Creative hair straightening. types of procedures and


Creative hair straightening - a procedure that is suitable not only for owners of natural curls. She should take advantage of those who are planning to improve the condition of the hair. After straightening, the curls become more lively, easily combed and begin to shine beautifully.

Creative hair straightening: reviews and types

Creative hair straightening

In modern hairdressing, several techniques can be referred to as creative straightening. Despite some differences, they all have a lot in common. Hair is exposed to special formulations. At the same time, the effect of straightening is not achieved due to chemistry, but due to the effect on the structure of curls of natural ingredients. These include healthy oils and protein. To get started is to understand the main types of creative hair straightening.

Brazilian straightening - This procedure became popular a few years ago. From the name it is clear that Brazilian hairdressers invented the technique. Unfortunately, this kind of straightening is surrounded by many myths. Let's try to figure out what's what. First you need to understand that this procedure has a rather therapeutic effect on the hair. Straightening is a side effect. Therefore, it may not be as strong as you would like.

The procedure is quite simple. A special solution is applied to the hair. This is followed by heat treatment iron. The effect is achieved due to the penetration of nutrients into the upper and middle layers of the hair. Under the influence of temperature, they seem to be sealed inside. Brazilian straightening is suitable for those who want to improve the condition of their locks. First of all, it should be done by those who abuse staining and highlighting.

The effect will be visible after the first procedure. Brazilian straightening for medium hair usually takes about 2.5 hours. The myths about this straightening include its complete safety and the fact that the result is fixed for 6 months. Formaldehyde is present in all solutions. Of course, the substance is not safe. The effect of straightening lasts about 4 months, provided proper care. Usually barbers advise you to wash your hair a few days after straightening. In addition, you need to use shampoos without certain ingredients.

Japanese straightening - the most effective method. Allows you to fix the result for many months. In some cases, the procedure is repeated a year after the 1st time. In this case, not all curls are straightened, but only regrown roots. The principle of the procedure is quite different than in the past case.

A special solution is applied to the hair. In its composition is present cyastimine. This substance consists of a large number of proteins. The latter, in turn, have a tremendous effect on the hair. During the Japanese straightening, the special equipment is applied to the curls. Then it acts on the hair for a while. The advantage of the solution is that it has a deep penetrating ability. In fact, it does not stop at the impact only on the surface. The tool penetrates deep into the hair.

After some time, the solution is washed off the hair. Then the most difficult begins. The master alternately pulls each strand. The final result depends on the accuracy of the process. On average, Japanese straightening takes up to 6 hours. The procedure is much more expensive than the first method. She has a minus. Regrown hair begins to curl at the roots, while the rest of the length looks perfectly straight.

If we talk about feedback, then on the Web you can meet completely diametrically opposed opinions about hair straightening. For some, it is a chemical effect on curls and body. Some women claim it may even lead to cancer. Dr. ladies are delighted with the procedure, which completely transforms the hair. In this case, you can only advise one thing - use quality solutions and choose professional hairdressers. It is better to read reviews on specific products and salons in advance.

What is the essence of the procedure?

Creative hair straightening

Under keratin straightening hair means the use of other solutions. In principle, this procedure, in fact, is the 2 methods discussed above. The fact is that all straightening solutions contain keratin. That it has a straightening and healing effect on the hair.

Our hair consists of keratin by 80%. The composition of all solutions for straightening includes a similar synthetic substance. It penetrates the different layers of the hair and has a healing effect. The procedure in most cases is as follows:

  1. Hair washed out with a special shampoo.
  2. Follow the instructions, depending on the type of funds. The mixture can be applied to the hair, and then wash off. Dr. the mixture offer temperature heating. It is necessary to act strictly according to the instructions. Then the agent is washed off.
  3. Then the hair begins to care in a certain way. They should be washed with shampoo without sulfates. Maybe even a cheap option.

Straighten hair at home

Straightening is possible at home. First you need to purchase a suitable solution. You can also buy keratin shampoo for washing before the 1st procedure.

Creative hair straightening

The straightening algorithm looks like this:

  • Wash hair thoroughly 2 times with Creatine Shampoo.
  • Dry the strands with a towel. Pin your curls.
  • Apply to them a rectifying compound. If it is not particularly liquid, then use a brush. Otherwise, you can pour the tool in the spray. The composition must be applied to all strands!
  • Leave curls alone for 15 minutes.
  • We pass on them with a hair dryer, pulling the strands with brush brushing.
  • Straighten strands ironing. We form each comb. We pass through it with an iron, not stopping in one place.
  • Apply to curls a special serum with keratin.

A few nuances of keratin hair straightening:

  • The composition should be applied to all curls. Otherwise, the hair may deteriorate. This is due to the fact that the temperature begins to burn unprotected strands.
  • Never buy cheap formulations of dubious firms. Again, they can just ruin your curls. In addition, it is not known how this can turn out for health.
  • Do not wait for a long effect immediately after the 1st procedure. Usually the composition is enough for 1.5-2 months. Exactly so much straightening. Glitter is present much longer.

If you are doing keratin straightening at home, then pick the right composition for you. All means are different. Even one manufacturer can sell several solutions designed for different types of hair. More modern options will allow you to wash your hair not after 3 days, but before. The best keratin solutions are considered to be from Brazil.

Creative straightening helps transform the hair. It improves the structure of curls, give them shine, makes them more alive with keratin. The most famous straightening methods are the Brazilian and Japanese method. There are other types of keratin hair straightening. They are not taken to separate into separate groups, since the principle of the effect on the hair with a composition with keratin is the same.