How to paint eyes with mascara

Mascara is used in day and evening makeup. Also, some girls simply tint the eyelashes without using eye shadow, eyeliner or eyeliner. In any case, without mascara, any makeup will remain unfinished.

Sometimes it happens that we do not like how the mascara rests on the eyelashes. Someone mascara is the same as ours, and the eyes look just amazing: the eyelashes are long, curved, one to one.

How to paint eyes with mascara to prevent cilia from sticking together?

For many women, the problem of sticking eyelashes is almost in the first place. And who likes to see lumps on the eyelashes or the effect of rare, but very "thick" eyelashes?

  • Mascara applied at the last moment, as the completion of makeup. Only in this case, you will be able to save eyelashes such as make up for a long time.
  • Makeup artists and many women use this trick: Lightly powder eyelashes before applying mascara. After that, the mascara is smoothed, the risk of sticking is reduced several times, and the cilia are more beautiful and fluffy.
  • Of course, the quality of the carcass has an important role. There should not be chasing expensive carcasses, you should choose the brand of mascara that suits you best. Some women have allergies, so the issue of carcass selection should be approached more carefully.

  • New mascara of any brand may be too bright or even watery, so before applying it on the eyelashes, you must wipe off the brush well, leaving only a small amount.
  • Old mascara tends to dry out. Perhaps the cause of the lumps on your eyelashes is exactly that.

How to apply mascara on eyelashes?

  • Sit near the mirror or take a small mirror.
  • Open mascara. The peculiarity of the modern carcass is that it opens with rotating movements, and the brush also has bristles in a spiral. This is done so that the mascara brush can dial a sufficient amount of mascara when opened. When using a new mascara, be sure to wipe the brush on the limiter.

  • Mark the contours of the color of the eyelashes. Apply mascara lightly on the tips of your lashes. Move the brush in different directions, not only up: from the nose and towards it, as well as perform rotational movements.
  • Dip the brush into the tube in a spiral motion. Many women at this stage make a mistake, dipping the brush in a straight line to collect ink. It would be best if you again close and open the mascara., because the brush in this case makes the right movements and collects the required amount of ink. Remove excess mascara on the brush with a stop.
  • Now paint your eyelashes well from root to tip.. Eyelashes color, moving from the nose to the ears, that is, from the inner corners of the eyes to the outside. However, many women are used to doing it in the opposite direction. It does not play a significant role. Only important high eyelashes curl during dyeing and make a brush not only upward, but in different directions.

  • Do not apply mascara. To create a smooth, separated and beautiful eyelashes enough to apply mascara in two layers.
  • Close mascara, dropping the brush in a spiral motion. This is necessary to preserve the shape of the brush.

Application of mascara depending on the structure of the eyelashes

The beauty of the painted eyelashes depends on their structure. Many women understand that the same mascara will look on eyelashes differently from them and their girlfriends. Therefore, there are little secrets for applying mascara, depending on the structure of the eyelashes.

  • With strongly curved eyelashes Makeup artists advise you to comb your eyelashes before applying mascara. After applying mascara, also comb your eyelashes.
  • For hard and short eyelashes use lengthening mascara. Apply it in two or three layers. And then separate the eyelashes with a special brush.
  • For rare eyelashes use bulk mascara. Do as in the previous case.

That's all the advice about how to paint the eyelashes with mascara. Do not forget that the mascara must be changed every four months, after this period it dries out and leaves lumps. Do not mix different carcasses, although they are of the same color. It is impossible to apply a layer of extension mascara and a layer of bulk. Makeup artists strictly forbid doing it!

Pick up a single mascara for your eyelashes and use it constantly. Now you know exactly how to use it correctly. creating expressive, well separated cilia! Little female tricks of this article will help you become more attractive!

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