Haircut cascade for long hair with bangs and without bangs


For a long time, it is believed that the power of female beauty is in long hair. However, the modern pace of life forces the beautiful half of humanity to shorten the curls, as it is easier to care for shorter haircuts. But many ladies are not willing to sacrifice the power of their charm and tend to leave the length of the strands intact. Then they come to the rescue haircut cascade for long hair.

A haircut with symmetrically sheared strands of different lengths - a cascade - appeared in the heyday of youth movements around the world - the 70s of the twentieth century. True, initially such a model was a privilege of young girls. But the convenience and accuracy of the cascade quickly won many fans, and among women of more mature age. There are several options for this haircut model:

  • from the crown all over the head, the hair is cut off by a ladder;
  • the cascade is created only on the hair framing the face;
  • strands on the crown remain long, and graduation is done from the middle of the head.

Dignity haircut cascade

Dignity haircut cascade

The main reason why a graduated haircut does not lose popularity is its versatility. It is suitable for both straight, straight, and curly hair, and there is no difference in the performance of the cascade. Equally important, the ladder allows you to:

  • give the desired volume of naturally thin hair;
  • "facilitate" the appearance of thick strands;
  • hide minor imperfections of appearance (strands of different lengths for a person perfectly cope with the task of hiding, for example, redness and rash on the cheeks).

Types of haircuts

It's great when a woman knows exactly what kind of haircut she wants. In this case, an experienced hairdresser can make the necessary adjustments to a particular model and give good advice. But quite often, sitting in the chair of the master, the lady can not clearly articulate what she wants. A "bird language" of the master is not always clear even to sophisticated fashionistas. Therefore, we propose to deal with varieties of haircut cascade, which is performed on long hair.

Classic model

varieties haircut cascade

The hair is trimmed from above and gently elongated downwards, which allows you to create a smooth transition from one length to another. This model looks very advantageous if you have an oval type of face and heavy hair. At the same time, the color of the hair does not matter, moreover - your strands can be tinted or colored - the highlight on them is not "lost". To give the original haircut at the ends you can make a light amber.

Tattered manner

The textured transition from short strands to long ones, By the way, initially this model became known as a cascade. This option is suitable for all types of faces, but there is one very significant "but": the lady should be the owner of beautiful features and proportions, as a ragged version of the haircut will draw attention to the shortcomings, if any. In addition, as you know, hairstyle reflects the nature of man, so it is better to make a torn cascade of expressive, "characteristic" girls. Another important condition is that the hair must be straight, otherwise the graduation will simply be lost.

Haircut cascade for long hair with bangs

If you have bright and expressive eyes and lips, you can experiment and make a cascade with bangs. This detail will highlight the strengths of the exterior and make them even brighter. True, the masters do not recommend banging those women who have not had it before: the haircut does not allow stabbing "unwanted" strands from forehead to side. Oblique bangs look especially harmonious if the face is round, but the asymmetrical one fits the square shape. If you have a triangular face, it is better to stop at the long strands that fall from the forehead.

Haircut cascade on long hair without bangs

Haircut cascade on long hair without bangs

This model is also called "light cascade". The fact is that such a haircut is a kind of compromise when a woman wants to change something in her appearance, but at the same time is not ready to part with a centimeter of hair length. Then the master makes an imperceptible transition between the length of the strands behind and in front. The bang in this case is rejected, since it brings a certain dissonance to such a soft transition. The task of the hairdresser is to make the hair stay long, but at the same time keep together and not scatter in different directions. As for the shape of the face, this hairstyle is great for any outlines. Only here blondes with a square face should not adopt this version of the cascade, otherwise the face will become too massive.

  • in strands out and giving them a look of elegant negligence.
  • For a trip to work, direct laying made with an ironing is perfect.
  • At a party or a disco, you can try to make a few corrugated strands by winding them with a special curling iron.

Cascading long hair is a great way to express your personality with the help of a hairstyle. In this case, you do not have to part with their curls. Try to play with different types of haircuts and find your favorite styling option - and words of admiration for the beauty and originality of your image are guaranteed!