Hair straightener

Change of styling is the easiest way for a girl to express her individuality and bring something new into her own life. At home, curlers and straighteners help to do this. The latter includes an iron, which is almost a universal tool. But how to choose and use it correctly?

How to choose a hair straightener?

The variety of laying devices is so great that it is time to get confused when choosing. Manufacturers are trying to make life easier for the consumer by adding more and more new functions, changing technical characteristics, but in fact an untrained person is not able to distinguish between coverage, width and other parameters.

The fundamental aspect on which the effect of the ironing on the hair will depend is the coating of its plates. Since this is a heating device, it is required to minimize the degree of harm to the hair. From this point of view, irons with a ceramic coating, which is much less dangerous than the metal from which the tongs were made at the end of the 20th century, are considered an excellent option. The use of the latter was allowed only 1-2 times a week, since its contact with the hair ended with microtraumas at the level of the cuticle.

Hair straightenerThe replaced metal ceramics brought the girls closer to the possibility of straightening their hair 1 time in 3 days, but they still demanded and continue to demand additional protection. Nevertheless, today it is the most affordable option for most consumers: on the assortment presented, and on the pricing policy.

Professional hair straighteners with a cost above the average parameter have a tourmaline, titanium or ionic coating. It should be understood here that it is superimposed on ceramics, therefore, one cannot find purely ionic plates in the rectifier. The attractiveness of such models is that they take care of their hair and visually make them healthier. In the process of laying there is a living brilliance and smoothness, the cause of which is the production of negative ions, which normalize the water balance. However, one should not assume that the presence of additional coating on ceramics eliminates the need to care for hair: even in this case, the iron remains a device that leaves its mark on the condition of the hair.

The ability to adjust the heating temperature of the plates is the prerogative of professional models, but thanks to a wide price corridor, they become available to every girl. Why is it important to vary the degree of heating, and not use the same for all?

Depending on the structure and condition of the hair, they are differently heat treated: hard curly curls are straightened into a perfectly smooth canvas reluctantly, their transformation takes a lot of time. In contrast, thin and soft can be laid in minutes without extra effort. Because there is no need to work at high temperatures with soft hair, and it is useless to set the minimum for hard ones. In addition, damaged strands require a gentle mode that does not worsen their condition. While healthy hair can be straightened daily, and no negative changes will be noticed.

The last aspect is the length and width of the plates. When choosing a hair straightener, it does not play such an important role as when selecting curling irons, but you need to know a few nuances. First, if the hair is thick, it is better to purchase long forceps with a wide heating surface in order to reduce the time it takes to create the styling: this will allow you to grab a large strand at a time.

Secondly, if the iron will serve you as a device for creating curls, it is worth considering models with narrow (2.5 cm) plates having rounded edges. They will not leave creases. In addition, such plates are good for twisting bangs. And, speaking of the heating surface, it should be said that when closing the ironing plate, as the shears blades, are required to adhere to each other without gaps.

Professional hair iron: a comparison of popular models

Hair straightener

  1. In the market of goods for beauty and health in the segment of the stylers, the leading positions today are held by several professional brands, in whose quality for several decades no doubt arises. This is the Italian brand GA.MA, French BaByliss, German Remington. The price corridors of each of them are wide enough so that the consumer could choose a model to his taste. The Italian and French brands have a minimum ironing cost of $ 42, and a German one - $ 34. For ease of choice, it is worthwhile to conduct a general comparison between the most popular models among leading stylists and hairdressers.
  2. The BaByliss brand has the highest demand for a rectifier under the label ST229E, which allows it to work with both dry and wet hair, which is not allowed to do many. other manufacturers. The maximum heating temperature is 200 degrees. The sensor is digital, the surface has a SublimTouch coating, the edges of the wide (38 mm) plates are rounded, which turns the device into a universal tool for pulling and curling curls.
  3. The Italian brand GA.MA has a wide range of irons, among which the CP1 NovaDigitalTourmalineIonPlus, which recently appeared in Russia, enjoys the love of hairdressers. According to the name, the narrow (22 mm) floating plates have an ion-tourmaline coating, the temperature varies from 160 to 230 degrees, the display is digital, there is a silver ionizer.
  4. The Remington brand is considered more budgetary, but no less worthy, whose rectifiers and curling irons are used by professionals and ordinary consumers. In particular, the attractive model S7200, whose floating narrow plates are heated to a maximum temperature in 15 seconds. In addition, the use of this ironing on wet hair is allowed, and the device itself has the function of automatically turning off and locking buttons from being accidentally pressed.

Hair iron: consumer reviews

As for the real opinion of ordinary consumers who want to get a device that does not need to be studied for months, fill their hands with them and stock up on professional tricks, the reviews show that the cost of a rectifier has little effect on its quality. However, all the girls unanimously argue that professional brands are much more likely to not doubt their reliability, and you can buy almost any model among proven brands.

On large sites devoted to reviews of various products, many girls praise the RemingtonS5500, emphasizing that, at its low cost, it is on a par with more expensive counterparts.

Particular attention is paid to its service life (4 years without complaints), ceramic coating and plate heating speed (10-15 s). They cool longer, up to 15-20 minutes. At a power of 150 degrees, soft, slightly curly hair is easily straightened. In their normal state, the hair iron does not harm.

The brand BaByliss has a lot of positive feedback on the model 2653NTE: according to the girls, it is heated for 15 seconds, the hair, even when straightened at an average temperature due to the titanium coating, remains soft and gains healthy shine. Even with daily use, the iron does not injure the curls, and the average width of the plates (25 mm) allows it to be used for any purpose in the matter of styling. Service life, according to reviews, up to 10 years.

How to straighten hair ironing?

Hair straightener

After you acquire the model of rectifying forceps you liked, you should familiarize yourself with the algorithm of their use. Here it is important to remember a few rules, since the overall process does not cause difficulties. But inept handling of the device can hit your hair.

Firstly, if the manufacturer did not speak about the versatility of the tool, straighten strands are allowed only in a carefully dried state. It is desirable that this happened without the use of a hair dryer, since it also adversely affects the hair.

Secondly, do not neglect thermal protection. Such a tool can be purchased from household and professional brands, as well as pick it up depending on the state of your curls. It is applied before laying in a small amount, the time for impact is not expected.

Third, work with a low temperature, as far as is permissible for you. Soft, weak and barely curly hair straightens at 90-110 degrees, hard and curly - at 140-160 degrees. It is not recommended to raise the bar of the regulator, especially if it means frequent use of the iron.

From the point of view of safety, the heating device should be cooled in the opened state, or folded and put into a special case supplied with a number of professional models.

But no matter how gently you try to work on your hair, after the start of work with a straightener, you must select the appropriate care aimed at moisturizing. Also, if possible, let your hair take a break from styling in order to preserve their health and vitality.

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