Beauty treatments for hair


Hair is constantly exposed to external adverse factors and because of this they can lose their natural thickness and strength. What to do in this case? After all, every woman dreams of having healthy and luxurious hair. Now the salons offer many treatments for hair care and restoration. All of them perform their main function - to improve the structure and condition of the hair. You can ask for a consultation with a specialist, and he will select the most suitable procedure for you when using the most modern preparations. Let's briefly go over the main salon procedures.

Beauty treatments for hair


This procedure consists of applying special solutions to the hair. During lamination, medicinal substances penetrate the hair and glue the scales to the base of the hair. Hair after the procedure becomes smoother and shiny, and the effect lasts up to 6 weeks. The film covering the hair after lamination protects them from damage, loss of moisture, vitamins and proteins. Each hair increases in volume due to the film, and the total volume of hair increases by 15 percent. This procedure has no contraindications and it can be repeated without restrictions, especially it is recommended for hair weakened by frequent dyeing.


  • This procedure is very similar to lamination and is a more economical option. Glazing is colored or colorless. The procedure consists in applying a glaze to the hair, which makes it shiny and enhances its own color. Using glazing, you can change the hair color one to two shades lighter or darker. This color does not negatively affect the hair, but rather aligns and restores their structure.
  • As with lamination, the hair here is covered with a very thin protective film. Glazing can be done any number of times, since it does not bear any harm. Of the minuses - it is quickly washed off, and the recovery effect is less pronounced, so if you want to seriously take up your hair, then it is better to stop on lamination or elution, but glazing is more acceptable at prices.

Beauty treatments for hair


  1. Special paint during this procedure is toning hair. With this color, various oxidizers are not involved, which spoil the hair, but at the same time, elution allows the dye to penetrate deep into the hair. Such paint can hold on for quite a while. In composition, the dye is somewhat similar to henna, because it contains only plant substances. Alumination procedure is not done at home, but only in beauty salons.
  2. Elyuminirovanie is as follows: paint is applied to clean and dry hair, but so that it does not fall on the scalp. After 20 minutes, it is washed off, then a fixer is applied to the hair and held for about five minutes. There are many advantages to eluminization: it is suitable for all hair except gray hair, the hair structure is not affected during dyeing, and if the result does not meet the expectations, then using a special tool you can always return to the previous hair color.

Inc manicure

In this procedure, the hair is painted in pastel colors, and the ends of the hair are strengthened by special means. The coloring pigment from food dyes mixes up with a mask. This composition is completely harmless to hair, as it does not contain oxidizing agents and ammonia. Ink procedure can be used for any hair, both straight and curly.

Cauterization - hot and cold

Beauty treatments for hair

  • Cauterization is a complete hair restoration, both externally and internally. She is hot and cold. A specialist will help you choose the type of procedure according to the condition of your hair.
  • When hot cauterization at the beginning of the procedure, the hair is washed with a healing shampoo, which contains components that can linger in the hair structure. The hair is slightly dried, then treated with special serum for twenty minutes, and then dried with a hairdryer and placed with an iron.
  • When exposed to heat nutrients penetrate deep into the hair and nourish them. After heat exposure, the hair is washed again, but without shampoo. After washing all the means, the hair is treated with a spray that holds together the stratified hair scales. As a result of this procedure, the hair becomes smooth and does not split at the ends. Cold cautery does not differ much from hot; just after applying the serum, the hair is dried with a single hairdryer.
  • Cauterization is performed only in beauty salons, in order to achieve the desired effect, it is performed by a course once a week for several months. For best results, you should buy hair products of the same series that were used in the salon. It is also important not to dye hair during the cautery procedure, otherwise it will be money wasted.

Hair reconstruction - hot and cold

Hair remodeling

Cold hair reconstruction you can do yourself at home. First, wash your hair with medicated shampoo, then apply a mask for a few minutes and wash it off. Then a lotion with a renewing effect is applied to the hair and, without washing it away, the hair is treated with a special aerosol. Hot reconstruction should be trusted only to professionals. The procedure removes the coloring pigment from the hair, not so much as when cauterization, but still the choice of means, during the hot reconstruction should only produce a beautician.

It is better to treat and restore your hair in the hands of an experienced master, so trusting a professional you will not regret the result!