French haircut

Universal haircuts, emphasizing and exposing in the best light almost any appearance is not much. But they are a real treasure for most girls who want to get something ideally suitable for them and at the same time trendy. One of these options - French haircut that does not require styling.

French haircut: photos and features

The love of the fair sex to French haircuts is more than reasonable. There is nothing surprising not only in the demand for them, but also in the fact that they always meet the fashion trends. The girl with the French haircut is already a priori in trend. Therefore, it can be advised to those who are in the throes of choice. There are many reasons to call such a haircut "lazy." Among them:

Women's French haircut

  • No need for monthly trips to the salon. While owners of many fashionable hairstyles are visited by masters almost every 2-3 weeks. Girls with any version of the French haircut to six months do not remember the need to make an appointment with a hairdresser. Unless, of course, the tips start cutting at the wrong time.
  • As with the cascade, this styling, even with the growth of curls, manages not to lose its presentable appearance. This nuance makes the French haircut one of the most preferred options for those who can not wait to try on his short hair. Even if there is a desire to grow back the length, at any of the stages the hairstyle will be stylish and elegant.
  • No constant need for complex styling. Even just washed and dried hair will look neat. Contributes to this system work hairdresser with curls. They are clipped only on a wet head along strands with an internal cut, which automatically tighten up the lower lines. This is what gives it a special charm.
  • The main distinguishing feature of any of the variations of a French haircut is the volume. It is created immediately on 2 zones - the back of the head and the crown. This technique gives the very versatility that allows women with thick and sparse thin hair to stop their attention on this styling. Because in any of the cases it will be advantageous.

Who is the French haircut that does not require styling?

As already mentioned, the French haircut is one of the most versatile. She will equally decorate a young girl, to whom any experiments are allowed, and an adult woman with any social status. According to the initial data, the hair itself has no requirements or recommendations. Curly and straight, of any thickness and length - they will accept such styling and will look natural in it.

The only recommendations made by hairdressers relate to the shape of the face and individual characteristics. In particular, a short neck, characterized by power, can be even more evident. In most cases, a French haircut will focus on facial features. Only you decide - do you want this. For example, often hairstyle focuses on the pronounced cheekbones or puffy lips.

Women's French haircut

The most often advised to resort to a French haircut in the presence of hair of medium and considerable length, which there is no desire to shorten greatly. In this way, you can revive the old styling. In addition, it will allow you to forget about the need to cast spells over your hair every morning, trying to make them accurate. Thanks to the correct cut, even after sleep the hair will lie as it should.

Women's French haircut: the main options

Since this phrase means several versions at once, you should consider all of them. In particular, to find out in which situation a particular variation of a French haircut is recommended.

  • The most classic - quads. It allows you to vary the lower edge in height from the shoulders to the chin line. Giving the image of femininity and lightness, for many years she has been among the most beloved women hairstyles. The ability to soften the pronounced areas of the face, smooth the features, slightly stretch and narrow the oval, allows almost every lady to make it.
  • Mostly young girls with subtle facial features draw attention to the garcon. In addition, it adds to the image of insolence. If after its creation there is no desire to begin to grow the length, you will have to go to the hairdresser often enough. For the round and oval shape of the face, the garcon is most complementary. In addition, it requires a perfect neck. It is important to remember that it is extremely undesirable to bend over the stick with styling tools. This will create a dirty head effect.
  • Gavrosh is an ideal version for those who like short non-standard but refined styling. Each subsequent strand here is 0.8-1 cm less in length. The whole mass of hair from the top moves forward, as a result of which it partially overlaps the forehead. Whiskey can be elongated, as the back of the head, despite the fact that the crown is always very short. This is a great idea for girls with a triangular or rectangular face. And the only ones who should be avoided are the owners of a heavy chin.
  • The French vyshchip is not yet known to everyone, but gradually gains its fans. The highlight of this haircut is in the technique of its execution and the final result. It is not created using scissors, but using a razor. It is this tool that makes it possible to achieve torn strands that perfectly adorn short hair. The effect of a bright, but sophisticated and feminine hairstyle - this is the reason for the love of the French puff.
  • Putting her hair almost no sense. Even with the simplest work with a brush, the overall image will not lose its charm. And to create accents stylists offer mousse or wax.

Care Tips

Women's French haircut

As mentioned, the simplicity of a French haircut is pleasantly striking. Laying can take only 3 minutes, which are allotted for combing curls. And if you need to slightly change the view, it is enough to find another 3-4 minutes.

The simplest solution is a foam applied at the roots, after which the hair in the slope is dried with a hair dryer. The bangs and ends in 2 steps are twisted with brushing inside and complete any styling, adding softness to the image. If you wish to bring bright and bold notes to the strands you need to touch wax on your fingertips. Owners of medium-length hair with a French haircut can not be afraid for the range of hairstyles available to them. Any braids and weaving performed without any problems.

The desire to gain thick bangs is carried out simply by shifting a part of the hair forward, since the top layer of French haircuts is mostly short. In this case, you will need to shift the part to the side, and temporal locks to remove from the face. Fixation of styling is required.

Those who decide to make a French haircut on their own at home should not lose sight of one important detail. Modeling is done on wet hair. Because of this, when creating a form, they stretch as much as possible. After drying, the length will decrease by 0.5-1 cm. These data must be taken into account when choosing the bottom edge for yourself. It is best to entrust this, albeit not complicated, but a responsible matter to a qualified master.

A French haircut that does not require styling is the best way for women trying to combine elegance and simplicity in one hairstyle. The variety of forms and images allow each to choose their own idea to taste. And, remarkably, this hairstyle is a great assistant in masking the split ends.

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