Coloring on blonde hair

For women's fashion will not follow. Every season there is something new. The relative constancy of fashion trends can be found only in stylists of women's hairstyles.

But in this article we are not talking about fashionable hairstyles, but about fashionable hair coloring in recent years - coloring.

What is coloring?

Coloring- This is a special technology for dyeing hair, where two or more colors that are similar in tone are used as a dye, which should be applied to individual strands.

Coloring on blonde hair

Coloring is a very difficult technique for hairdressers. After all, each of the girls wants their own individual coloring. Therefore, stylists choose who any coloring will go. And they are based on certain types of coloring. Their 5:

  1. complex multicolor coloring;
  2. pearl coloring;
  3. neon coloring;
  4. patterned coloring;
  5. Californian coloring;

ABOUT coloring methods read the article Coloring on dark hair.

What hair can do coloring?

To date, the structure, length and hair color are no restrictions. After all, a properly selected type of coloring will look good on long hair, hair of medium length, short hair. Perfect coloring coloring brunettes, brown-haired women, blondes, redheads and blond.

If you are afraid for the health of your hair, then today there are special tools that will help revitalize colored strands and give your hair a healthy look.

Coloring is a great way to change your appearance. In more detail we will focus on the features of coloring natural blondes and light-haired girls. After all, the blond type is not an easy, inexperienced hairdresser can change it to unnaturalness. And, as everyone knows, naturalness is now in fashion.

Coloring for fair-haired

Only a professional can make high-quality, beautiful and really suitable coloring for blond hair.

However, many girls are now so enlightened in many issues of female beauty that they prefer to carry out all changes with their appearance on their own. At home, if you wish, you will be able to master this technology in some time! It is only necessary, as they say, to fill your hand.

Coloring on blonde hair

To start, try to do something like a test coloring. Gel or mousse can be applied to blond hair at home. These funds will emphasize your natural shade, and you will thereby be able to evaluate what will result from this type of coloring.

Imitation of coloring with mousse or gel is good because it can be washed off. After all, not everyone will be satisfied with their first experience in coloring. As soon as the result of the temporary coloring of Vasustroil, proceed to present constant coloring on blonde hair.

Coloring for blond hair at home

For coloring on blonde hair You need to stock up on the following tools and materials:

  1. hair dye (2 shades, not very different in color from your natural hair color, of course, darker);
  2. gloves (usually they can be found in the package for paint);
  3. foil;
  4. tassel;
  5. clamps;
  6. comb with a comfortable long handle.

The most simple option for home coloring blond hair there will be a coloring of several strands entirely in different shades. For example, take a small strand closer to the face and paint it in a darker (1-2 tones) color. Another strand following it or located at some distance from it (often equal to the strand itself) is colored in a different shade.

It is best to take two colors for the first coloring. So you can not get confused and disappointed in the result. Be sure to make a coloring with gel or mousse before real coloring to learn and make sure that the result really suits you.

Coloring for blond hair at home

It will be easy for those who have independently made highlights. For highlighting hair one original color is used, and all selected hair strands are colored only with this one color. In coloring (the simplest) two colors are taken, and differing from the original by 1-2 tones (often darker than the natural hair color).

Strands are selected and separated from the main mass of hair with a comb and secured with a clamp. Then one strand is painted in the selected color and wrapped in foil, fastened on the head. We paint the other selected strand in another or the same color and also wrap in foil. So we make with all strands separated from the main mass of hair.

Hold the dye on the hair for 30 minutes or more (the time is usually indicated in the instructions) and rinse with water. It is best to wash the hair after the hair dyeing procedure with a colored hair balm or a special conditioner.

A few tips on coloring blond hair

It is necessary to paint locks, moving from a bang to a neck.

  • Choose for coloring high-quality, proven paint.
  • To obtain the desired shade, test on the most inconspicuous strand of hair. So you will understand how many minutes it will take to get the desired shade. After all, the color on the packaging for paint often disagrees with what you get.
  • The following colors and shades are most beneficial for blondes and light-colored for coloring: honey, caramel, light pink, light red. Ashy shades and light chestnuts will suit them.
  • To create a spectacular bright hairstyle take a more saturated dark shades.
  • For a more delicate, natural look, the colors for dyeing the strands should be as close as possible to the natural or original.
  • It is possible and necessary to do coloring on already dyed (bleached) hair, only care will have to be followed more carefully, since such coloring will severely damage the hair structure.

Coloring done successfully, suitable for you and distinguishing you from the crowd, will be surely appreciated by the opposite sex, your work colleagues and close people! Think for yourself whether to do the coloring yourself or to resort to the help of a stylist. A simple version of coloring under the force to make at home any woman. It remains only to decide which image you want to get: a cute little girl or a spectacular lady!

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