Horsepower shampoo

Horsepower shampoo is a relatively new product that appeared on the domestic market in 2011. Since then, he has gained popularity among many of the fair sex, including the stars of show business. Shampoo manufacturers promise stunning effect, healthy and beautiful hair. Is this really the case and what do buyers say about horsepower?

Shampoo "Horsepower": composition

This shampoo is similar to the means for horses. Scientists, after analyzing the state of the horse mane, decided to make a special shampoo for people, which has a lot of advantages:

Shampoo horsepower: reviews of doctors

  • Shampoo provides professional care for hair: conditioning, cleansing and lamination;
  • The product has a liquid consistency, is easily washed off and has a pleasant fresh smell;
  • Horsepower, according to manufacturers, helps get rid of hair loss, gives shine and volume, eliminates brittleness.
  • Thanks to the tool lost electrification of hair. In addition, they are less confused and easier to comb.
  • Horse power has a healing effect, reduces inflammation and accelerates the healing process of cuts and wounds.
  • The composition of the shampoo contains useful ingredients that affect the hair, giving them a well-groomed and healthy look.

So, the main components of horsepower are:

  1. Provitamin B5 - it forms a protective film on the hair that protects the hair from heat and dryness;
  2. Lanolin - nourishes the scalp, preserves the natural beauty and strength of the hair, regulates the water balance;
  3. Collagen - smoothes hair scales, moisturizes the hair shaft membrane, protects against negative environmental effects, restores the structure of the strands;
  4. Sodium Laureth Sulfate - provides good foaming of the shampoo;
  5. Cocoglucoside is a surfactant derived from coconut oil and starch. Thanks to the substance, horsepower is ideal for people with sensitive scalp type;
  6. Collagen hydrolyzate - a substance that strengthens the strands and nourishes the hair;
  7. Glyceryl Sterate is a natural emulsifier that accelerates hair growth. Due to the substance, the hair becomes thick and shiny;
  8. Fatty acid diethanolamide - moisturizes the scalp, preventing dry skin and dandruff.
  9. In addition to these components, propolis extracts, wheat proteins and birch tar are often added to horsepower. Thanks to the natural ingredients, the shampoo becomes even more useful.

And what they say about shampoo-conditioner "Horsepower"?

  • Kristina, 23 years old: Did not notice any effect that the manufacturer promises. Hair quickly becomes greasy, shampoo is poorly washed. For the price you can buy a lot better.
  • Alain, 28 years old: I love horsepower, I would not trade it for any other shampoo. With the help of shampoo-conditioner, I restored the natural strength and beauty of hair, although every day I put strands of iron, often dry with hair dryer and dye. I have never seen my hair in such a beautiful state as after applying shampoo-conditioner horsepower. I advise everyone!
  • Nadezhda, 42 years old: After using the shampoo, itchy scalp and dandruff appeared. Maybe I just did not fit, although my daughter has the same problem after use.

Shampoo horsepower refers to the professional type of funds. It cleans hair well, gives it a healthy shine, silkiness and increases the volume by almost 2 times. Despite the fact that the shampoo is sold in a pharmacy, it is not curative, but can minimize hair loss and dandruff. Despite the positive characteristics, horsepower has negative reviews, so it's up to you to decide whether you will use it or not.

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