Hot manicure


Indicator care about their appearance can be a variety of details. One of them is nail and hand care. Unfortunately, a classic manicure is not for everyone. It is problematic to make people with folded nails and very dry skin. This will help in this situation a new salon procedure - hot manicure.

Hot manicure: what is it?

Many consider this type of nail and hand care a type of spa manicure. This is not entirely true. Rather, hot manicure can be considered a derivative of a classic or European. In addition to care during it is carried out trimming the cuticle and shaping the nail plate.

The procedure is reduced to the fact that the nutrient composition is poured into a special electric bath. It can be a lotion, cream or hot manicure oil. In the salons use a professional line of similar tools. Bath for 10-15 minutes. heats them to a temperature of 30-50 degrees. Then they put the previously prepared fingers into it. The whole procedure lasts 25-30 minutes.

Interestingly, hot effect manicure on the skin of the hands, nails and cuticle has a cocoa effect. Increasing the temperature helps enhance the effect of nutrients in cosmetics. Also due to this, they begin to penetrate the skin much faster. In addition, blood circulation increases. After the first procedure of hot manicure, the hands become smoother and more tender. Increases skin elasticity. This helps the master to cut the cuticle painlessly. It mixes easily to the side. Special attention is given to how such a manicure affects the nails. Many products contain vitamins and microelements. They strengthen the nail plate and prevent its separation.

Hot manicure: what is it?

Hot manicure is suitable for everyone. Sometimes it is made even by men who have problems with the skin of the hands. The procedure is especially necessary in case:

  • There are cracks and pimples on the skin of the hands.
  • Nails become brittle or flaky
  • Does not heal cuticle after manicure
  • It is cold outside and the skin is dehydrated due to low temperatures.
  • If you do manual labor or periodically grow nails
  • If your skin is not damaged, then a hot manicure can be done along with paraffin therapy. The result of combining these 2 procedures will be simply amazing!

Hot manicure: video lessons

If you decide to do the procedure in the cabin, then this step should be taken seriously. The master must be trained in hot manicure. Not everyone can do it right from the 1st time, because It has its own nuances. Hot manicure has its own sequence of execution.

First, the master will check the condition of your hands and nails. This will help you choose the right cosmetic for the procedure. Then the hands are smeared with a special fat-free composition, and the nails are given the desired shape using a nail file. At this stage, the cuticle is not cut off. In the electric bath pour the tool for hot manicure creamy consistency. The device heats it to a comfortable temperature of 30-50 degrees. Then fingers are immersed in the bath. In this position, they are held for up to 30 minutes. During this time, the nutrient penetrates the structure of the skin and nails.

The last stage of the procedure is a light massage. During it, a lotion or gel that remains on the surface is rubbed into the skin of the hands. Then the master processes the cuticle. She is very flexible and easily bent with a stack. If necessary, it is cut off. At the end, wipe the hands with a towel dipped in cool water. Hot manicure, video lessons which clearly demonstrate the procedure, can be done at home.

Hot manicure: what is it?

Hot manicure at home: how to do?

This type of manicure can be done without an electric bath. It can usually be replaced with a water bath. To do this, in a small saucepan pour water. In the other. A smaller container is placed a nutrient and placed in the 1st. Together they heat up. You need to make sure that the cream or lotion does not overheat. They should not be particularly hot. Otherwise, it will be difficult for you to do a hot manicure at home.

The rest of the procedure is the same as in the cabin. A European or classic manicure is done without cutting the cuticle. Then the fingers are placed in a container with a warm nutrient solution. At the end they are massaged, cuticles cut and wiped carefully.

Particular attention should be paid to the means for a hot manicure. It may be a lotion, cream or oil. It is best to buy them in a pharmacy or in a specialty store that sells products for nail service.

The lotion has a lighter texture, it is less greasy than the cream, but at the same time it nourishes the skin well. Typically, it contains vitamins A and E, as well as trace elements. Well proven, according to reviews GENA Warm-O-Lotion.

Lotion for hot manicure can be prepared by yourself. You will need 150 ml. sunflower or olive oil. It is mixed with 50 ml. glycerin and a few drops of any essential oil. It is better to choose those that affect the elasticity of the skin. Suitable citrus essential oils. In the end, as many drops of liquid vitamins E and A are mixed into the solution. They are sold in a pharmacy in the form of capsules. As an alternative means you can use any nourishing hand cream. You can even fit one that is not intended for hot manicure. If during the procedure it becomes watery, do not be surprised. Sometimes it happens under the influence of temperature.

Hot manicure: what is it?

Hot manicure can be done with any base oils. Heat wheat germ oil, peach or grape. Some women use a mixture of water and essential oils at home. It is worth remembering that the number of the latter is only a few drops, because they are very concentrated. If you do a manicure without a bath, then there is a possibility that the tool will cool quickly. Increase efficiency can be if put on your hands after 15 minutes. procedures manicure gloves. They should be worn out for another 15 minutes.

If you are going to do a hot manicure at home all the time, then you should purchase a special bath. Its advantage is that it keeps the temperature of the heated nutrient. Due to this, the procedure is better.

In addition to the hot manicure, it is advised to apply and hand baths. This will help maintain their well-groomed appearance. As well as masks, hand baths can be made with many products available in the refrigerator. Milk is suitable for improving skin elasticity. Proteins and collagen in its composition have a softening effect. Milk is mixed in equal quantities with water and slightly heated. To this mixture add 2 tbsp. l any base oil (for example, peach or olive).

Very good for hands and nails chamomile bath. 2-3 art. l 250 ml of hot water is poured over dried flowers. The solution is allowed to stand for 5-7 minutes. It is poured into a bowl and add a bit of any vegetable oil. Bath do 10-15 minutes.

It is also useful to make solutions based on calendula, nettle and other herbs. The proportions of the ingredients can be arbitrary.

Due to the hot manicures the pores of the skin of the hands are enlarged. That is why the heated nutrient means actively and deeply penetrates into them. The procedure helps to get rid of wrinkles, increase skin elasticity and strengthen nails. Hot manicure can be done even at home. To do this, the components should be heated in a water bath.