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Hair toning is one of the most popular procedures recently among women. With its help, you can significantly transform the curls, making them beautiful, healthy and shiny. You can experiment with different shades, choosing the most suitable, almost without harming your hair.

What is hair tinting?

Toning is a kind of hair dyeing with various coloring agents that do not injure the structure of the strands. The procedure can change the color or give brightness to the natural tone. Toning means envelop the hair, align its structure, providing a natural shine and rich color.

Dyes are washed off gradually, with each washing of the head, which allows not to see the difference between colored and unpainted curls. Compared with staining, toning is a more gentle procedure, because the tools lack hydrogen peroxide and ammonia. The composition of means for toning includes various vitamins and supplements.

For the procedure, you can use 1 shade or combine several at the same time. It is possible to do toning both in the salon and at home.

Hair tinting

Toning hair at home: technique

  • First you need to prepare: put on protective gloves, lubricate the skin with a protective agent and put an old towel over your shoulders.
  • Wash your hair and dry it completely. Do not use conditioner, otherwise the hair scales will be open and the paint will not be able to evenly color the hair. If you tint the strands partially, use a foil to prevent the dye from getting on the parts of the hair that you do not want to dye. If you want to achieve a uniform color, act exactly as you would with regular dyeing.
  • After applying the paint, put a cellophane cap or bag on your head, hold the time indicated in the instructions. When it passes, rinse hair with room temperature water. At the end of the toning, apply conditioner to the hair, wash it off and put the hair in place.

If you are not satisfied with the coloring, the coloring agent can be easily washed off.

Wash your head with a cleansing shampoo, repeating the wash 3 times during the day. The dye should be completely removed from the hair. If the shade still remains, heat the olive oil, put it on the strands, cover it with a plastic bag and wash it off after half an hour. After squeezing the juice of the 1st lemon, mix with 1 tbsp. vinegar (6%), apply to hair and leave for 30 minutes. When you finish the procedure, the hair should completely restore its original color.

Toning curls using shampoos tint occurs in 2 stages. The second time the product is left on the hair for about 5 minutes, then washed off with water. The longer you keep the shampoo, the richer the color will be.

During the procedure of tinting the hair, remember that you can not paint damaged curls. Before this, it is better to apply a nourishing and rejuvenating mask on the hair. Balm or mask contribute to filling keratin voids of the hair, thereby preventing the penetration of coloring pigments into the structure of the strands and hold them on the surface.

Hair tinting products: how to choose?

Hair tinting

Hair toning can be of 3 types: intense, gentle and light. Dyes for the intensive process contain a small amount of oxidizing agents. Such toning lasts about 2 months. With the help of these dyes you can drastically change the hair color.

Dyes for gentle toning contain vitamins and supplements that care for curls. Such staining lasts 2 - 4 weeks and can be done much more often intensive.

Easy tinting of hair by using tint. These include skins, shampoos, mousses, sprays, etc. The effect of it does not last long and is washed off for 2 - 3 shampoos.

Care for tinted hair: rules

Despite all the softness of tinting agents, they still contain chemicals, so you will have to take care of your hair. You will have to purchase shampoo and conditioner for colored curls, especially if you plan to tint them frequently.

In order to protect the strands from drying out, you need to abandon the daily washing of the head. Frequent washing contributes to washing off the fat barrier, which is produced by the skin and, enveloping the hair, creates a protective barrier for them. You should wash your hair with shampoo no earlier than 3 days after toning.

In no case can you combine the tinting of the hair with a perm. Between these procedures should take at least a couple of months.

Hair tinting: reviews

Hair tinting

  • Valentina: I wanted to change my hair color for a long time, but I didn't want to spoil it with paint. Made toning at home. I like it! Hair became shiny and rich in color. Yes, and washed off toning pretty quickly.
  • Cristina: My toning experience was unsuccessful. I wanted to neutralize the yellowness from my blond hair, took a professional tool, applied it according to the instructions, washed it off. Hair turned pink. It was a complete nightmare! More on toning never agree!
  • Tatyana: She made toning, her hair changed immediately. A natural shine appeared, the hair became full, healthy and not pushed. I was delighted, so I advise this procedure to all friends.

Hair tinting is a real find. With it, you will not spoil the hair, as after the usual coloring. It allows you to give the curls a new shade, make the natural color more saturated or paint over the appeared gray hair. This method of dyeing is ideal for women who have never had beautiful hair before, but want to change their appearance.