How to draw a snowflake on the nails

When you want snow, you can call it with a pattern on your nails. This technique has been used since ancient times. For example, spring comes, and you did not have time to enjoy the snow. You can go where the winter is. But for a more economical option, use a winter manicure, i.e. draw snowflakes on your nails. And how to do this, you will prompt this article.

There is no one way to decorate marigolds with snowflakes. Use one of the following methods of drawing snowflakes on the nails or invent your own. In any case, you should get acquainted with the technique of drawing different types of snowflakes!

Snowflakes on nails Winter Fantasy

This manicure is performed in dark blue color. This is a classic manicure, which is perfect for an evening out. For the daytime use a light varnish and do not use glitter!

How to draw a snowflake on the nails?

You will need:

  • smoky lacquer with blue sparkles
  • white lacquer
  • dark blue lacquer
  • silver sparkles
  • pink sparkles,
  • toothpick or needle,
  • lacquer fixer.

Technique of manicure:

  1. Prepare your marigolds for manicure. Then make a smoky varnish line smile.
  2. Spend white lacquer on the very tip of the nail. Smoky line should be above the white line of a smile. Supply the white line with pink sparkles.
  3. We apply silver glitter all over the nail or, if desired, only where the smile lines are drawn.
  4. We put on the unpainted part of the nail closer to the tip of a drop of blue varnish. And with the help of a needle or a toothpick, we draw lines emanating from the center. Try to make the point look like a snowflake.
  5. In conclusion, we fix the nail with a special varnish.
  6. So we do with each nail.
  7. Tip: you can not draw snowflakes on all nails, so it will be even more interesting!

Snowflakes on nails For the lazy!

This is a simpler manicure technique that does not require experience and patience. If you are not confident in your abilities, feel free to start - you will not regret! The thing is that you don’t need to draw a snowflake here; there’s a special stencil for this.

Snowflakes on nails For the lazy!

You will need:

  • clear nail polish,
  • blue or other light varnish,
  • white lacquer
  • dark blue (black) varnish,
  • snowflake stencil,
  • rhinestones,
  • lacquer fixer.

Technique of manicure:

  1. Make the base blue varnish. Top with a clear lacquer.
  2. Using a stencil in the shape of a snowflake, apply a dark blue varnish. It turned out a beautiful snowflake!
  3. Center the snowflake make white.
  4. There is another option: make the snowflake itself white, and center it with blue varnish.
  5. Decorate a snowflake with rhinestones.
  6. This manicure is very simple to perform and has more than one and not two options. It all depends on your imagination. Even with the three colors of lacquers (white, blue and blue), several variations can be made.
  7. Finish the manicure with a nail polish.

Snowflakes with a gradient on the nails

Especially beautiful manicure. Of course, it all depends on your ability to draw beautiful snowflakes!


Snowflakes on the nails with a gradient

You will need:

  • 3 shades of blue lacquer,
  • Sponge
  • Toothpick,
  • Thin squirrel brush,
  • White lacquer
  • Rhinestones,
  • Varnish fixer.

Technique of manicure:

  1. To begin with, make a blurring transition of three shades of blue lacquer with the help of a sponge.
  2. Now follow the gradient.
  3. Secure everything. Wait until dry.
  4. Start drawing snowflakes. Use a brush to apply a white lacquer line. Draw large lines of snowflakes with a brush, and draw thin lines with a toothpick or needle.
  5. First you need to draw a thin line with a brush, and then you can safely proceed to decorating the snowflake with a toothpick.
  6. Center the finished snowflakes decorate rhinestone.
  7. Secure the manicure with a special varnish.

To draw snowflakes on the nails, you can use sketches on paper. Before you paint with varnish, draw what you want to get in the end with a pencil. And remember that drawing snowflakes on the nails is not so difficult. To do this, you can use a special stencil, needle or toothpick, as well as a thin brush. Dream and wear cool beautiful snowflakes on the nails and never in the heart!

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