How at home to make more volume at the hair roots


Brittleness and lack of thick hair - a problem that women often complain about. And, even if the hair is thick and thick, most of us are not satisfied with the insufficient basal volume of hair. At home, you can achieve its increase by different methods, each of which gives its result and the duration of the effect.

The importance of basal volume is difficult to overestimate. This is especially true of hair, characterized by a fine structure and a light shade, which create a feeling of "slimming" and a complete lack of thickness. And if the owner of the problematic head of hair decides to grow it to a great length, then the effect of liquid hair becomes even more obvious.

Volumetric hairstyle is one of the most important tasks facing the fair sex on the way to perfection. It allows you to:

  • create the effect of thick hair;
  • with the help of hair to correct the shape of the face, hide the plump cheeks;
  • increase the interval between shampooing.

Home boost up - is it real?

Home boost

Multi-stage salon up-up procedure is quite a popular hairdressing service. It aims to create a "long-playing" volume at the roots. As the reviews show, the effect of its implementation is quite good. A clear demonstration of the result of such manipulations - the increased basal volume of hair - the photo "before" and "after". On short hair, the effect is more noticeable and lasts longer. Of the minuses - the high price and the lack of absolute confidence that this procedure is right for you. Therefore, before you run to a beauty salon and leave your entire salary there, you can try to make a boost up at home. The technique of boost up does not have a high level of complexity, but requires the involvement of a girlfriend or friend in the experiment. Independently organize the process is unlikely to work: inconvenient to do curls.

What is required:

  • studs (better to take a medium metal length);
  • massage comb;
  • hair dryer;
  • foil;
  • purchasing composition for waving (it is better to give preference to those that contain collagen);
  • at least 3 hours;
  • patience and hope (without them nowhere!).

Stages of creation of basal hair volume at home:

  1. The hair is divided into small strands of thickness (it depends on the thickness of the hair). Each of them is wound on a pin. Care must be taken not to hurt the tips and roots. Only the root part of the strands is wound on the hairpin, each then fixed with a foil (as when highlighting).
  2. A special compound is applied to the strands (ideally, purchased from a professional store). This should be done very carefully: do not allow contact with the skin. By the way, about the composition: it should be chosen on the basis of the structure of the hair, their length and the type of scalp (they produce products for biowave oily, dry, combined hair).
  3. After 5-7 minutes (the exact time is indicated on the package), the strands are freed from hairpins and foil, they are thoroughly washed with a sulphate-free shampoo (sometimes suitable disposable shampoo and balm come complete with a boost-up formulation).
  4. Laying with hair dryer. The main task is to eliminate all curls and protruding strands by smoothing them inward.

If you have a little experience in styling and using a quality product for biowaving (properly selected), you can achieve a good effect. It lasts from 1 to 4 months. The only "but": if the hairstyle looks messy because of the visible curls at the roots, nothing will be done. We'll have to wait until the curls straighten.

Other home methods

Other home methods

The main advantage of the boost up procedure is the possibility of a lasting effect. But there are other options that suggest how at home to make the volume at the roots of the hair large:

  • means of cleansing and care: shampoos, balsams and masks marked "volume increase";
  • special mousses, foams and gels that lift the radical part of the order. A great option for parties: the effect is good, but not long;
  • homemade masks - yeast (table yeast + warm milk), honey (honey + cinnamon), gelatinous varieties give a good effect. They are held from 30 minutes to 1 hour, the effect from them is short, but it is there;
  • bouffant, which is done by lifting the strands and the rapid movement of the massage brush in different directions. This method can be safely attributed to the extreme - often you should not use it, otherwise the hair section is provided;
  • Proper styling using a hair dryer and a large massage comb - this method can be confidently mastered by constant practice. To fix the effect is permissible with varnish or mousse;
  • laying from the roots on the Velcro curlers. Their use is safe for hair and will allow you to create a volume that lasts a day.

Ways to give the roots a lot of volume. Conventionally, they can be classified into "long-playing" and giving a short-term result. The advantage of the first is in long-term action (minus - the price and possible deterioration of the hair after the procedure), and second - in the excellent effect and speed of the process. It is important not to forget that between the procedures that give the roots volume, you need to restore your hair with the care products.