Eyebrow tattoo by the hair method


Each girl seeks to create her own individual and unique image. With the help of various cosmetics and professional services you can achieve the desired result. Often, many of us are unhappy with the shape of our eyebrows. Modern technology allows you to do a tattoo. The most common is the hair method.

What methods are used when performing permanent tattoo eyebrows?

What methods are used when performing permanent tattoo eyebrows?

Hair tattooing appeared relatively recently, but almost immediately gained numerous positive reviews and universal recognition. In addition to hair tattooing performed blending and shotirovaniya. Not everyone will risk resorting to such methods of correction of their eyebrows, since both of these types involve the complete removal of natural hair.

Experts will create any shape that suits you, but at the same time staining will be done on the skin. Such brows look unnatural. If you want to improve the shape of your eyebrows or give them a special finesse, as well as emphasize the expressiveness of the eyes, make a hair tattoo.

Eyebrow line is painted by special technology. The master makes strokes, while the hair is not removed, and slightly cut. There are two types of execution of this procedure:

  • Japanese;
  • European.

So that you understand the terminology of a cosmetologist and choose a permanent tattooing method that is suitable for you, let's see what is the difference between these two types from each other? When performing tattooing using Japanese technology, hair strokes are applied chaotically, that is, at a different angle and unequal length.

European technology is based on coloring the same strokes, which are arranged in parallel. Often the eyebrows resemble the shape of the roof of the house.

Japanese tattoo technology allows you to create a natural image, and it will be difficult for outsiders to notice the lack of hair.

Why you should do a tattoo eyebrow: the fair sex to the note

Why you should do a tattoo eyebrow: the fair sex to the note

So, after you have familiarized yourself with the existing types of procedures and techniques for performing eyebrow tattooing, many probably wondered about what is it for? What is it: a whim or necessity? Let's understand together and try to identify the benefits of such a permanent procedure.

With the help of a hair tattoo, you can give your eyebrows the desired shape and correct their asymmetry. The master will draw you eyebrows of the desired shape and thickness, the main thing is that they harmoniously blend with your facial features, skin and hair color. With the help of a tattoo, you can visually make the eyebrow line more dense, since empty spots will be filled with hairy strokes. Having decided to undergo such a procedure, you can change the length of the eyebrow, its height and bend. Beauticians offer several options for shaping the eyebrows:

  • a house;
  • gull wing;
  • straight;
  • curved;
  • wide;
  • with a break.

If you have a scar on your eyebrows, respectively, the hair follicles are broken, and the hair does not grow in this area. Hair tattoo will help to cope with this. The beautician will not only fill in the empty areas of the skin, but also correct the overall look.

Mostly women who have experienced all the delights of the procedure, leave only positive feedback. Some girls complain that the procedure was slightly painful. And many are convinced of the opposite, because before performing the tattoo, the staining area and the skin around it were treated with an anesthetic substance, and the procedure itself looked like a slight pinching. Yes, in the first days after the procedure, a crust will appear on the eyebrows, in connection with which they will appear broad and their color will be excessively saturated. But this should not be frightened, many girls say that the crust disappears after a couple of days, but at this time you can wear big glasses or less often leave the house. How your appearance will change, you can see in the photo by comparing the look of the eyebrows before and after the hair tattoo.

How long does the hair tattoo last?

How long does the hair tattoo of eyebrows last?

After undergoing such a procedure, almost every woman asks a cosmetologist a question: "How long will the tattoo last and when will a correction be necessary?" An unequivocal answer to this question is not possible. The length of time during which permanent tattooing will last will depend on a number of dissimilar factors:

  • used coloring matter;
  • application methods;
  • portability of the coloring matter;
  • human immune system.

As a rule, when applying such a tattoo, correction is not required for a very long time. However, anyway, the pigment fading sooner or later, the shape of the face undergoes age-related changes. On average, permanent tattooing lasts from 3 to 5 years. If you are not satisfied with the look of the eyebrows after the first procedure, then you can correct them in about a month.

How to prepare for the procedure?

How to prepare for the procedure of hair tattoo?

The procedure of permanent tattoo does not require special preparation. It is important to follow a few basic rules:

  1. You can not pull out the eyebrows, and should grow the hairs as much as possible, which will allow the master to give the desired, beautiful and natural shape.
  2. It should strengthen the vessels in the area of ​​pricking (this will help a specialist).
  3. Must stop smoking.
  4. On the day of the procedure can not eat coffee, alcohol and spicy foods.

To strengthen the walls of blood vessels can take pharmacological agent "Ascorutin". Reception duration is at least one week. Do not forget to consult with a healthcare professional before taking pharmaceuticals. If you are not a supporter of taking pills, then at the preparatory stage, you can use the ointment. "Troxevazin" is very well suited.

How is the procedure?

How is the procedure of hair permanent tattoo eyebrow?

How is the procedure performed? To dispel unreasonable experiences, let's get acquainted with it in detail:

  1. First of all, the wizard removes excess hair and approximately aligns the shape with tweezers.
  1. Further, using a special pencil, the beautician outlines the shape of the eyebrow as it will look after the tattoo, and shows it to the client.
  1. After that, along the outlined lines, the hair is cut.
  1. The eyebrow line is drawn with a sterile needle. Beautician must wear gloves.
  1. At first strokes and grooves are drawn, and then the distance between them is filled with paint.

In general, the procedure for performing permanent tattoo lasts up to 10 minutes, but in order to achieve a full-fledged result, it will take at least one hour. Anesthetic agent is used for pain relief. To do this, it moistened with a tampon and impose on the superciliary arches for no more than 10 minutes.

Let's talk about contraindications

Contraindications to the procedure

Unfortunately, not every woman can make hair tattooing, as this procedure has its own contraindications. It is not recommended to do permanent tattoo in the following cases:

  • in the presence of allergic reactions;
  • in case of detection of pathologies of the cardiovascular system;
  • with the development of malignant neoplasms;
  • with a poor rate of blood clotting;
  • in case of acute illness;
  • during pregnancy;
  • in case of detection of diabetes or hypertension.

The cost of eyebrow tattooing by hair technology varies from $ 100 to $ 150.

How to care for eyebrows after tattooing?

How to care for eyebrows after tattooing?

After the procedure of permanent hair tattoo, it is strictly forbidden to wet eyebrows, touch them, scratch, scrape off the crust. All this can be done after complete drying and peeling of the crust. On the first day after the procedure, it is recommended to remove the exhibited alimentary mass with a cotton pad. This should be done in order to prevent its drying. After the serous discharge has stopped, you can apply tetracycline ointment with 3% concentration on the eyebrows. Smear need as it dries. Approximately for 5-7 days the crust will appear and exfoliate in parallel, and the color of the eyebrows will become lighter. After peeling of the crust, ointments should be applied to the eyebrows; Troxevasin and Lioton are best suited.

As you can see, modern cosmetics allow you to give your eyebrows the desired shape and tone. Refer only to qualified professionals, follow all instructions and be beautiful, happy and healthy!