Crochet sweaters for beginners. scheme and execution


Crochet is one of the most famous forms of decorative and applied arts. It allows you to quickly create a wide variety of patterns. Its plus lies in the fact that with it you can not only knit clothes, but also make individual items for your home, decorations, and much more. Of course, beginners should choose something simpler. Crochet sweaters will not take you much time.

Features crochet sweaters for women

Crochet sweaters for beginners

When knitting first appeared, it is not known, but one thing is clear: it appeared long before our era. It is a historical fact that in Egypt, in one of the tombs, they found a small knitted shoe, which is more than 4 thousand years old. This handicraft is still popular today.

Knitting allows you to create unique and inimitable things. With the help of the hook you can link all kinds of lace, cushions for the sofa and pillows, tacks and tablecloths for the kitchen, toys, shawls, and much more.

Before you go to knitting sweaters, you need to learn how to properly hold the hook. There are several options. You can hold it as a knife or as a pen. The most important thing is to choose the most convenient way for you. This will help to more quickly execute patterns.

In crochet, 3 main loops are used, on the basis of which the items are knitted. This air loop, crochet and crochet. Their combinations help create patterns.

Everyone can learn to crochet. The main thing is to show patience and desire. The first thing you need to choose a hook. They come in different sizes and are usually made from different materials. The size of the hook should be selected depending on the thickness of the yarn, and the thread - depending on the pattern of your chosen pattern and the purpose of the product. Silk, cotton and linen are optimal for summer clothes, and wool for winter clothes.

How to read diagrams?

Crochet sweaters for beginners

Sometimes nashems for crochet can meet incomprehensible at first glance, the notation and the words: "air loop", "chain", "arch", "picot", etc. Do not be afraid of this. You just need to carefully read the descriptions. In time, everything will become clear to you. It must be remembered that the diagrams are read from the bottom up and from left to right. It happens and vice versa. This occurs if you need to describe the technique of performing purl rows. Sometimes the patterns use arrows that indicate knitting directions. In contrast to the schematic images for the products with knitting needles, in them all the rows fit without changes strictly according to the picture.

To better understand the notation and practice to perform different patterns, you need to knit a solid canvas. Then you can dissolve it and use the yarn to knit a particular thing.

Master class for beginners

Crochet sweaters for women - quite a simple task. The main thing to choose a simple pattern and style. For a simple sweater for beginners you will need 300 grams. cotton yarn of any color, hook №2. Threads should be thin. Otherwise, the product will stretch under the weight. Knitting will be carried out with the help of the following loops: air loop, single crochet column (Art. B / n), double crochet column (Art. S / n).

Crochet sweaters for beginners

  1. To begin, dial a chain of 97 in. n. The hinges must lie free. Do not overtighten them and knit art. s / n in each of them.
  2. When you reach about a height of about 30 cm, take off the hinges on both sides. To do this, do not add on 2 p. Continue to perform this step 7 more times. So you formed the armholes. Next, continue to knit with 1 crochet. When the height of the product reaches 38 cm, you can stop knitting.
  3. Before knit by analogy with the back. Dial a chain of 97 in. n. and knit a pattern of simple columns with a double crochet. When knitting reaches 30 cm, make a subtraction from each side. Stop knitting at the same height as the back.
  4. For sleeves you need to tie a chain consisting of 61 c. p. and then act on the scheme - knit them in columns. When the height reaches 30 cm, perform a decrease for dummy - close 2 loops on 2 sides at 7 rows each. Finish work when you reach 38 cm in height.
  5. Next you need to pin all the elements of the jacket on the pattern, moisten a little and leave to dry.
  6. Then sew the sleeves in the armholes and complete all the necessary seams. For beauty, you can tie the neckline openwork arches. This is done as follows. From any column of the neckline neckline tie 1 tbsp. b / n, 5 in. Clause, * 1 tbsp. b / n, introducing the hook in the center of the next, then knit 5 in. n., repeat from * finish 2 v. n. and 1 tbsp. s / n

Continue to knit, performing another 1 row of 5 in. n. Then 2 row of arches from 4 to. p., 3 row of arches from 3 v. n. Cut the thread. Crochet sweaters for women over!

Knitted clothes are comfortable to wear, fit well on the figure and keep warm. In addition, lacy things amaze everyone with their beauty and elegance. If you are just learning to hold the hook in your hands, then try to tie a straight short-sleeved sweater. Even on the basis of the simplest pattern, it will look great and revive your wardrobe.