Hairstyles for 2012


The new 2012 will bring changes and new fashion trends, which will immediately hasten to reflect the designers in their clothes, and the stylists in their hairstyles. Much is determined by fashion, and even when choosing a hairstyle, we follow it, because every woman wants to keep up with the times and look stylish and modern. Just do not forget the individual characteristics of your face when choosing a new hairstyle, since even the most fashionable hairstyle may not be suitable for some type of face.

Hairstyles 2012: lightness and negligence

The simplicity and ease will be at the peak of fashion among hairstyles. Even girls with short hair will be able to make a quick hairstyle on their heads - braid a pigtail or a spikelet, gather hair in a bun or comb it. You should not strive to make such hairstyles perfect, as if you just got out of the salon, your hair should look slightly disheveled. 5-10 minutes for these hairstyles is enough, you can slightly comb hair and gather in a high tail, you get a simple and spectacular hairstyle.

Hairstyles 2012: back in time

In 2012, retro style will also be popular. And it is not surprising, sometimes, looking at photos of grandmothers or mothers in their youth, you admire how feminine, interesting and sexy their hairstyles were.

Retro style is different in every past decade. In the 60s were very popular "hard" bouffant with rims and bows, and now, despite the fact that many years have passed, this hairstyle will look no less relevant.

In the 70s were fashionable. the waves on the hair of any length, even on the shortest hair women of fashion still made waves. Today, the waves are still in fashion and women of all ages complement their image with waves, such a hairstyle will also look great in the wedding image of the bride in 2012.

In the 80s, hairstyles with curled curls. They also contrived to cheat on any hair. This hairstyle continues its march on a fashionable Olympus and in 2012 - curls will fit almost any style.

Hairstyles 2012: smoothness or volume

Well-groomed, long and neatly laid hair with a uniform shine will always be in fashion. In the upcoming season, stylists are advised to supplement smooth hairstyles with bandages or head scarves. In addition to the smoothness, volume also remains in fashion - it can be simply laid luxuriant hair, combed straight, or curly hair.

Hairstyles 2012: tail or bun

Normal tail still takes its position among the fashionable hairstyles. Hair can be combed smoothly and gathered into a ponytail; you can flush it out and make a loose tail. You can do the tail with a parting, and you can without it. A regular tail will be appropriate at work or in an official environment, and for publication, you can diversify its rims, hairpins and interesting rubber bands, or just wrap the tail with a strand of hair. Along with the tail there is a bun, which is at the same time a strict and stylish hairstyle that does not require spending a lot of time on it. In addition, the beam is very comfortable, especially if you are coming long trips and travels. The bundle is tightly pulled over heavily combed hair.

Hairstyles 2012: pigtails

With braids, you can come up with a variety of hairstyles variations. Stylists advise to weave braids without much diligence, next year uneven weaving is welcomed, as if you had already gone through with a half-day hairstyle and you have a little disheveled it. In a pigtail you can braid a bright ribbon in tune to clothes.

Hairstyles 2012: bangs

Next year, the relevance of the bangs will diminish a little, but still, current trends do not force fashionistas to completely get rid of bangs. Asymmetric, thick bangs with a normal or slightly oblique cut lead among the bangs. Carelessness also touched bangs, you can add to the bangs a small bouffant, which will make it only more expressive.

Hairstyles 2012: originality

In 2012, more than ever will be welcome any experiments with hair and hairstyle. Fashion does not limit your imagination at all and leaves the complete freedom of choice.

Surely, you have already decided on the choice of hairstyle and you are already thinking how to bring it to life, there is nothing difficult in them, any of these hairstyles can be done at home. The main thing is not to focus on one thing, but from time to time to change your image!

Especially for - Natella