How to make curls on the square

Haircut car appeared many centuries ago in ancient Egypt, and men wore this hairstyle exclusively. Mass interest in a practical and beautiful haircut was shown by women in the 20s of the twentieth century and for almost 100 years, the caret does not go out of fashion. This version of the haircut is chosen by both business women and girls who prefer light romantic images. This hairstyle is easily transformed from the everyday to the evening version, it is easy to lay and it is suitable for almost all types of face.

Curls on the car: styling options

Curls on the square make the image more light, romantic and festive and are associated with youth and joie de vivre. Depending on the type of curls, you can create both trendy and retro image. In order to be different every day, you need a little imagination and 15-20 minutes. Free time.

Curls on the square with the effect of perm

This season, designers recommend to pay attention to voluminous curls, with the effect of perm. For this hairstyle need studs, gum for fixing and hair spray. Comb hair and divide into thin strands, wind each strand on a hairpin, repeating the contour of the sign of infinity, secure with an elastic band. When all the strands are wrapped, sprinkle them with hair spray and leave for 2 hours. Unwind the pins and fingers with a foam or hair wax to give a finished look to your hair.

Curls on the car: styling options

Large curls

This is a simple version of the hairstyle, which can be done in the morning in just 15 minutes. To do this, wash your hair and lightly dry with a towel. Then on a little wet curls, apply a little mousse for styling, wind the hair on large curlers and blow-dry. Then remove the hair curlers, separate the strands with your fingers and fix with varnish.

Curls on the car: styling options

Curls with the effect of wet hair

On damp hair, apply a fairly large amount of foam and model the desired hairstyle, and then dry it with a hairdryer with a diffuser. If your hair curls by itself, then a hairdryer is not at all necessary; you can dry your head in a natural way.

Curls on the car: styling options

Bulk styling

Over the entire length of the hair, apply the foam to create volume. Split into strands and screw on papilotki. Blow dry on warm air. Dissolve hair and model hair with your fingers. Secure with varnish.

Curls on the car: styling options

Curls and straight bangs

This style looks unusual and attracts attention. It will be especially interesting to look on straightened strands. This hairstyle adds a fresh look. Apply styling foam to your hair and curl with forceps, disassemble the curls with your hands. Pull the puff iron and lay slightly to the side.

Curls on the car: styling options

Careless curls on the square

Washed hair a little wet towel and apply gel for styling. Blow dry with a flat comb at the roots. Apply the entire length of the foam and dry the hair, squeezing the strands in a chaotic manner. To add extra volume, curl the hairs on the crown and fix with varnish.

Curls on the car: styling options

Volume curls

Screw hair on hot rollers or curl with forceps. Roll the roots and fix it with varnish.


Curls on the car: styling options

Curls on the car with lengthening

Kare with lengthening - the perfect haircut for girls with a round face, it allows you to visually adjust its shape. Curls on such a haircut look unusual and give the image of romance. The easiest way is to twist the strands on thin heated hair rollers or curl using a hair styler.

In order to give volume to thin hair, apply a little styling product on wet hair, wind it on large curlers of medium thickness and dry it with a hairdryer under a stream of warm air. Leave the curlers for another 15 minutes. To send the basal volume, chop your hair and fix varnish.

Curls on the car: styling options

Retro curly curls

Curls a la Marilyn Monroe

Feminine and provocative Marilyn - the main sex symbol of the century. She still excites men's minds. This styling is suitable for bold and liberated girls. It will look great on both short and medium-sized hair.

On wet hair, apply the foam and comb them. Slightly dry the hair dryer and screw on large curlers. Dry with hot air. Remove the curlers and brush your fingers to the side or back. Fix hair with lacquer.

Retro curly curls

Retro waves

Wash hair and blow dry. Parting Apply a gel of strong fixation and with the help of clips to fix the side strands, forming future waves. Dry with hot air and spray the hair with lacquer.

Retro curly curls

Dita Von Teese styling

This method of styling is also called cold wave, because the hair is not subjected to heat treatment.

Retro curly curls

Wash the washed curls with a towel and comb through the comb with occasional teeth. Apply a little gel on the hair and start shaping the styling from the face with a comb-tail. Split hair into strands. Retreat from the parting by 2-3 cm., Pinch the strand to the scalp, hold the comb-tail perpendicularly and, slightly pressing, pull the hair, forming a bend of the wave. Carefully fasten the finished wave with a barrette, trying to avoid unaesthetic creases. Repeat this procedure with all strands. When all the waves are formed, put a grid hat on your hair and dry your hair naturally or with a hairdryer in cold air mode. After the curls are completely dry, remove the cap and all the hairpins. Fix the hair with lacquer.

Mowing one of the most fashionable today. She is chosen by both Hollywood stars and many fashionistas around the world. She looks great on perfect straight hair and curly. With the help of styling on the car, you can create a variety of images from retro divas to business women. In addition, styling is easy and fast, and if you complement the hair with accessories in the form of hoops, hairpins, headbands and bows, you will always look fashionable and original.

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