How to put bangs


No makeup, no skillful styling will give the expected beauty and charm to its owner, if her bang does not look neat and well-groomed. Why do actresses and models from the covers of glossy magazines have bangs "hair to hair"?

How to put bangs correctly?

Rules for laying bangs

  • Importantstyling agent. Perhaps seventy percent of success depends on him. Preference is best given to light styling products - sprays, clay, mousses and foams. For oily or curly hair, a water-based spray or special styling clay is suitable. Mousses and foams - for owners of straight, normal and dry hair. Outside of competition is such a styling tool as a vitamin cocktail, which is often used in hairdressing salons. It makes hair more docile and protects against high temperatures and ultraviolet radiation, and also heals hair and nourishes it with nutrients. You can find it in specialized stores for hairdressers.
  • Do not overdo it! This is very important in our business. Any styling product is sufficiently the size of a cherry bone, or even smaller, depending on the length. If it is a modeling spray - one spraying from such a distance so that it covers the whole bang.
  • Only wet hair! Undoubtedly, the bangs should always be clean and fresh. In addition, all the avid billers know that it is not necessary to wash all their hair every morning for the sake of it. It is enough just to wash the chubchik, blot it with a towel and apply styling agent.
  • Further proceed directly to the installation. You will need a hair dryer and comb with bristles. This brush firmly captures the hair, making it smooth and shiny. Especially it will facilitate the work of those who have hair disobedient or curly. Owners of straight and smooth hair without a special need for this comb. Air flow from the dryer direct from the top down. If you cut the bangs recently and in this case a beginner, it is possible for the first time, until you have trained your hand, to use a hairdryer in the mode of weak power.

How to put bangs correctly?

  • When your masterpiece is completed and a neatly laid chelochka flaunts on your head, put the hairdryer in the mode cold air and once again "dry" the hair in the right direction for a few seconds. This will secure the original styling. This method will give the desired result and after straightening hair ironing. Then, if necessary, smooth hair comb. You can sprinkle with varnish, but at a distance of twenty centimeters from the head, so that the fixation holds better and the bang is not covered with an ugly “crust”.

What form of bangs to choose?

If you are only planning to become the owner of a fringe and decide which form is best to choose, pay attention to some generally accepted rules:

  • For an elongated face, you need a bang corresponding to the eyebrows or below: as you like. The same length is suitable in order to hide the high forehead.
  • Do you have a square or rectangular face? Feel free to choose oblique long or medium length fringe. For a round face, you can choose a fashionable torn fringe.

  • The arched shape will look great on a triangular face.
  • Bang up to the eyelashes makes the nose larger. Also, any bangs focuses on the lips, so you should take care of their good appearance.
  • Those who have curly hair, it is better to give up too thick bangs. Also, a thick bang will be difficult to style if you have unruly hair and choose a shortened version.

And remember, it makes no sense to get upset if you are caught in the rain or for some reason the chosen bang shape does not match your appearance. After all, it will quickly grow and it can always be stabbed to the top. The main thing is not to lose a positive attitude and give free rein to your imagination - and here you look again at all 100!