How much does teeth whitening in dentistry


Many people are unhappy with the color of their teeth. The main reason for which they are not in a hurry to see a doctor is the certainty that the clarification procedure will require exorbitant expenses. But modern dentistry offers a large selection of techniques, including quite affordable ones. How much does teeth whitening by professional means cost and where to do it qualitatively and safely?

Types of teeth whitening procedures and their features

The teeth whitening service is present in the range of almost every dental clinic. Depending on the equipment and qualifications of doctors, the patient can be treated with the oral cavity in the following ways.

chemical method of teeth whitening

  • The simplest and most inexpensive is the chemical method. The main active component used for this procedure is a carbamide peroxide solution. This composition covers the teeth. The procedure lasts 40 minutes. To relieve patients of unpleasant sensations, analgesic substances are pre-applied on the gums and soft tissues.

The minus of the method is that it is not suitable for those who have sensitive teeth, have teeth without a nerve and fillings.

  • A more advanced, gentle, but nonetheless inexpensive method is photo-whitening. To clarify the teeth, a hydrogen peroxide gel and a special halogen lamp are used. On the patient's teeth direct the flow of light. Under its action, oxygen begins to be actively released - this leads to the breakdown of dark pigments. The procedure takes no more than 30 minutes, but it must be repeated several times.


The disadvantage of technology is that it does not help whiten too yellow teeth.

  • The most effective, high-quality, long-term in terms of results (up to 7 years!), But also a costly method - laser bleaching. This technology has a very good reputation in the eyes of patients. Its principle is that each tooth is individually exposed to a laser for 2 minutes. Main advantages: the teeth become lighter in several shades and strengthened, the method is absolutely safe and suitable even for those teeth that have lost their whiteness due to nerve removal.

laser whitening

Minus - the high cost.

  • Ultrasonic whitening. This is a gentle method, as it uses a low concentration of the active substance. It is possible to remove a yellow shade with its help even with a thin and sensitive enamel. The patient does not experience pain or discomfort.

Disadvantages - several sessions are required to get a white tint; the procedure gives a slight clarification - 0.5 or 1 tone.

When choosing the type of whitening procedures, it is necessary to take into account not only how much teeth whitening costs, but also doctor's recommendations. Preliminary consultation is inexpensive (about 200 rubles), but this is a very important stage.

The dentist will examine the oral cavity, detect carious lesions, see the condition of the old fillings and artificial teeth. This is necessary because some fillings and crowns are not amenable to clarification. It is necessary to replace such "inserts" with lighter ones.

What does the price of the procedure depend on?

teeth whitening

Some believe that the answer to the question of how much it costs to whiten teeth at the dentist depends only on the technology and materials used. This is partly true. But other factors influence the final cost:

  • prestigiousness of the clinic. The higher the status of a medical institution, the higher the rates will be. In an elite dental center, the cost of the procedure can be 30% higher than in the ordinary;
  • condition of teeth. This is a big expense item. If the teeth are in a neglected state, then they will have to be treated. So, putting in order a banal caries can ease the patient's wallet by 700 rubles. - 45 thousand rubles. If you have to take x-rays, the budget will suffer for a couple of thousand more;
  • equipment involved in the procedure. New technology is able to provide not only high-quality whitening, but also to reduce the discomfort of dental cleaning;
  • The quality of the consumables also affects the amount the patient will leave in the dentist’s office. The rates can vary up to 40%.

How much teeth whitening in dentistry costs even depends on where the service will be provided. In large cities (and especially in the capital) the price is higher than on the periphery.

How much is a radiant smile: the average prices for different procedures

teeth whitening Price

Is the price so high that it makes professional clarification inaccessible to most people? Consider the average prices for various types of whitening.

If it is carried out using Air Flow technology (cleaning with the use of ultrasound, polishing with paste and cleaning the enamel using a soda jet machine), the price will be quite affordable - from 1,500 rubles. up to 3000 rubles

The ZOOM3 technique (gel plus lamp) is gentle, which cannot be said about its cost. It reaches 7 thousand rubles. - 25 thousand rubles.

If there is a high-quality laser teeth whitening, the price depends on the number of processed "objects", its average numbers - from 12 thousand rubles. up to 30 thousand rubles.

What are the parameters to choose a dental clinic?

Since many dental offices offer teeth whitening to patients, it is important to know on the basis of which criteria to make a choice. The main factor is by no means how much it costs to lighten your teeth, although this is important. If you are ready to pay for status and comfort, be guided by this indicator.

To be confident in quality and professionalism, you need to contact certified specialists. It is important to pay attention to what kind of equipment (new or outdated) dentists use and how long it has been working.

It is better to go to a clinic with a good reputation, which provides such services for at least 5 years.

Teeth whitening is a procedure on which you should not save, since after its holding teeth should be not only white, but also healthy. It is better to choose the most advanced and safest way (albeit costly) than to pay for your stinginess with expensive treatment and a spoiled mouth. Sometimes after incorrect whitening restoration of the teeth becomes impossible.