Graduated haircut


The entire extensive range of haircuts, which is subject to master hairdressers, can be divided into several groups: asymmetric, classical and graduated. The latter can be considered the best option between the traditional smooth cut, which is replaced by a softer transition, and bold asymmetry, which is not all girls decide.

Graduated haircut for short hair: photos and methods of styling

Graduated haircut for short hair: photos and methods of styling

Graduated haircut for short hair: photos and methods of styling

Graduated haircut for short hair for brunettesGraduated short haircut

Graduated haircut for short hair for blondeGraduated haircut for short hair

Before the classic version with an even cut, a graduated haircut for hair of any length has many advantages, and for owners of different types of hair. Therefore, it may be an ideal way out for girls with small curls that can not be systematized, and for those whose curls do not want to keep a certain shape, as a result, no clear cut is preserved, and the hairstyle becomes sloppy during the day. And yet, the best graduated haircut is suitable for short hair, because it gives them the maximum basal and total volume due to the removal of the main gravity.

Due to the fact that the hair is cut off "steps", in the overall styling, lightness appears: the upper, shorter strands do not give pressure to the lower ones. For this reason, a graduated haircut "pixie", "page" or even "cap" is perfect for girls with a lack of basal volume. That is especially true for thin, sparse hair.

Laying a graduated haircut on short hair - the process is as simple and fast as possible. If we compare it with the same actions for curls with an even cut, we can note the main advantage of almost any graduated haircut - it practically does not require complicated styling. Short hair is best waxed to texture, highlighting the individual strands with it - so the hair will look more interesting, and the volume will not disappear. In addition, it emphasizes the step technology in which the haircut was performed. And if you add a multi-level hair hairstyle with a change in color saturation, the image will be as complete as possible.

But if you are a classic, a graduated haircut can cause you trouble: at least on very short hair. They will not lie evenly and elegantly; curls will be required each morning with a round brush (brushing), mousse and varnish to lead to a single direction, leading the ends inside. Therefore, often graded haircut - the choice of girls who want to add flavor to a traditional image. Or you can not remove too long and cut hair on the shoulders or shoulder blades.

Graduated haircut for medium hair is much easier to traditional styling or hairstyle: curls, if necessary, can even be collected in a braid, tail or French curl. However, the hairstyle will need to be smoothed in addition - the stepped technology implies uneven removal of the length, which, for example, when braiding a braid, some strands will break out of the total mass throughout its length.

When the hair is of medium length, the basal volume may not appear on very thin and rare ones, and a graduated haircut will only increase attention to the absence of thickness. For this reason, girls with shoulder-length hair are advised to resort to changing the even cut to a stepped one only at normal or high density. But such a haircut can be a salvation for curly hair, because they tend to be pushed downward, which makes the hair look like a trapeze. Graduation removes excess volume at the bottom, resulting in curls will get a neater appearance.

If your hair is a wavy type and is constantly at a crossroads between absolutely straight and curly, a graduated haircut with an average length will give your image of French chic, especially if you add it with a slightly milled bang. Putting curls in this case is almost not necessary: ​​their ability to hold light waves will be most welcome, and even just getting out of bed, you will have styling like after the salon.

Haircut graduated square: universal or individually?

Haircut graduated square: universal or individually?

graduated quadsgraded photo

Few haircuts or styling can be called universal and suitable for absolutely everyone. This also applies to the graduated square: before asking the hairdresser to perform such a haircut on your hair, you should make sure that it will become a harmonious completion of the image, and will not break its whole integrity.

So, due to the fact that any graduated haircut is a volume, it is most attractive for girls with a narrow, elongated face, as well as with narrowed frontal or jaw areas. Those. faces of the form "elongated oval", "rhombus", "triangle" with a not too wide forehead or the addition of bangs. A graduated cut for a rectangle is also allowed, however, with some nuances. But the round and square face of a graduated haircut - especially the square - should be avoided, so as not to widen the face even more. For some reason, it is undesirable to quarant these types of people? Everything is explained by the cut-off line: it is located below the chin, as a result of which the main part of the “steps” is located at the jaw area and contributes to an additional increase in the cheek area, which means the expansion of an already not long face.

In addition, you should not make graduated quads for girls with a face in the shape of a trapezoid: a rectangular forehead and a strongly extended jaw area. As for a rectangular face, it all depends on its type: in the case of a distinguished cheekbone dip and overall texture, a graded square will soften the features perfectly and slightly round the shape. But with an additional amount of cheeks from such a haircut is better to refuse in favor of options with a more traditional cut.

If the graded car is performed on a triangular face, it is advisable to add a beveled bang, which will distract attention from the heavy upper part and add volume to the bottom. One should focus on the last factor: is the chin too narrow, or is the “triangle” implicitly visible, but the width of the frontal zone is clearly visible?

graduated haircut for long hairgraduated haircut for long hair styling examples

graduated haircut for long hair for brunetteslong hair with a bang

graduated haircut stylinggraduated haircut for long hair

In general, a graduated haircut looks great on hair of any length and almost any type, but requires adjustment depending on facial features. But with compact forms of graduated haircuts, it is still better to avoid. Its main advantage is ease of installation and the ability to get images from humble to bold without cardinal intervention.