remedies) that will help your eyebrows grow faster.