Gelatin face mask - incredible effect


Each representative of the beautiful half of humanity tries to preserve its natural beauty and youth as long as possible. Unfortunately, time is merciless, and it leaves its marks on the skin. Small and mimic wrinkles, and then deeper facial grooves give women a lot of trouble. That is why all the girls are so actively struggling with age changes and try different masks. One of these universal and very useful masks is gelatinous. There is no doubt that the gelatin face mask has an incredible effect.

In this article about her and will be discussed.

Gelatin face mask: incredible effect

Gelatin face mask

Gelatin mask, you guessed it, is prepared on the basis of food gelatin. Yes, the fair sex was able to use this tool for cosmetic purposes. Gelatin consists of natural protein - enriched collagen. As you know, collagen acts as a kind of building material for our skin. As a result of age-related changes, the skin loses the required amount of collagen, because of which it becomes flabby, its color deteriorates. To avoid this, a universal mask with a stunning effect can be done at home.

Gelatin mask has a beneficial effect on the skin. Thanks to this cosmetic you can achieve amazing results, in particular:

  • whiten skin and even out tone;
  • narrow pores;
  • reduce the number of mimic and shallow wrinkles;
  • correct the shape of the face by giving the skin elasticity;
  • get rid of age spots;
  • cure acne.

Many of the fair sex who tried this mask, leave feedback that gelatin is suitable for almost any skin type. If you make these masks regularly, you can prevent the appearance of fine wrinkles, as well as pigment spots during childbirth.

Gelatin mask is considered an excellent tool in the fight against problem skin and rashes. Comprehensive treatment, proper nutrition and gelatin will allow you to achieve the desired result and get a clean skin as a reward.

The incredible effect of gelatin facials can be seen in the photo.

Gelatin face mask - incredible effect

Gelatin face mask at home: recipes and application rules

Before we consider the basic recipes for making gelatinous masks, let's get acquainted with the basic rules for such a cosmetic procedure:

  • A face mask with gelatin is applied only on previously cleaned skin (you can use a scrub or tonic);
  • Mask is applied exclusively with a brush in accordance with the directions of the massage lines;
  • facial muscle tissue should be as relaxed as possible;
  • the area around the eyes and lips can not be lubricated with a gelatin mixture;
  • also gelatin mask can be safely applied to the neck and décolleté.

Gelatin mask

Recipe number 1

For women of middle age, you can make a rejuvenating mask based on gelatin. To achieve the result, it is recommended to do it systematically, at least 10 procedures.


  • banana pulp;
  • food gelatin;
  • filtered or boiled water.

Preparation and use:

  1. Gelatin pour in a separate container and cover with water. After swelling, the gelatin mixture should be thoroughly heated in a water bath.
  2. Depending on the desired consistency, banana puree is added to the gelatin mixture.
  3. After cooling, the mask should be applied in accordance with the massage lines on the face and leave for about 30 minutes.
  4. After that, using a cotton swab or disc, the mixture should be removed from the face and then washed with warm water.
  5. In conclusion, be sure to apply the cream.

Recipe number 2

To eliminate the pigment spots and traces of acne, you can use a gelatin mask with the effect of whitening the skin.

Gelatin face mask with cucumber juice


  • filtered or boiled water;
  • fresh cucumber;
  • cucumber juice;
  • food gelatin.

Preparation and use:

  1. In a separate container, you should mix food gelatin with cucumber juice.
  2. Cucumber juice can be diluted in equal proportions with filtered water.
  3. Crush the cucumber.
  4. Swollen gelatin mixture should be mixed with shredded cucumber.
  5. Mask with a brush should be applied to the skin and leave for 20 minutes.
  6. Upon completion of the cosmetic procedure, the mask should be washed off.

Recipe number 3

As already mentioned, gelatin masks do an excellent job with acne, age comedones. Especially if you add activated carbon and milk base to the mask.


  • food gelatin - 1 tsp;
  • milk of any fat content - 1 tbsp. l .;
  • activated charcoal - 1 crushed tablet.

Preparation and use:

  1. All components must be thoroughly mixed in a deep container.
  2. Then the milk-gelatin mixture should be thoroughly heated in a water bath.
  3. Apply this mask with a brush with a hard pile on the places of manifestation of acne.
  4. After 15–20 minutes, a peculiar film forms on the face, which must be removed from the face with pulling movements.
  5. During the removal of the mask-film can manifest pain.
  6. The treatment course should be at least 10-14 such cosmetic procedures.

Gelatin facial mask: reviews and tips

Face mask with gelatin: reviews

Face mask on the basis of food gelatin can be applied to absolutely all women regardless of age category. Especially such masks should be made to girls over 25-30 years old, since it is at this time that age changes begin. The use of such masks has one contraindication - it is the individual intolerance of any component.

Beauticians advise to use only food gelatin. To prevent the appearance of wrinkles at an early age, gelatin masks should be used no more than once a week.

To combat age acne in the mask on the basis of gelatin necessarily need to add activated charcoal. Many girls and women of middle age category leave feedback that the mask produces an incredible effect: fine wrinkles are smoothed out, and the aging process slows down significantly.

As you can see, natural products can be used as a cosmetic tool. Choose a gelatin-based mask composition suitable for you and complete a course of cosmetic procedures. Your skin will thank you with radiance and youth.