How to make a bun using a donut


Stand in front of a mirror and do not know how to braid your hair? An elegant and beautiful beam suitable for any event, whether it is a business dinner or a party with friends. Consider how to make a bun with a donut, and your hair problem will be solved forever.

What is a twister and how to choose it?

If you ask a few passers-by on the street what a twister is, you can get completely different answers. Fans of outdoor games will say that this is one of the options to have a fun evening with friends. Avid fishermen will first of all think about a special bait. But modern women of fashion know for sure that a twister is a device for hair.

bun with a donut

Twister can be imagined as a special filler for the beam. With its help, the hairstyle is voluminous, and all the strands lie in an even layer. Twisters come in various sizes and shapes:

  • The French bundle is most conveniently done with the help of a special device - shells. This filler is made of elastic plastic and is shaped like a horn.
  • Twister called "Ears" or "Roller" - a great option for bulky and long hair. The device is made of durable wire, and covered with a soft cloth on top.
  • Hairpin "Heagami" will also help to create an unusual and elastic bundle. The peculiarity of this hair accessory is that it can take various forms, thus opening a huge space for creativity.
  • The standard bun is the most popular and popular tool for creating a bun. It is made of foam rubber of various colors and sizes, and you can find “bun” covered with artificial hair on sale. It is important to choose such a hairpin not only in size but also in color so that the accessory is not visible under the hair.

Having such accessories on hand is extremely convenient and useful. But what if the purchase does not have enough time, and you need to make a bundle right now? It does not matter - in this case, you will rescue the usual old sock.

How to make a bagel for your own hair? You just need to perform a few simple steps:

  1. We take an old and delicate sock, preferably a terry, and carefully cut off a solid edge with sharp scissors.
  2. Fold the sock into a tight ring. All roller "do it yourself" is ready for use.

After all the accessories have been examined, the home-made rollers are already on the shelf and waiting in the wings, the time has come for practical exercises.

Perfect beam like a ballerina

The ballerina’s hairstyle always looks perfect, and each strand lies strictly in its place. Do you think that to achieve the same result, you have to be a professional? Not at all, now we will show you how to make a bun with a donut in a few simple steps.

Necessary materials:

  • foam rubber donut;
  • comb with fine teeth;
  • invisible and studs;
  • hair spray;
  • small gum.

Process description:

  1. Let's start with the fact that we carefully comb the hair and collect the strands in a high "horse" tail.
  2. Then fasten the roller at the base of the tail. If the roller is arcuate, then simply fold it around the gum. If you have a round bagel made of solid material, then the tail should be threaded through the hole in the hairpin.
  3. After the bagel is securely fastened, we do a little pile almost at the very base of the tail. This is necessary for those girls who have sparse and thin hair. Owners of beautiful thick hair can skip this step.
  4. Distribute your hair in a circle so as to completely close the bagel, and fasten each strand with hairpins or stealth. The most convenient way to do this is if you slightly bend your head down.
  5. In conclusion, lightly spray the hair with lacquer and decorate at will with brooches, bows or other accessories.

How to use the roller?

For girls with long hair to collect the perfect beam on a foam donut can be a little problematic. In this case, you can try a slightly different technique. How to make a fashionable beam using a roller, tell this photo tutorial.

Necessary materials:

  • elastic;
  • roller;
  • invisible or studs.

Process description:

  1. Gather the hair in a high tail at the crown with a rubber band.
  2. Then straighten the roller so that the hole in the center is wide enough.
  3. Thread the hair through the hole and lower the roller almost to the tips. If hair of different lengths, so that short strands do not fall out, fix the tips in advance with a small elastic band.
  4. Begin to roll the roller in the direction of the face, hiding the protruding strands in the new curl.
  5. Reaching the very end, hold the ends of the roller together and mask the hairpin by straightening your hair in a circle.
  6. Adjust the hairstyle with hairpins and stealth, while at the same time firmly attaching the roller to the hair.
  7. At the very end, fix the strands with lacquer.

Weave bundle

Who said you have to choose between pigtails and a bun? Both hairstyles just fit perfectly with each other. How to make a braided bundle with the help of a donut from a sock, you will be told a detailed step-by-step instruction with a photo.

Weave bundle

Necessary materials:

  • 3 elastics in color to hair;
  • old sock;
  • studs and invisible.

Process description:

  1. Comb each strand and divide the hair on the forehead into two sections.
  2. Starting from the ears, on the right and left, braid two loose braids half the hair length.
  3. Secure the ends of the hair with small elastics and once again make sure that both braids are the same length.
  4. Collect both pigtails and the remaining hair in a low tail. Thread the curls into the center hole of the sock. Lower the roller to the ends of the hair.
  5. We begin to spin the hair around the base, gently holding the tips with your hands. Actions should be similar to the fact that you are turning the sock inside out.
  6. At the very end, the bundle needs to be fixed with the help of hairpins and stealth, and the hair sprinkle with varnish.

Such a fast and versatile hairstyle looks very beautiful. You can make a simple bundle at work, it is perfect for studying, and also will be an excellent addition to the image at the party.