How to choose a hair shampoo


What woman does not like to pamper yourself? Pamper your skin with masks, scrubs, creams, etc. Pamper your hair ... But stop! You can pamper the skin and it is very useful, but the hair ... Hair (if you have not forgotten from the biology lessons at school) is already dead cells. Living cells are under the skin. That is, the hair bulbs are alive, and that's what they need to pamper! And this can only be done by spoiling the scalp.

The only way we can help the dead hair itself is to smooth the scales covering each of our hair. To do this, we make different masks, use balms. And they themselves are damaging them, applying varnishes and mousses on their hair, using hair dryers for drying.

Hair care primarily starts from the scalp. That it is dry or oily or normal. A basis for her and hair care are shampoos. Shampoos are also focused on the scalp, just write to them the way ordinary people used to say. Of course, contained in shampoos and substances that smooth the hair itself. But the use of vitamins in shampoos is absolutely no our hair. Only a proper, balanced diet will fill your hair with beauty and strength. Remember your nails in the fall and spring. In the spring, they are brittle after winter deficiency of vitamins, in the fall, on the contrary. Similarly, our hair. Only because of the hot summer sun, we usually do not notice this, because the sun is very harmful to the hair.

So, let's talk about the main hair care product (let's not break stereotypes and say “behind the scalp”) - shampoo!

On the shelves of many shampoos for hair. And we get lost in the choice. Usually we try a lot, looking for one that is right for us. And often we are surprised when expensive shampoo causes dandruff in us and is not at all to our advantage. But we always choose shampoos for our scalp type.

Shampoos for greasy hair

Shampoos in this category contain extracts of eucalyptus and Dead Sea minerals. They strengthen the hair roots, give volume, normalize the activity of the sebaceous glands. Often, owners of oily scalp suffer from dandruff. Shampoos for oily hair restore the fatty balance of the scalp and prevent dandruff.

You can also choose shampoos for volume and shampoos for sensitive skin.

Shampoos for dry hair

  • Ideal shampoos extracts of hop, sage, chestnut and nettle.
  • Softens dry, damaged hair and scalp of avocado and coconut oils.
  • Dry scalp can also cause dandruff. Use in this case, shampoos and anti-dandruff. To moisturize dry scalp, use special moisturizing shampoos or balms shampoos.

Shampoos for normal hair

For normal hair, you also need specialized shampoos. After all, if they are washed with shampoos for dry or oily, then there will be no benefit. As if the damage did not work. Burdock extract shampoos accelerate hair growth. Very useful for normal hair shampoos with the addition of extracts of cereal (wheat).

Shampoos for colored hair

Dyed hair (no matter what hair dye we use) is the most damaged. And your scalp can be any. Usually only shampoo care for dyed hair does not cost. Shampoo, however, should be chosen with a higher content of various oils.

In addition to the division of shampoos for the care of a certain type of hair, there is a division by seasons. You saw on the shampoos the inscriptions "Winter Care", "Sun Protection", etc.?

For oily, dry and colored hair, the type of shampoo should not be changed. Usually in the summer or in the winter they change masks and other hair care products (it is more useful to make them yourself than to buy in stores). To learn how to make masks yourself, read the articleMasks for hair at home. Owners of normal hair should still look to the so-called "seasonal" shampoos. This will prevent excess problems from your hair.

Thus, it is important not only to know what kind of hair you have (dry or oily, etc.), but also to be able to choose the right shampoo. Some experts believe that even the best brand for your hair needs to be changed from time to time - the hair just gets used to it and no longer reacts properly.

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