Hair and energy


Female hair is our life force. This is not just a decoration, but a connection with the Higher Powers and other people at the energy level. Attention to your hair - a pledge of health, strong family and protection from negative forces. How do you take care of them and what is the relationship between a woman’s hair and the strength of her beloved man?

Women's hair and men

A woman with long hair has a very powerful energy, so she can create some coastal circle for a beloved man. With her energy a woman protects her husband from any troubles. It is believed that the longer the female hair, the longer the life of the beloved man. A husband can easily get protection from his wife when he brushes her hair.

Long flowing hair acts on men without fail, therefore having dismissed hair before the only one, it is possible to fascinate it. Such is the magical power of our natural energy. Previously, it was customary to give loved ones their curls, so that they always remember about us and carry them around their hearts.

What hairstyles to wear?

In order to maintain their feminine power and protect themselves from aggressive energy from the outside, recommended to collect hair. Pigtails, knots, bunches, braided on long hair, are a talisman from the spirits of darkness. It is also better not to wear bangs, so as not to close your destination: to put the hair on your forehead means to overshadow your way in life with clouds. Hair, gathered with a hairpin below, develops such quality in a woman as humility, humility, meekness. If you tie up the tail at the top, then it activates physical energy, adds stamina, so women often go to fitness centers with such a hairstyle.

Spreading energy loose hair is considered unsafe. Negatives accumulate in such hair, including the lustful thoughts of men. therefore in crowded places it is better not to let your hair down. It is best to dissolve them only in front of her husband, because if the function of a man is to protect the family at the physical level, then the function of a woman is to protect her at the level of energy. Since there is energy in her hair, a woman should not allow anyone to touch her hair except her father and her husband.

Combing hair

Combing hair activates their magical powers. Thinking at this moment about your dream, about something intimate and long-desired, you can mentally turn to the Higher Forces with a request to help. Representing how easily a problem is solved or a desire is fulfilled, comb your hair slowly. And everything will come true!

The choice of comb for hair is important. Combs made of artificial materials are harmful and even dangerous, their hair can crack and split. In plastic combs, microcracks appear over time, in which microbes multiply, leading to diseases of the hair and scalp. Therefore it is better use natural materials in taking care of your magical possessions.

Hair Care Tips

Our hair is a treasure. To save it, you need to follow several rules.:

  • Do not cut your hair before important events, so as not to interfere with the established course of fate.
  • Follow the condition of the hair, and during combing, pronounce positive affirmations.
  • If the hair falls out, you need to pay attention to loved ones, because it says about problems with men or the father.
  • Repair and nourish your hair - so you will help the abundance to visit your home.
  • Release your hair and you will receive energy, protection and the gift of intuition.
  • If you do not have enough strength, you suffer from ailments and lack of energy, let go of your hair.
  • Wear your hair collected at least in places with a large crowd of people, and you will save inner strength.
  • If you want to receive a sign from above or an answer to the tormenting question, ask the Higher Forces before going to bed and braid your hair in a braid, and untill it in the morning, then the sign will come.

Remember that you are a woman, and therefore the keeper. Hair is given to you in order to keep in touch with God and share energy with loved ones. Take care of them!

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