How to make a bun on his head


Nowadays, naturalness and accuracy are in fashion, so most girls do not spend a lot of time and money on beauty salons to create complex styling. There are enough hairstyles that are easy to make at home. One of these is the bun. There are enough options for it - choose to your taste!

Bun with a roller: easy way

Making a bun is very simple, it takes a little practice. To make the hairstyle look smoother and neat, apply a smoothing serum, mousse or gel to the hair before braiding. Then collect the curls in a ponytail, take a round roller and put it on the tail.

Spread the strands around the entire circumference of the roller, and tuck the ends of the hair inward. So you will have a beautiful and smooth styling, which is ideal for a business and elegant woman. By the way, this version of the gulki can be made with or without a parting.

How to make a bun on his head?

How to make a disheveled gulka?

A disheveled bun will help make your look more natural, playful and flirty. At first glance, it may seem careless, but it is not. Make this styling easy. First, wash your hair, dry them a little and, without combing, make a tail. Wrap hanging strands around the elastic. Sticking the tips of the hair hide the resulting bun and fasten with pins. After complete drying of the strands, the hairstyle will look stylish and unusual. Such styling will be acceptable if you are going to a cafe, cinema or a party with friends.

Method of laying using a donut

Girls with thick hair do not have to do additional bouffant. Ladies with rare strands will first need to comb them near the roots. Next, make the tail where the bun should be located. Thread the bagel and distribute the hair so that it completely covers the bagel.

How to make a bun on his head?

Pick up the elastic to match the hair color and put it on top of the donut. Hair tips hide in the gum and stab invisible. Together stealth can take beautiful studs (with flowers on the tips, for example) and gently distribute around the bun.

Exquisite wicker bun

First prepare the hair. Comb them thoroughly, comb them back and make a tail. Braid your tail in a regular braid to the end. To secure the pigtail, use a small rubber band so that it does not catch the eye. Now make a bun, twisting it in the form of a spiral. When the hair is completely twisted, tuck the ends into a bun. Fasten the hairstyle with several looks so that the tips do not crawl out at the most inopportune moment.

If desired, you can pull a few strands of hair out of the hair, to give it a more laid-back look. Spray the finished hair with hairspray, and for decoration you can use any accessories. For example, you can attach a beautiful bow or flower. Wicker bun can be anywhere on the head.

Bunny bump decorated with harnesses

How to make a bun on his head?

Wash and dry hair well. Comb the hair and apply the foam, spreading it over all the hair. Separate the part from the front, divide it into even or asymmetrical parting. Make the horse's tail exactly in the middle, fix it with a tight elastic band. Make a tight harness from the tail and secure it with ordinary studs. Hide the tip of the hair inside and slaughter invisible.

Take one of the parts left in front of the hair, comb and gently twist in a loose harness, retracted. Secure the harness on top with decorative hairpins. Do the same with the 2nd part of the hair, attaching it crosswise over the 1st part. Protruding tips hide under the bun and spray hair with lacquer.

Bun - universal, simple and functional hairstyle. It can be worn, doing household chores, go with her to a party, a walk, a business meeting, a date, in a cafe or cinema. You can choose any bun: high or low, smooth or disheveled, located on the side or in the center. Any of them, despite its simplicity, will allow you to look flirty and sexy.