How to clean suede shoes

Suede shoes, whether boots, shoes or shoes, always testifies to the taste and elegance of their owner. Despite the beauty, not everyone decides to buy such shoes, because they are not so easy to maintain in order and clean.

But do not immediately abandon the purchase of your favorite pair of suede shoes, just learn how to clean it of dirt and salt, and you can always look elegant, maintaining it in excellent condition.

How to clean suede shoes from dirt?

To suede shoes have not lost their original beautiful look, after returning home, it must be cleaned of dirt.

  • For cleaning you can use a solution of water with soap and a few drops of ammonia.Having wetted a brush in this solution and having cleaned footwear, it is necessary to wipe footwear with cold water. After that, put to dry in a warm place, but not the battery, because the skin can deteriorate and deform.
  • If a suede shoes began to shine, This can be corrected with ammonia. It is necessary to take a cotton swab, moisten in ammonia and wipe problem areas.

How to clean suede shoes?

  • The resulting spots on suede shoes can be removed with talc or gasoline. Dirty place should be sprinkled with talcum powder or rubbed with gasoline. Leave the shoes for 4 hours, then clean with a brush.
  • Milk can be used to cleanse dirty and hardened places. To do this, in half a glass of milk, add 2 drops of ammonia and 1 tsp. baking soda. To put solution on places of pollution and to wipe. Suede shoes will immediately become clean.. You can also use ordinary white bread crumb.
  • For cleansing shoes not only from suede, but also from nubuck, it is best to purchase a cylinder with a special foam for cleaning. Shake it before use and place it vertically. Apply the foam on the sponge and wipe the shoes. After that, wipe it with a damp cloth, dry and treat with protective equipment.

How to clean suede shoes from salt?

It is problematic to wear suede shoes in rainy weather and during times of thaw because it gets dirty and wet. In winter, white stains appear on it, which are formed from salt, which is sprinkled on sidewalks and roads. To wear suede shoes when you want, you just need to clean it from salt.

  • Returning home, tamp your boots with crumpled newspapers to soak up the moisture. Put to dry in a warm place, away from the batteries. Then take a special brush in the form of a mesh with flexible fibers and clean your shoes. This brush allows you to remove the main salt and dirt from suede shoes. An eraser for suede shoes can help.
  • Soap solution will help remove white salt stains.To prepare it, take the most ordinary soap without additives and dyes. Refuse powder, because it can damage the structure and color of suede. Then soak a soft sponge in warm water, make soap and start cleaning suede shoes. Gently soap all contaminated areas, then remove the resulting foam with a clean sponge. Now put on your suede shoes to dry again.

How to clean suede shoes from salt and dirt?

  • When the shoe is dry, comb it with a special brush for this shoe. Apply color spray to restore color. Use a water repellent spray. It will help create a layer that protects the shoes from dirt, road salt and moisture. Apply this tool is desirable for several hours before you go out. The best time for this is evening.
  • To take advantage of the way that says it’s better to prevent a problem than to solve it, apply water-repellent and colored products as soon as you buy suede shoes.

How to clean suede shoes with steam?

In addition to the standard means of helping to clean suede shoes, there are quite non-standard, but no less effective, and in some cases, even more. To clean suede shoes from dirt, you can hold it over the steam.

Boil the kettle and hold the shoes over the steam. Substitute the polluted part of the suede shoes to the kettle nose so that it can treat the contaminated area.. Hold the suede shoes for a few minutes. Moist and hot air will help straighten the suede lint, which will allow it to be better cleaned. Even if other methods do not allow the suede shoes to give the original look, the use of steam will help to do this. After using the steam, boots can be cleaned with a suede shoe brush.

How to clean suede shoes with steam?

How to clean white suede shoes?

  • It is undesirable to wash white suede boots and it is possible only in case of heavy pollution. To prepare white suede cleaning solution, Take 200 ml of warm water, 1 tsp. hydrogen peroxide and ammonia. All mix and gently wipe the boots. After that, dry them well and spray with a water-repellent spray.
  • If dirty spots appear on white suede shoes, dilute 2 tsp in a glass of milk. soda and add to the same 3 drops of ammonia.
  • Fat spots such shoes can be removed with tooth powder, crushed chalk or talc. After processing the stains, brush them clean, you can also use a special eraser. To remove oily stains, sprinkle salt on oily stains and peel them off after 2 minutes. brush
  • To give a fresh, fresh-look suede shoe, hold it over the steam.

Suede shoes due to the unique method of dressing is waterproof, velvety and elastic. Therefore, she is so loved and popular. But if suede clothing can be worn for a very long time, then shoes quickly enough under the influence of dirt, salt and other negative factors lose their original appearance.

But you should not refuse to buy it only for this reason, because You can learn to clean suede shoes from dirt, salt and any stains, and with the help of steam to return her unmatched original appearance. This is worth knowing, because suede shoes, like no other, gives lightness and elegance.

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