Highlighting black hair


Each girl seeks to emphasize their beauty and individuality with hair color. Owners of the crow shades of the raven wing over time, want diversity. That is why many girls make highlights on black hair. Fortunately, this procedure today can be performed independently. It all depends on the desired result.

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How to make highlights on black hair

Highlighting is a procedure during which individual strands are lightened or stained with a contrasting color. For the first time about it talked Italian charmer, who wanted to emphasize their femininity and Venetian beauty. Long before the invention of the coloring matter, they spent a lot of time under the scorching exhausting sun, thereby achieving even the slightest clarification of their curls.

Today, everything is much simpler, and you can make white highlights on black hair in the salon or at home. I wanted to draw attention to the fact that if you do not have certain skills in hair coloring, it is better not to experiment and do such a procedure in the salon. Otherwise, you risk badly spoiling your hair, make it brittle and lifeless.

Modern fashion dictates its conditions to us, and many women follow it unquestioningly. We are delighted to look at Hollywood beauties who show off their original and exquisite hairstyle at the next film festival. And why shouldn't we radically change our image? In addition, this does not necessarily go on the red carpet.

According to stylists, the most popular and fashionable types of highlighting are the following options:

  • classic

How to make highlights on black hair. Classic highlighting

  • blonding;

How to make highlights on black hair. Booking

  • coloring;

How to make highlights on black hair. Coloring

  • balayazh;

How to make highlights on black hair. Balajazh

  • Highlighting in the California style.

How to make highlights on black hair. Highlighting in California style

Let's talk about the advantages and disadvantages

Like any type of staining, highlighting has its own advantages and disadvantages. Of course, there are more positives than negative ones. Representatives of the beautiful half of the population of the planet choose highlighting for the following reasons:

  • gray locks are painted over as much as possible;
  • harmonious selection of colors helps to hide defects in appearance;
  • only part of the curls is exposed to the negative effect of the coloring matter;
  • the need to systematically tint curls absent;
  • visually increases the amount of hair;
  • appearance is natural due to the smooth transition of shades.

As for the shortcomings, according to the girls, highlighting has the following disadvantages:

  • it can not be done on the newly painted curls;
  • between procedures need to endure at least one month;
  • black hair is difficult to lighten and with frequent dyeing lose their elasticity and shine;
  • the duration of staining takes from 3 to 4 hours;
  • To obtain the desired result, you need to contact a professional stylist, and the cost of highlighting can not be attributed to the budget price segment.

Despite this, reviews say that highlighting on black hair looks very impressive. A woman emphasizes her individuality, courage and desire for change. In many reviews, girls say that highlighting on pitch hair makes it look visually younger. After thirty years, the black color of the curls begins to age its owner, emphasizing even the smallest wrinkles on the face. White or other color strands conceal these flaws.

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How to make highlights on black hair

Many girls, especially those who like experimentation, are wondering how to highlight black hair. First, note that after staining the curls with one tone before the highlighting, at least one month must pass. Secondly, you should choose a high-quality dye, most importantly, safe. Thirdly, not every woman can repeat the salon procedure at home, so in order to avoid fiasco and hair damage, you should better consult a professional stylist.

If you do decide to do the highlighting at home, you should know that this procedure is carried out in three ways:

  • through a special rubber cap;
  • using foil;
  • comb with rare teeth.

We consider two popular ways of highlighting the raven-colored curls.

Method number 1

How to make highlights on black hair

Most often representatives of the weaker sex make highlighting using foil. For these purposes, suitable conventional food foil. This method of coloring is mainly chosen by the owners of long and luxurious curls.

Necessary materials:

  • colorant or brightener;
  • a special brush; wear latex gloves and stir the paint in a glass or plastic bowl.
  • crest;
  • foil;
  • latex gloves;
  • cape or towel;
  • glass or plastic bowl.

Step by step description of the staining process:

  1. We start with the fact that we carefully study the instructions and respect the proportions.
  2. Well comb your curls.
  3. We put a towel or a special cape on our shoulders.
  4. Foil cut into rectangles of the desired size, given the length of the hair.
  5. We divide all the curls into sections, leave one free, and fix the rest with a clip.
  6. Separate the comb flat strand of the desired thickness.Highlighting on black hair. Step-by-step process description
  7. Holding the comb at the root, under the strand of hair we put a piece of foil.Highlighting on black hair. Step-by-step process description
  8. Liberally coat the selected strands with a coloring agent.Highlighting on black hair. Step-by-step process description
  9. Wrap a piece of foil in half and close the tightly colored curls.Highlighting on black hair. Step-by-step process description
  10. We select each subsequent strand, departing about 20 mm from the previous row.
  11. By analogy we stain all the curls.Highlighting on black hair. Step-by-step process description
  12. We maintain dye on the curls according to the instructions, and then wash.
  13. First, the foil gently unfold, but do not remove. As soon as the dye is washed away, remove the foil and wash the curls with shampoo.

Method number 2

Highlighting with the use of a special cap is suitable only for owners of short haircuts, the length of which does not exceed 15 cm. Otherwise, the coloring will turn out to be uneven, and maybe even spotty.

Highlighting on black hair. Step-by-step process description

Necessary materials:

  • coloring matter;
  • latex gloves;
  • glass or plastic bowl;
  • special brush;
  • rubber or polyethylene cap;
  • cape;
  • crest.

Step by step description of the staining process:

  1. Dye diluted as described above.
  2. Similarly, we perform all the preparatory actions.
  3. We put on a special cap tightly on the head.
  4. Using a comb or hook, we stretch the individual strands through the holes made.Highlighting on black hair. Step-by-step process description
  5. Pryadki best get in staggered order.
  6. Now we paint loose curls.
  7. After the allotted time has elapsed, wash off the remaining paint, and only then remove the cap.

If you decide to radically change your image, then start with highlighting. Clarified curls easier to repaint a different shade in the case of an unexpected result. Do not forget about the basic rules of care for curls after highlighting. It was after dyeing that our hair more than ever needs additional nourishment and hydration. Be beautiful and happy!