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Smooth and silky heels at any time of the year - the dream of every woman. To make rough feet soft and soft, you can use regular baking soda.

How to clean heels with baking soda?

The causes of the hem of skin heels set. This includes dry skin of the feet, and prolonged exposure to the sun with or without open shoes, and synthetics on the feet, and, of course, inadequate care.

The reasons may be more serious, for example, digestive problems, metabolic disorders, hormonal disruption in the body. The consultation of a dermatologist in this case is extremely necessary.

How to clean heels with baking soda?

Hard, dry, with cracks and calluses of the heel gives a lot of discomfort.

Regular baking soda with antiseptic properties, able to reduce water hardness and beneficially affect the skin of the heels. It is inexpensive, but very effective.

Refresh and soften the legs can be using a scrub, prepared on the basis of soda.

  1. This gentle exfoliating agent is quickly and easily done at home. To do this, mix 3 parts of baking soda with one part of water to form a thick paste. Then, with gentle circular motions, treat with a special brush.
  2. An excellent nourishing and refreshing heel scrub is obtained from soda and ground oatmeal. For its preparation you need to make a paste of 3 parts of baking soda, 1 part of water and 1 part of ground oatmeal. Apply the product gently with circular motions and rinse with warm water. This procedure will cleanse the skin of dead cells, make it smooth.
  3. A wonderful foot scrub can be made from crushed fruit pits, sugar, salt, coffee and soda. After you wash the scrub well, it is useful to grease the legs with some nourishing cream or warm olive oil.. Fir and eucalyptus oils have a favorable effect on the skin, which improves blood circulation and heals small cracks.

Heel bath with soda

You can also make a nourishing mask, such as banana pulp and honey.

Heel bath with soda

To soften the skin of the legs and heels, well help bath with soda.

  • In order to make a classic heel bath, you will need: 3 tbsp. l baking soda and 5 liters of water. Dissolve soda in hot water and immerse your feet in it.
  • You need to take this bath for 15 minutes daily. Treatment should be carried out by courses, only then it will bring the desired effect. The course of treatment is about 5-7 days. At the end of the procedure, heel should be rubbed with a pumice stone, then wiped steamed feet dry and put on your favorite nourishing cream (well, if it is with glycolic acid), while massaging your skin with your hands. Do not forget about the grinding file.
  • In addition to soda, it is useful to add a little salt and liquid soap to the heel bath.. This will help remove stubborn dirt. It is possible to enrich the composition of the bath with vegetable oils or with a dry pharmaceutical chamomile (it can be replaced by hunter, string, oak bark or calendula).
  • After the bath, the legs, instead of the cream, can also be lubricated with vegetable oil or a pharmacy solution of vitamin E. You can apply bread crumb dipped in vinegar. Already after about 4 days, the corns will begin to soften and gradually disappear, if you, of course, do this procedure with regularity.

How to clean heels with baking soda?

  • If your legs are very tired, you can pamper them with a special bath. Take 0.5 tsp. soda for 3 liters of water. Keep your feet in solution for 20-30 minutes. After applying a special nourishing balm to the skin: 0.5 cups of olive oil, 1/3 cups of castor oil and 10 g of vitamin A in the oil. Make a light massage, put on cotton socks, and relieve fatigue like a hand.

Please note that soda is alkaline in its chemical properties. therefore prolonged immersion of hands or feet in soda solution - can cause their swelling or dehydration of the skin, as well as cause an imbalance in pH balance.

Beautiful and well-groomed legs are an important part of your look. You can put your feet in order with the help of proven folk remedies, because soda. Use soda-based recipes regularly, excellent results will not keep you waiting long!

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