How to make large hollywood curls at home in 3 minutes and


Lush curls are considered the most feminine and romantic type of ladies' hairstyle. This style creates a volume on the hair of any length, suitable for any type of face and gives charm and lightness. That is why so many women are interested in how to make large curls at home, so that you can create a beautiful image yourself at the right time, without wasting time and money on salons.

How to make large curls at home?How to make large Hollywood curls at home?

Curls do not go out of fashion, since they have become classics for a long time - this styling is suitable for both festive and vivid images, as well as for calmer everyday. Moreover, the curls come in various shapes and structures: spiral, zigzag, more clearly structured and elastic, or, conversely, soft, wavy. Depending on the desired image, the curls can be either very neat and smooth, or more natural, careless, which would be appropriate for a summer holiday or a beach party.

Today, there are many methods and devices for creating curls, each of which has its own advantages and disadvantages. Choosing for yourself the most suitable, consider the structure and quality of your hair. For example, in the case of long, heavy, thick, hard hair, or for “recalcitrant”, it is better to perform styling using a curling iron or a hot hair dryer, using good fixatives. And on soft, obedient or brittle strands it is enough to use curlers or styling with a brush and a hairdryer.

How to make large curls in 3 minutes and in just 2 steps?

How to make large curls in 3 minutes and in just 2 steps?How to make large curls quickly?

The fastest way to create chic curls - use curling.

  1. Styling must be done on clean and dry hair. In no case do not use curling, forceps and ironing on wet hair, because it instantly spoils their structure, burning and making them dry and lifeless.
  2. Before styling, apply heat protection to all hair.
  3. When dividing the hair into "autonomous" strands, consider: the more curls you want to get in diameter, the thicker they are supposed to be.
  4. Each strand wrap curling, starting from the roots and ending with the tips, and warm up for 7-10 seconds.
  5. Start laying better with the lower strands at the back, moving to the temples. At last, the top strands are laid - this is done in order not to disrupt the strands laid at the beginning.
  6. At the end of laying fix it with varnish.

Another opportunity to quickly curl - use a flat hair straightener. Thanks to him, the strands are obtained original spiral shape.

  1. Just as in the previous method, prepare your head for styling.
  2. Take 1 strand (not thicker than a little finger thickness) and twist with a cord.
  3. Now take the iron and place the harness between the tongs.
  4. Strongly pressing the iron, starting from the root, run them along the entire length of the strand.
  5. When the whole head is laid, fix the curls with lacquer.

How to make curls at home without curling and ironing?

Even without these special tools, there are several ways to make Hollywood curls at home. Some of them are suitable for those who are afraid of subjecting their hair to thermal curling.

How to make curls at home without curling and ironing?How to make curls at home using stealth?

Twisted strands

  1. Wash and dry hair to a wet state.
  2. Treat them with a modeling agent (it can be a mousse, spray or foam).
  3. Take a strand at the base of the neck and, starting from the tip, twist it with a ring.
  4. For convenience, the strand is allowed to wind around the fingers.
  5. At the roots, fix the resulting ring with a clip or an invisible one.
  6. In the same way, twist all the strands and wait for 1-2 hours or blow-dry for 10 minutes.
  7. Dissolve the curls and fix with lacquer.


Today, there are a wide variety of types of hair curlers: plastic, spiral, foam rubber, heated hair rollers, professional velvet curlers, hair curlers, boomerangs, and so-called hedgehogs or velcro. For large curls, choose curlers with a larger diameter or wind thicker strands.

  1. Spread the styling agent on clean, slightly damp hair.
  2. As always, starting with the lower back hair, alternately twist each strand on the curler.
  3. If you have time, let your head dry naturally, take your time - dry it with a hairdryer.
  4. After complete drying, dissolve the curls and secure the styling with varnish.

Hair dryer

For this method, you need a large round brush and a hairdryer.

  1. Prepare hair for styling in the same way.
  2. All hair is divided into identical strands and secure it with rubber bands or hairpins.
  3. Take the back bottom strand and wind it on the brush along the entire length.
  4. Direct the flow of hot air and dry the strand for 10-15 seconds (the temperature and duration depend on how soft and docile your hair is).
  5. Lift strands from the roots - this will give volume to the hair.
  6. Having laid in such a way all head of hair, sprinkle curls with fixing means.

A few tips on creating curls

How to make curls at home on curlers?How to make curls in home hair dryer?

  • At the end of the styling, do not brush your hair with a comb with frequent teeth or a brush. You can use a comb with large sparse teeth, or just tilt your head down and slightly shake your hair, and then straighten and beat with your fingers.
  • For a natural effect, twist the strands in different directions, and also use curlers of different sizes.
  • For styling fine hair do not use heat.
  • To make the hair look natural and attractive, take quite a bit of varnish or gel - then avoid the effect of plastic.

If you know how to make large curls at home, then you can always create a beautiful, incredibly feminine and stylish hairstyle in a short time. The main thing is to remember that if you perform styling by the method of thermal exposure, then the hair needs extra care and nourishment so that they always remain healthy and strong.