Face jojoba oil


During the excavations of the Egyptian pyramids, archaeologists have found many different rubbings, potions and aromatic substances. They were used for cosmetic and ritual purposes by the pharaohs, their wives and the supreme nobility. Many means have ceded to the influence of time and have become unusable. But jojoba oil, which was also found in the pyramids, after millennia, has retained its properties.

Jojoba oil for the face: useful properties

Jojobanase oil is so rather conditional, more precisely, it is a liquid wax, which is obtained by cold pressing from Chinese buksus nuts. The chemical composition of this product is completely unique.

Face Jojoba Oil

According to its properties, jojoba oil is close to spermaceti (animal wax) or human sebum. Thanks to this it possesses remarkable penetrating ability, easily absorbed by the cells of the epidermis. Forms a natural protective barrier on the skin that prevents the loss of moisture, neutralizes the harmful effects of UV rays and the environment. It does not leave greasy. It is successfully used in the care of the skin of the face, hands, hair.

Jojoba practically odorless. At low temperatures, it freezes, without losing its beneficial properties. The product has a rich composition, which includes fatty acids, vitamin E, collagen, amino acids.

Jojoba oil is successfully used for both oily and dry skin. It

  • has moisturizing and anti-aging properties, improves skin elasticity, improves complexion;
  • fights acne and wrinkles, including around the eyes;
  • helps reduce keloid scars and stretch marks;
  • relieves irritation and softens, which is why it is often used in the care of baby skin;
  • eases the condition of patients with neurodermatitis, psoriasis, eczema, used for inflammation of the joints;
  • is an excellent way to care for sensitive skin of the lips.

Using jojoba oil, you easily get an even tan, keeping your skin healthy. This is a wonderful tool. ideal for hair care. It nourishes the hair follicle, protects the hair from negative influences, helps to remove the chemical film that remains on the hair after using shampoos.

Face Jojoba Oil

In jojoba oil, the vitamin E content is high. Due to this, the product has anti-inflammatory, regenerating, antioxidant properties.

This tool has a long shelf life. It can add to other oils to increase their shelf life. It is an excellent base oil, perfectly combining with various essential oils.

The cost of jojobaccia oil varies on average from 300 to 500 rubles. depending on the manufacturer. Given the cost-effectiveness with which the tool is spent, this price is quite acceptable.

Jojoba oil around the eyes

Jojoba oil is hypoallergenic, so it can be used to care for the skin around the eyes.

  • The first stage of skin care, including the delicate area around the eyes, is cleansing. Jojoba is perfect for make-up remover. You can use it alone or in combination with other base oils such as almond, avocado, peach. To clean the area around the eyes and remove makeup, apply a few drops of the product onto a cotton pad and wipe gently. Repeat the procedure if necessary.
  • Jojoba oil ideal and for basic care, nutrition and hydration, the skin around the eyes. It achieves maximum efficiency in combination with such essential oils as rose, sandalwood, neroli, fennel. The tool is prepared based on 5 g of jojoba oil - 1 drop of essential. This composition needs to lubricate the skin around the eyes in the morning and evening.

Jojoba oil around the eyes

  • Remember that it is necessary to apply the remedy on the lower eyelid from the outer corner towards the eye towards the inner corner, and on the upper one - vice versa. This will not damage the delicate skin around the eyes.

Care of the skin around the eyes with the help of jojoba oil will reduce the number of wrinkles, prevent their appearance, help remove puffiness and dark circles.

Jojoba oil

Remember that contraindicated jojoba and other base and essential oils may be individual intolerance. Before using these products for skin care, be sure to test them: apply a little product on the elbow bend and check the skin reaction after a few hours.

The use of natural oils in the care of facial skin gives remarkable results! This is not surprising, because all of them, including jojoba, unlike store creams made using preservatives, fragrances and other synthetic substances, are absolutely eco-friendly and safe. Pick them according to your skin type and enjoy radiant looks all year round!