Botox at home

Having learned about the effect of the use of Botox, many women introduced procedures with him to the usual beauty ritual. Indeed, after a course of the drug wrinkles are quickly smoothed out, due to the fixation of mimic muscles.

This result gives botulinum toxin, which is a poison of organic origin. It is he who stops the activity of cells that trigger the work of facial muscles. It is dangerous for health. Therefore, today it is becoming increasingly important to find an alternative to Botox injections..

Alternative to botox: cosmetics

Recently, several new products have appeared on the market for cosmetic products, which are an alternative to Botox. Among them it is worth to highlight such patented complexes as Sepilift, Fillox, Argerilin. line of face cream Botu "VIP". Cream with biocomplex Fillox allows you to relax the muscles and smooth the skin. After 45 years, such a complex is recommended to use 2 p. in year. In addition, it has a lifting and rejuvenating effect on the skin of the face. Domestic funds are not yet able to replace the Botox procedure.

Botox at home

How to choose a cream with the effect of Botox?

Also today, there are creams with the effect of Botox. Of course, they cannot completely replace injections, but they are deprived of their shortcomings. You do not have to endure painful injections and risk health when exposed to the toxic effects of the drug. Using the cream allows you to stop the appearance of wrinkles and get rid of new ones. But you need to use them all the time. The basis of these tools are protein substances, peptides and amino acids. Their joint use allows you to get the effect of Botox and eliminate all possible negative effects of botulinum toxin. Increasing the amount of peptides in the skin helps to activate the production of elastin and collagen. It is these substances that renew the intercellular space, due to which wrinkles diminish and disappear.

Of the creams currently available on the market, the following:

  • Cream of the German company "Babor" for the control of mimic wrinkles "Mimical Control Creme". The cost is 2240 rubles.
  • French correcting cream "Botorelax" is an excellent natural alternative to the use of Botox. Its effect is similar to the effect of Botox. Its properties are enhanced by collagen and hyalouran acid. Its cost ranges from 4160 rubles. up to 4800 rub.
  • The well-known company "Faberlic" also presented a series of "Botoss", which offers a cream against mimic wrinkles with the active substance Argireline. The composition of the cream is enhanced with vitamins and natural elements. This cream can completely replace Botox injections. You can use it immediately after the first deep wrinkles.

Botox at home

  • The line "Exclusive with Relaxor" was developed by Lierak laboratory. In this series, Lierak Intens Nuit night cream and Lierak Exclusive Ultra Jour day cream are presented, as well as other cosmetics. Their cost ranges from 2560 rubles. up to 5760 rubles. This complex provides the elimination of toxins, has drainage properties and the effect of rejuvenation.
  • The line "Boldkar" was released by the company "Holy Land cosmetics laboratories" from Israel. It contains cream "Boldkar Kream" and serum "Boldkar Serum".
  • An alternative to Botox injections are French drugs with a botoufix. Day and night cream at a price of 4945 rubles. differ in the modeling effect for normal and dry skin. Emulsion "Ay control Lif Defi Lift 3D" worth 3870 rubles. has a strong anti-aging effect.
  • The Swiss cosmetic laboratory CellCare also offered a new revolutionary line, Swissztal. It includes Botokher Mask facial mask, Boto Ker Serum serum and Botocher Cream. The cost of drugs ranges from 6400 rubles. up to 11,200rub.

Mask with the effect of Botox at home

Botox injections, while not yet recognized as harmless, and cream with the effect of Botox are too expensive and are often sold only in the salons, do not be upset, you can use masks with the effect of Botox at home. Of course, they will not be able to completely replace the effect of injections, but with regular use they will get rid of wrinkles.. In addition, these tools are absolutely harmless, can moisturize the skin and quickly smooth fine wrinkles.

Botox at home

  • Well tightens the skin mask made of oatmeal and protein. Whipped protein and oatmeal are added to warm water. Products are taken in equal quantities. Then they are mixed, and the finished mask is applied to the face. Wash it off after 20 minutes.
  • You can also use a mask of starch. In warm water you need to add 2 tbsp. l starch, then cook until thickened on a small fire. As soon as the mass cools, add 1 tbsp there. l sour cream and 5 tbsp. l freshly squeezed carrot juice. Wash face and apply a mask for half an hour. Then wash with cool water and apply cream. You can keep such a mask in the refrigerator for up to 72 hours.
  • The raw potato mask has an excellent effect.. For its preparation will need a potato and 1 tsp. vegetable oil. They need to be mixed in such a way that a homogeneous mixture is obtained. After cleansing the face, apply the finished mask, leaving it for 15 minutes. Then wash your face and grease with a nourishing cream.
  • Mask with wheat flour will be an excellent substitute for Botox shots. A glass of warm water to pour 25 g of wheat flour and boil it until thick. After that, beat the egg until foaming, add there 1 tsp. salt and 50 ml of any vegetable oil. As soon as the flour thickens, pour 200 ml of boiled cold water there. After the mass has cooled, the water must be drained. Add the resulting mass of egg white to the flour, and beat everything well. The mask should be applied for half an hour on the face, rinse with warm water.

If earlier it was believed that Botox is completely eliminated from the body, today there is evidence of its harm. It is better to find an alternative to Botox in home cosmetics. Maybe their effect is not so pronounced and stable, but they are safer for health.

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