How to increase eyelashes at home folk remedies

Every girl wants to have long and thick eyelashes, which will add to her look a special expressiveness. Many salons offer eyelash extension - with it you can make your dream a reality. However, soon these eyelashes fall off, and even after the procedure of building up, they become rare. An alternative to modern cosmetology techniques is eyelash care with the help of folk remedies. Today we look at how to increase eyelashes at home.

How to increase the growth of eyelashes and make them thick?

Experts advise to choose cosmetics from well-known companies.

Modern cosmetology industry offers a variety of different means by which you can care for your eyelashes. It is difficult to select the best tool for the growth of eyelashes, because each of them has its own advantages and disadvantages. The main thing during the selection of cosmetics - to study its composition, method of application and, of course, shelf life.

Experts advise to choose cosmetics from well-known companies, because such companies value their name and produce high-quality products. However, it cannot be said that branded cosmetics that help restore eyelashes are much better than home cosmetics.

Beauticians advise to use homemade compresses and masks along with professional eyelash growth products. Only an integrated approach will give a good result, and the effect will be noticeable after a few weeks.

How to increase eyelashes folk remedies?

There are many methods and folk remedies that contribute to the rapid growth of eyelashes. All of them are distinguished by their availability as well as efficiency. The main thing is to provide daily care for your eyelashes.

Cabbage or carrot juice:

Cabbage or carrot juice:

  1. From cabbage or carrots need to squeeze the juice.
  2. Add a few drops of burdock or olive oil.
  3. Apply the mixture on the eyelids, gently massaging.

You can use aloe instead of cabbage and carrots.


Compresses for eyelash extensions

To make a compress, you need to cook a decoction, using a variety of medicinal plants. An excellent option is the usual tea brewing. It is possible for brewing a decoction to take calendula, chamomile or cornflowers. It is necessary to moisten cotton pads in broth and put them on closed eyes. Keep the compress need about 15 minutes.

It is advisable to limit the use of cosmetics during such procedures. If this can not be avoided, then the makeup should be washed off immediately upon returning home. You can not use regular soap - you need to purchase a specialized milk or other means that remove cosmetics as accurately as possible. It is better not to use waterproof cosmetics.

Do not expect that the result of all the above procedures will appear immediately and the eyelashes on the first day will be long and fluffy. It should take at least two weeks for the effect to become noticeable. Only if you follow all the recommendations, alternate compresses with masks and oils, you can increase eyelashes at home.

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