Finger massage


A finger massage is included in the hand massage treatments. They also include massaging the hands, wrist joints, forearms, shoulders, elbow joints. With a finger massage, the patient’s optimal posture is sedentary or recumbent. A roller is placed on the massage table, and a hand is placed on it. Massage is performed with one or both hands. If only one hand is involved, the other will not be idle. It is necessary for fixing the brush.

The massage begins with stroking, which is performed by the thumb and forefinger. The movements are smooth and begin at the tips of the fingers, and then move closer to the palms. Massage movements are necessary for each finger. They improve blood flow, well-being and strengthen the nervous system. After stroking begin rubbing, which represent a massage in the transverse and longitudinal direction. Then again stroking. Kneading is the next stage. The thumb and forefinger of the masseur capture the patient’s soft tissue. There is a delay. Thus, starting from the tips of the fingers, to the extent possible, the specialist delays them, squeezes them with rotational movements and gradually shifts to the palm. After kneading again rubbing and stroking, which alternate each other. At the end of the procedure, you can hold a tapping with your fingers against each other.

Massage is required not only the fingers, but also the legs.

Finger massage

If you get tired quickly, you have daily headaches, pain in the joints, then you will be helped by a massage of the toes. Benefits for our body have jumps. You can also stand on tiptoes, and even better try to dance on them. Thus, finger massage is an easy and affordable way to recovery. It has a beneficial effect on the whole body. No wonder scientists say that there are points on our hands, including fingers, each of which is responsible for a particular organ. Impact on them improves or worsens his condition. The thing is, on the fingers of both the legs and the hands there are many so-called biologically active points. They are connected by nerve impulses with all areas of the human body. Without a targeted massage, we daily produce unconscious kneading and rubbing of fingers and toes. When such an impact is not enough, immunity decreases and diseases do not take long to wait. However, we can help ourselves with massage. By this we overcome the ailments. Such a system of conformity and the application of knowledge about it is called palcetherapy.

Finger training is important for children.

On the upper phalanges of the fingers there is a projection of the brain. Consequently, when we type on a computer or play a musical instrument, we unconsciously improve the work of the brain. For children, educational games like designer are of great benefit. The fact is that they stimulate the active points of our fingers. If you remain in an inactive state for a long time, you will soon feel all its negative and benefit from an active lifestyle. It all starts with the fact that the neck and shoulders numb and numb. Next come the pain in the spine, the head may seem heavy. To get out of this state, take a simple elastic massage ring and roll it over your fingers. These not tricky movements will give you a feeling of well-being and good spirits. You can use this ring like this: put it on your finger and roll it intensively along the phalanx until you feel warm. However, if you have sensitive skin, be careful not to press the ring too hard. From headaches, as it may sound strange, can help pharmacy gum. Take it and wrap around the upper joint of the finger. Hold in this state until blue fingertip. Then sharply free your finger. Blood circulation will quickly recover. The same will happen with your head. The method is effective not only for headaches, but also for edema. There is another way to massage the fingers. It is performed by a diagnostic wand. It helps in finding matching points on the fingers. A diagnostic wand is a small wand with a rounded tip. This is in order to prevent skin injury. It is sold in pharmacies or specialized stores. However, it can easily be replaced with a match, pencil or pen. The diagnostic stick can be successfully used for acupressure.


It is used for both fingers and toes. The diagnostic stick is the point of conformity, after which it is massaged with movements in the form of rotation or pulsing. The effort involved must be intense. This procedure ensures the delivery of therapeutic waves to different organs of the human body. The general condition of the body is improving. Plant seeds can also be found for themselves worthy of use in palcetherapy. Their effects are considered to be unique and bio-energetic. For treatment, predominantly intact seeds are taken. Alternative medicine claims that it is necessary to choose such seeds that are in shape and size have a correspondence with the treatment area of ​​the finger. Most often used: buckwheat, rice, pepper. They need to be replaced with new ones every day. Seeds are attached to the fingers with an adhesive plaster. Then pressure is put on the phalanx of the finger. Properly anchored, these simple means of massage cause pain. To massage the legs, you can pour the seeds into a flat container and stand on them a little, and then move it, lifting, then lowering the legs. The shops sell small balls with pimples for self-massage at home. They should not damage the limbs, so when buying, run your palm over such a ball. Do not hurt? So, made correctly, we must take. It is also important what material such balls are made of. Chinese rubber ink surface with a very specific smell does not suit us.

I do not know if you have heard, but so-called surface applicators can also be used to massage the fingers. They are made in the form of metal stars of various sizes. The trick is that they are not simple - but magnetic. Consequently, our limbs are affected not only by the metal, but also by the magnetic field. But note that not all of these stars will do. On some, they have no beneficial effect. It manifests itself in the form of dizziness or headaches. Applicators are attached to the points of compliance with a plaster, as are the seeds of plants. Stimulation occurs periodically as a result of pressing for three to five minutes. Depending on the diseases from which you seek to recover, the time of application of such applicators is different. A few minutes may be enough for you or a week will be short. From this article it becomes obvious that by doing a massage of the fingers and toes, one can come to a real recovery of the body. Methods of palcetherapy were successfully tested by time and certainly safe. Serious health problems, of course, are better treated in hospitals with good specialists.