How to clean up the closet


It seems that it can be easier than to put things in the closet in order? But in most cases, things are scattered throughout the room. Sometimes they find themselves in the most incredible places, as well as on the backs of chairs, on the couch and on the chairs. In such a situation it seems almost impossible to monitor the state of clothing and its location. During the regular cleaning in the apartment each time you have to move things from place to place, which increases the time of cleaning. It is much easier to put things in order in the closet once, and then just maintain it.

How to clean up the closet?

Sort things in the closet

First of all, you should put absolutely all the things out of the closet and sort them into three large groups. In the first group will be those things that are worn in the winter. In the second group - those that are in the summer. And the third group will contain things that are worn in the autumn - spring period. Ideal - if you have at least two cabinets at home. In this case, in one closet we put those things that we will wear this season. And in the second cabinet we put things that we don’t wear now.

There is another category of things - festive things. These are all kinds of dresses, suits, holiday shirts and blouses. These items must be kept separate from others, and in a hanging position. Ideally, each set of festive clothing should hang on its own hanger, wrapped in a plastic bag for storing clothes.

Necessary and unnecessary things in the closet

How to determine if you need this or that thing? As a rule, the vast majority of people are in no hurry to get rid of unnecessary clothing, even in the case when it is not worn for years. At the same time the wardrobe is cluttered, and it becomes impossible to find the clothes that are really needed. How to determine whether you need a thing or you can easily get rid of it?

  • There is such a rule: if you have not worn any thing this season, then it should, without regrets, break up. You can be sure that you will not dress her in the next season, and in another season. It will just occupy space in your closet.

How to clean up the closet?

  • Review all your stuff. Those that are hopelessly damaged (burned, filled with paint, faded very much), should immediately go for a shot. From such things there is no proc.
  • After you throw away the damaged clothes, review the remaining things. Pay attention to those that seem to be not damaged, and have not completely lost their appearance, but for some reason you don’t want to wear them. Such clothes should be given away. You can give it to homeless people or take it to the nearest temple.
  • So your wardrobe has decreased. Of the remaining things, choose those that you can never wear on people. Such things can be taken to the country, to the village, or put on the mezzanine. Such clothes can be useful, for example, when you decide to make repairs.
  • And, finally, when you reviewed and sifted through your entire wardrobe, you still have those things that are suitable for everyday wear, walks and trips to work. These things need to be distributed in your closet so that you can easily get the clothes you need at any time.

How to decompose things in the closet?

  • Distribute all your belongings in the following categories: underwear, socks and tights, T-shirts and tops, long sleeve sweaters, pants and skirts. When all your belongings in the closet will be categorized, it will be much easier for you to find the right piece of clothing without disturbing the order put in the closet.
  • Spread out all the things so that you can get the right thing without disturbing the rest.
  • Socks and tights, most conveniently, decomposed into a special organizer, which can be purchased at almost any supermarket. If you could not get a special organizer for socks, you can divide the shelf into cells, using cardboard partitions.
  • Put your shoes in boxes. In order to make it more convenient for you to find the necessary pair, you can stick photos of the shoes there on the boxes. This will save you time, without having to dig up all the boxes in search of the right pair.
  • Distribute sweaters and T-shirts on the shelves of the cabinet. The most convenient way to arrange these things is to roll them in the form of a roller. Thus, these things will not be confused, and it will be easier for you to find them.
  • Belts and ties are most conveniently located on the cabinet door. To do this, drive into the door small hooks on the inside. This arrangement of accessories you will achieve several goals at once. Firstly, it will be more convenient for you to choose the necessary thing, since they are all clearly visible. Secondly, you free up space in the closet. Thirdly, it is much more convenient to hang the straps on the door, because when lying down with things, they interfere with getting other clothes by winding around it.
  • Such things as trousers and skirts are most conveniently arranged on special hangers with hangers. Carefully post them, categorized. If it seems to you the most convenient - you can arrange the pants together with shirts and blouses, that is, hang these clothes in sets.

How to increase the space in the closet?

As you know, women have two problems: nothing to wear and nowhere to fold clothes. Let's try to deal with the second problem: how to increase the space in the closet so that more clothes fit in it?

  • Arrange items in sets, such as pants, jacket and blouse. And then hang the sets on hangers. Thus, on just a few hangers you will fit a large amount of clothing.
  • Get special boxes and boxes. In them you can store small things, such as underwear, silk scarves and more. And the boxes placed in the closet on top of each other will save a lot of space.
  • Beat small hooks on the inside of the cabinet door. On them you can arrange ties and belts. You do not have to allocate a whole shelf for these things.
  • Purchase special boxes for accessories. In them you will be able to fold the pareos, scarves, jewelry. If you have not found such boxes for sale, they can be made from shoe boxes. If there is inspiration - you can paste over boxes of beautiful paper.

How to clean up the closet?

  • You can use special stands for shoes. This will ensure that the shoes will not be dumped in the closet in a large pile. She will stand over each other, saving, at the same time, a place.
  • For storing underwear you can use transparent boxes. Small things will be kept in order, you do not have to shift all things to find, for example, a bra or tiny thongs - thongs.

In order to clean up the closet, you need a lot of strength and patience. But, if you take it thoroughly, and at one time bring things in the closet in order, in the future you will only need to maintain this order. In this case, you can always quickly find the right thing!

We wish you success in this difficult task!