How to quickly and easily pack various options with a bang


The classic square, quite possibly, came from the Egyptian queen Cleopatra, but it gained particular popularity in the middle of the 20th century and is still in high demand. Its popularity increases and decreases, but it is unlikely when it will subside. This simple, but quite stylish haircut can advantageously file almost any person, fit into any image. But what you need to know when choosing it?

Options for an elongated bob with bangs: photos and recommendations of stylists

Long caret with bangs options

To begin with, you should decide on who would like this haircut - various variations, no doubt, allow you to adjust it for almost any facial features, but there is a nuance that cannot be ignored.

  • It is extremely undesirable for an elongated face to be elongated: even if you make a smooth bang to the eyebrows, it will not cut off enough to bring the parameters to harmony. In such a situation, the classic square is better when the front strands are on the chin line, and always with thick, smooth bangs.

Other types of faces can wear such a haircut, however, it is required to carefully adjust for each individual shape. How to do it?

  • Owners of compact faces (circle, square) with four long squares are ideal if it does not have bangs, and is also designed with side parting. Central does not always look advantageous, although there is a place to be, if the rest of the facial features also pull it: for example, long nose, sharp chin, etc.
  • Owners of textured faces (rhombus, triangle) should pay attention to the bob with oblique bangs, especially if its line is maximally raised, but leave a strong diagonal from the back of the head forward. Smooth bangs are undesirable because it "smears" all the accents that should be brought to the fore.
  • If you have a high or wide forehead, asymmetry of the face, or you consider your nose to be a disadvantage, pay attention to the beveled bangs as a supplement to the elongated square. The cut angle is arbitrary, the height of the longest strand is also.

As for the different textures of hair, everything is much simpler here: a square with lengthening is suitable also for girls with small strong curls, and with a perfectly smooth canvas. Much more important is the issue of density: the classic square, especially with straight bangs, looks more advantageous on very thick, healthy, straight hair (just remember Cleopatra). Kare-bob gives volume to thin, fairly fluid curls, but in this case it is better to avoid bangs or to think over its asymmetrical variants. And owners of curly hair should look at the elongated front strands - due to what nature gave them, get a hairstyle that does not need styling.

How to lay the elongated car yourself?

Long caret with oblique bangs

The most difficult thing in short haircuts is, of course, the process of styling them: it seems that you can leave everything as it is, do not suffer, inventing hairstyles, however, the variety is not that great if you suddenly want something new, and for a few moments you don’t give it neat look. What can be done "on the run" with a long four, especially if a bang is added to it?

  • If the square is very short, the possibilities are severely limited: here either a hair dryer with a round brush or an iron comes into play. It is recommended to pick up brashing with a small diameter, but the width of the rectifier plates does not play a special role. For fast everyday styling, simply twisting the ends inward, if the face is narrowed to the chin, or outward if it is harmoniously folded.
  • If the front strands reach the line of the chin or even the shoulders, and the back of the neck is slightly covered, you can not only use the above option, but also resort to soft hair curlers-papilotkami, or curl curls on the tongs. True, the latter idea takes time, so if you want to get waves (and they look better than small curls with such a length), it’s better to take large curlers or just braid 2-4 braids for the night - in the morning you only need to twist the tips.
  • Bangs usually fit separately, and ways to work with it depend on its silhouette. It is better to simply twist the straight line with a brushing; beveled - you can pull it out or curl it outwards from the face to slightly open it.

As for the evening styling on an elongated bob with bangs, here hairdressers stylists are advised to experiment not with styling, but with accessories in it. Headbands, headbands, spectacular hairpins - all this will allow to diversify the haircut. Owners of the elongated square to the shoulders can turn to low beams, but not smooth, but more careless. The French "shell", assembled on a roller, as well as some types of weaving will also be suitable: for example, a bezel from a braid that allows you to hide a fringe. In general, there remain relevant waves and clear curls.

Summing up, it should be said that an elongated bob - with or without a bang - is a fairly universal haircut that is unlikely to ever go out of style. It is convenient, practical, but at the same time effective. However, deciding on such a change of image, do not forget about the need to daily style your hair and keep it clean, because on a short haircut to disguise their condition is much more difficult.