How to choose a mink coat


Every girl dreams of an expensive mink coat that will warm in the cold and make a decent impression. For the first time, mink coats became popular in the 60s. last century. It was then that the designers began to experiment with the style and colors. With the development of technology and the expansion of the market industry, fur more and more began to forge. And now it is very difficult to buy an inexpensive fur coat from a mink to Moskvestal. Therefore, it is the task of every potential buyer not to fall for the scammers and choose a high-quality fur coat.

How to choose a good mink coat?

To choose a good mink coat, you need to pay great attention to the fur. It should be smooth, shiny and soft with a thick undercoat. Hold your palm in the direction of the nap and against the nap. If the fur is of high quality, it will be soft and silky, the flattened villi will quickly assume their original position. The fur is of poor quality, the pile is stiff, disheveled.

To believe the quality of the color of the fur, take any piece of white fabric, slightly moisten it with water and run it across the surface of the mink coat. If there are no traces on a piece of matter, the color is persistent and good; if there is at least a weak mark, refuse to purchase such a product.

When you bring the fur coat home, watch the shedding of fur: for the first 2 days I can drop about 20 fibers, no more. If the fur is just flowing, return the fur coat to the store.

How to choose a mink coat?

When buying a mink, be sure to look at the core - blow on the surface of the fur. If the core is light, the fur is not subjected to dyeing and tinting. If the core is dark, it may mean that the fur is dyed, the fur coat was long and incorrectly stored. In this case, the product will not last long.

Be sure to pay attention to the place of the joints of the skins: from the outside the seams should not stand out much. Poor seams can be easily seen on the shoulder section.

In a high-quality mink coat, the lining should be made of good-quality material, its patterns should be clearly adjusted to the size of the product. A good manufacturer always focuses on fur, not lining.

Carefully inspect the bottom of the lining - it should not be sewn to the hem. If the seller is confident in the quality of the product, he will offer you to look at the fur coat from the inside. You can look at the color of the skin, check the stitching line. The seams should be smooth and neat (ideally invisible), they should not be hairs.

On a good mink coat hairs should be the same length. If some are knocked out in length, the surface is likely to be trimmed, giving it a neat look. Such manipulations are done in one case - if the fur was originally not of very good quality.

The most common defects of fur products are:

Burning and fading of fur, noticeable abrasions - these nuances indicate that the product is made of old material.

The stuck together furs speaks about non-observance of production technologies at production or storage of a fur coat.

Rust stains are another one of the defects in fur that no professional dry cleaner will bring.

We select a mink fur coat:

  1. It is easy to choose a style of a fur coat, it is enough to follow several rules. Slender and tall girls fit absolutely any sewing. For miniature women it is better to refuse long and luxurious products, otherwise there is a risk of getting lost in such a mink coat. Full ladies fit flared styles with thick and thick fur.
  2. When choosing a fur coat, do not hesitate to try on products several times, because you have to be sure of your choice. Be sure to pay attention to the reflection in the mirror, you should be comfortable.
  3. Mink coat should not be too heavy or very light. It is necessary to try on each model for at least 3 minutes. Having decided on a style, go home. The next day, you can go to the store for a fur coat, taking with you a girlfriend or boyfriend, so that they would rate you from the outside.

How to care for a mink coat?

For a mink coat to serve you for many years, it needs to provide favorable storage conditions and competent care.

How to care for a mink coat?

  • Mink coat can not be worn in wet weather (sleet, rain and high humidity).
  • If water gets on the product, be sure to shake it and dry it, hanging it on wide hangers.
  • When splashes of dirt fall on the fur coat, it should also be thoroughly dried, after which the dirt should be brushed off or vacuumed.
  • Always hang a fur coat on broad hangers, not on a hook. It is best to buy special hangers for fur coats.
  • Be careful with hairspray, perfume and cosmetics. The fur absorbs various smells well and then it will be difficult to get rid of them. For the same reason, you should not keep a fur coat with sources of tobacco or any other smoke.
  • When you are wearing a fur coat, discard the bags on the shoulder, otherwise an ugly bald patch forms at the place of contact of the strap with fur.
  • You can comb a fur coat only with a special brush for fur.
  • A long fur coat must be treated with chemicals from chemicals that are sprinkled on the streets in winter.
  • If you rarely wear a mink, you still take it to the frost. To do this, hang the product on the balcony in sub-zero temperatures. Make sure that the fur does not fall into direct sunlight, otherwise it may burn out.
  • The mink coat should not hang in the closet, in contact with other elements of the wardrobe. Fur mink loves the air, so the fur coat can not be placed in plastic covers or bags. The cover should be made entirely of natural fabric, so as not to disrupt the air circulation.
  • Do not forget to process the fur coat with anti-molar drugs that need to be replaced every 4 months. But drugs should not have contact with a fur coat, otherwise there is a chance to spoil the fur.
  • Once a year the mink coat is recommended to be dry cleaned. So you save the product from pollution, add shine and improve the color of fur.

Reviews of women:

  1. Angela, 27 years old: I bought a mink coat and did not regret it at all. Beautiful, light, comfortable and warm. The only thing, on the first day, the fur coat faded quite strongly, but this did not affect the appearance.
  2. Victoria, 34 years old: The first time I bought a fur coat, I came across a fake. I was cold in it, after a month the seams spread, I had to change it. I can not say that the fur coat was cheap, but apparently caught by unscrupulous businessmen. In general, I was unhappy with the fur coat and after six months I got rid of it. No longer risk to buy the product from the mink.
  3. Natalia, 42 years old: "My husband gave me a mink coat. I was pleased with the gift. It is warm, easy, comfortable and cozy. I have been happy for the third year and I will not change anything.

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Mink coat - the dream of every woman. She can give any image of femininity, prestige and wealth. In order not to be in trouble when choosing a product from a mink, it is important to know the main rules of choice, not to look for an option cheaper and pay attention to the purchase carefully.