How to make hair straight


Girls are often unhappy with their appearance, figure, hair. We change makeup, hair, wardrobe, color of curls. In this case, the hair is most affected. Perfectly straight strands are the dream of many curly ladies. Recently, various innovative means of straightening hair are widespread: styling products, irons, salon procedures. What method to use to turn wavy hair into perfectly straight?

How to make hair straight at home?

How to make hair straight?

The easiest way to straighten hair at home is a hair dryer or iron. Heat exposure adversely affects the health of hair, so it is recommended to use it no more than 2-3 times a week. To minimize harm, give preference to irons with a professional coating and ionization function. Do not neglect thermoprotectants. Use professional thermal protection (it costs more, but the effect gives the best).

Many girl more convenient to use a hairdryer and brushing (round comb). Each strand in this case is drawn out with a comb and treated with a hairdryer. Modern devices are equipped with a cooling function, the use of which does not seriously harm the hair. True cold air dries curls much slower than hot. To prolong the effect, use special gels, mousses and hair straighteners. Do not forget to fix straightened strands with varnish.

You can also use shampoos and balsams from the series to straighten curly curls. They smooth unruly hair, making them soft, smooth and silky. True, such tools are not able to straighten strands completely and for a long time, however, they are a good addition to the basic straightening methods.

Straighten curls without ironing

How to make hair straight?

Popular recipes are widely used among household straightening methods. Masks and creams based on oils have a good effect. You can use burdock, castor or olive. Rub any of the oils into the scalp, evenly distribute through the hair. Put on a hat, wrap a head with a towel and leave for an hour. After that, rinse your hair thoroughly with shampoo and rinse with water and vinegar or citric acid.

The oils give the strands a heaviness, enveloping every hair. In addition, the oil mask strengthens the curls, nourishes and moisturizes them. After a couple of weeks of periodically conducting such a procedure, your hair will become more healthy and docile.

Girls with normal or oily hair should prefer cognac or apple cider vinegar. With a cotton swab, apply one of the products to the hair (avoid contact with the face, scalp and eyes), leave for 30-40 minutes and rinse with shampoo. If you decide to use apple cider vinegar, before applying, dilute it in water (1: 1) and add a drop of almond or olive oil. After using the mask, the hair will shine, will become more straight.

The following mask is considered a good folk rectifier: mix 1 tbsp. lemon juice, for ½ st. l apple juice and apple vinegar and ¼ st.l. vodka. Rinse the hair with the prepared product, and then rinse with or without shampoo.

Is it possible to straighten curly hair forever?

How to make hair straight?

Straighten hair forever is possible only by changing their structure. Only highly qualified professionals in a good salon will be able to do this.

The chemical method gives the result up to 5 months, and sometimes less. It all depends on the quality of the components used and the structure of the hair. This method is somewhat like a perm, only with the opposite effect. Special substances are applied to the hair, then they are fixed with a special composition and treated with conditioner.

Curls after chemical straightening become silky, absolutely straight and fluffy. The only minus of such a procedure is that it is harmful to the strands. After the expiration of the effect of the straightening substances, the hair becomes dry, brittle, losing elasticity, the hair shaft becomes very thin.

The Japanese straightening method was developed back in the 2000s. It is one of the most effective, durable and safe methods of straightening. After it, only regrown hair will need re-treatment. With the help of the procedure strands are not only straightened, but also restored. The fact is that the composition for processing includes a unique drug cystamine, rich in proteins, which contributes to both treatment and improvement of the condition of the locks. Cystiamine penetrates the hair structure and changes molecular bonds in it, which affects the appearance and health of each hair.

Keratin straightening provides a result of up to 4 months, depending on the type of hair and rectifier composition. With this method, the curls are saturated with keratin, fill the voids in the hairs, restoring them. There are a lot of manufacturers of keratin straightening products, but drugs produced by Brazil and America are in great demand. After this straightening, you will get healthy, shiny and smooth hair that you have long dreamed of.

Straight hair is the dream of many girls with wavy and curly hair. What sacrifices they just don’t make to achieve the desired result! It is important not to lose sight of the health of the hair. There are both folk and salon safe ways of straightening curls. Each method has its pros and cons. What to confide in is up to you.