Hair color for green eyes


Green eye color is considered to be the rarest and mysterious. There are many shades of it. Many girls want to focus on the eyes with makeup or hair color. Properly selected tone strands complement your image and give it brightness. To choose a color is not enough just to imagine how it will look to you. It is important to follow the basic rules and principles of combination.

How to choose the right hair color?

If you have green eyes and red hair color from nature, do not change anything. This image looks tender and innocent, but at the same time very attractive. If you want to change, experts advise to slightly change the shade of red, to make the hair lighter or darker. You can choose the hair color with shades of red. Remember that tone should look as natural as possible.

Almost all shades harmonize with green eyes. But in order for the image to be complete and bright, stylists recommend dyeing your hair dark and rich, rich colors. They beautifully highlight the mystery and charm of the green eyes. If you like hair colors with reddish shades, you will need to carefully monitor your makeup. It should be made with care and taste. You should not pick colors in which the red color is too much. Some of them look very unnatural and even vulgar. Discard crimson hues.

Hair color for green eyes: how to choose?

Remember 2 basic rules that always need to be guided in the selection of hair color:

If you have healthy skin without defects and inflammations you can safely dye your hair in dark shades, red and copper colors. Black and plum are also allowed, which also harmonizes well with any shades of green eyes. But it should be noted that too dark tones increase a person’s visual age.

If your skin is not perfect, you should focus on choosing a light shade for the hair. Choose a color from the range of gold and light blonde. But at the same time, it is not recommended to take too light tones, such as platinum and ashy blond. They discolor the face, the image will turn out pale and dull. Combinations of light shades are suitable only for those girls whose eyes are very light green, almost gray.

Consider the shade of the eyes

Hair color for green eyes: how to choose?

It is important to choose the most appropriate shades for the tone of your eyes, then they will look spectacular and attractive.

If there are reddish, yellow or orange blotches on the iris, ginger shades with a copper color, chestnut color and the whole gamma color with inclusions of red will do. These eyes will look harmonious with all the extravagant shades of hair. So you can safely experiment.

Bright green and even grassy eye color is extremely rare. And if you are a happy owner of such eyes, choose your shades among the honey range, golden, mid-chestnut and reddish tones.

Marsh-colored eyes are found many times more often than bright green ones. Also frequent combinations of gray with green and kareem. Stylists do not recommend girls with such eyes to dye their hair in any shades of red. It is best to opt for a black, neutral brown, dark brown. If your natural tone is light, you can dye your hair wheat-colored or platinum blond. It is very important not to discolor the face so that the skin does not blend in with a touch of hair.

If you have eyes of a very light green shade close to gray, try to highlight in light brown tones.

If the eyes have a dull green color you need to add an image of brightness. Hair is recommended to be dyed in black with blue or dark brown shades.

If there are a lot of gray in the eye color, stylists recommend dyeing the hair black and dark brown - “bitter chocolate”.

Coloring in several shades also looks beautiful in combination with green eyes. Remember that when combining any shades it is important to combine the warmest and most natural tones so that the image is gentle and harmonious. You can combine colors when coloring, highlighting, and other schemes of the combination of shades. Best of all coloring shatush, balayazh, flamboyazh. This allows you to combine the desired types of shades and emphasize the brightness and uniqueness of the image of a girl with green eyes.

It looks beautiful combination of 2 shades that differ from each other by only 1 or 2 tones. It looks natural. You can take any shade of warm colors. If you want to dye your hair in a light color, combine the light brown shades together with copper. Ombre coloring looks feminine and fashionable. She became popular just recently and was liked by many girls. The roots are painted, for example, in a chestnut color, and then a smooth transition to golden at the very tips of the hair is performed. Ombre with flame effect looks beautiful, impressive and extravagant. With this type of dyeing, the tip of the hair is dyed red or red.

The choice of hair colors for green-eyed girls is very large. You should consider the shade of the eyes and skin, before you choose any particular color. You should also choose the right makeup, make a haircut or choose several options for hair. The main thing is not to be afraid to experiment, selecting your ideal image.