How to make a lipstick yourself

Often in the composition of lipsticks, which are represented on the cosmetic market, includes components that cause allergic reactions, dry skin of lips and wrinkles. But the lipstick, made with your own hands at home - this is a great option that is not only useful, but at the price will be much cheaper than their branded counterparts.

Today, quite a large number of stores offer familiar and very exotic products for creating cosmetics in the home laboratory. However, a significant part of what you need for the first experiment can be purchased at a pharmacy. After all, as a rule, the composition of lipstick includes solid and liquid fats, dyes.

The difference between the domestic invention and the brand version is that the latter is often made from petroleum products and artificial pigments, which greatly facilitates the transportation of the product and increases its shelf life.

What do you need for making lipstick?

How to make a lipstick yourself?

Before you start creating lipstick, prepare the following tools:

  1. 2 small buckets (they are needed to melt the components in a water bath);
  2. Spoon or stick made of wood for stirring;
  3. A small jar or tube of used lipstick (there you will pour the finished mixture);
  4. Notebook or notebook for recording records of the number of ingredients at each stage of preparation (they will help you in the future if you want to repeat or improve the recipe).

From the ingredients for making lipstick, you will need:

  1. Beeswax. You can buy it in a pharmacy, craft store or in a honey shop. If you have a tendency to allergic reactions, give preference to carnauba or candelilla wax;
  2. Shea butter, cocoa or mango. Thanks to this component, the lipstick will fall more evenly and have a nourishing effect on the skin of the lips;
  3. Coconut or olive oil, which gives shine and texture;
  4. Dyes - completely edible or non-toxic non-food nature. In addition, you can not add them, then prepare a colorless balm that perfectly nourishes the skin of the lips;
  5. Flavors - this component is added as desired. Do not use strongly obsessive smells, they will disturb you throughout the day. The best option for this purpose is vanilla fragrance, which blends well with the smells of many oils;
  6. Additional components. As them you can use a variety of nutritional or healing oils and mixtures. For example, sea buckthorn oil or aloe - they are great for lip skin care. But just pay attention, sea buckthorn oil has an orange tint, which can then affect the final result.

Dyes for homemade lipstick: what to choose?

How to make a lipstick yourself?

Depending on what color you want to get lipstick, you can add a variety of dyes. So, to achieve a bright red hue, use beetroot root powder. Cinnamon will help make a red-brown tone. For the preparation of brown lipstick, take cocoa powder, and for copper - turmeric.

You will achieve a similar effect if you take mineral or other powdered shadows as a pigment. They are necessarily tested for toxicity, as they are in contact with the eyes, and therefore are considered quite safe. Especially this method is relevant if you want the color of your lips to match the shade of the shadows.

It is possible to create resistant colors with the help of children's crayons with a wax base. Strangely enough, but this method differs not only efficiency, but also safety. When buying crayons, be sure to inspect the packaging. It should contain information that they are safe in terms of food. After all, first of all, they are made for children, who, as a rule, are all pulled in the mouth.

The smell of this product should be expressed to a minimum. Before adding the crayons to the lipstick as a dye, finely rub them and add to the mixture at the kindling stage the base for the future lipstick. It is worth noting that the pencils give a rather rich shade, so do not overdo it with the quantity.

How to make a lipstick at home?

How to make a lipstick yourself?

In equal quantities, take wax, shea and coconut oils (or those oils from the list with which they can be replaced) and put them in a water bath. Be sure to ensure that the composition does not boil, as well as that it does not get water. In addition, pay attention to the fact that the inner jar and stirring spoon are completely dry. It is worth noting that the ingredients will melt quickly enough, so try not to be distracted by other extraneous matters.

After the mixture acquires a uniform consistency, remove it from the stove and you can proceed to adding additional components that are responsible for color and smell. This stage of homemade lipstick is the most interesting and responsible, opening a wide field for experimentation and imagination. It is better if you prepare a mixture of dyes and pigments in advance. It is necessary to eliminate haste in the last stage of your work.

Mixing everything thoroughly, using a pipette or a small spoon, pour the mixture into a jar or tube. Remember that it must be hot. If the composition suddenly cools down, heat it in a water bath, but it is extremely undesirable to do this, since when reheated, natural dyes can change their tint. Now wait. When the lipstick is firm, you can use it when applying makeup.

Video tutorial

Makeup Subtleties: Make Matte Lipstick

Matte lipstick is especially popular in the autumn and winter season. Thanks to the calm saturated colors, it is able to give the lips refinement and nobility. However, you should know that matte lipstick visually reduces lips and, when applied, their skin should be in perfect condition. Otherwise, you risk looking untidy due to the fact that all the cracks and so forth. The flaws will be very noticeable. Therefore, a few days before using matte lipstick, pamper your lips with various masks or creams, and also refuse to use a decorative product in favor of hygienic.

To make the lipstick matte, first apply the usual cosmetic product on your lips. Then attach a napkin and powder abundantly on top. Napkin will play the role of a sieve, passing through the required amount of powder. Thanks to this procedure, the lips will get a noble-matt appearance.

Making your own cosmetics is an exciting process. Experiment, creating new shades and recipes, and you will definitely be satisfied. Homemade lipstick will be much more natural purchase, and will cost you much cheaper. In addition, you can make a product of any color that suits you best.

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