Antifungal nail polish


Nail fungus is an unpleasant disease that everyone can get. Often people who visit public baths, swimming pools and gyms suffer from the infection.

The complexity of the treatment of nail fungus depends on how much the infection struck the nail. If you have the initial stage of the disease, it will do fine special varnish

Nail fungus varnish: application

Antifungal Nail Polish

Before using therapeutic varnish, it is necessary to prepare the nails for treatment. It is recommended to make a bath. To do this, in warm water, add 1 tbsp. soda and 50 g of soap. Dip your feet in the bath for 15 minutes. Using tweezers, remove all keratinized skin particles and layers. After the procedure, you can apply a healing varnish evenly on the affected nails. It is recommended to apply 2 coats. Treatment of infection may last more than 3 months. It depends on the stage of the lesion. In the first month, antifungal lacquer is used 3 times a week, in the second - 2 times a week, and the third - once a week. Removes the tool with ordinary nail polish remover.

Do not forget to sanitize manicure accessories after nail treatment, in order to eliminate the risk of reinfection.

First of all, we recommend that you use monastic tea against nail fungus. After 30 days, 97% of the volunteers had all traces of the fungus.

Antifungal varnishes are stored in a dark place, avoiding direct sunlight. The shelf life of the funds - no more than 3 months. During treatment, it is not recommended to use any other nail polishes, otherwise the effectiveness will decrease.

Nail fungus nail Lotril

Effective remedy against different types of nail fungi. Loceryl is a topical antifungal drug. The active substance contained in the composition, penetrates into the nail plate and inhibits the reproduction of fungi, causing their death. After prolonged use of Lotseril, the signs of nail damage completely disappear.

Antifungal Nail Polish

Treatment should continue until a new nail grows or the affected areas are completely cured. The duration of therapy may vary, depending on the stage of infection. Usually, it is 6 months for the treatment of the arms, 9 - 12 months for the legs. Apply the tool strictly according to the instructions. After the expiration date does not use the drug.

Side effects: burning around the nail plate.

Loceryl is not recommended for children, pregnant and lactating women.

Antifungal nail polish: price

Price Lotrilil ranges from 1,100 to 2,000 rubles.

Doctors-dermatologists in one voice recommend using monastic tea against fungus. In the course of the research, acceleration of regeneration processes in 82 volunteers was noted.

Nail polish fungus Batrafen

The tool is designed specifically for the treatment of fungal diseases. The active substance ciclopirox penetrates inside the nail plate, causing the death of the infection. Batrafen has a fungicidal effect on all pathogens of fungal infections. The course of drug treatment is approximately 3 months. The first month of lacquer is applied daily, in the second - 2 applications per week are enough, on the third one - once a week.

Nail polish fungus Batrafen

Sometimes lacquer can cause side effects: dryness and peeling of the skin, nail foliation and redness.

Contraindications: pregnant and lactating women, as well as children.

Antifungal nail polish: price

The cost of lacquer can vary within 700 rubles.

Nail polish from nail fungus Demicten

Cosmetic demicten protects the nail plate from the occurrence of fungal infections and treats existing fungi. In addition, the tool will help get rid of the following problems:

  1. Pink deprive, candidiasis, erythrasma, actinomycosis;
  2. Heals cracks on heels, softens coarse skin on the feet and elbows;
  3. Heals interdigital erosion, rubrofitiy, epidermotofiyu and inflammation of the nail shaft;
  4. Serves as an invisible barrier that prevents the ingress of dirt and infection;
  5. Relieves inflammation and swelling, treats herpes as soon as possible.

Nail polish from nail fungus Demicten

Use demicten according to the instructions. The tool has no contraindications and side effects, which allows its use by everyone without exception.

Antifungal nail polish: price

The cost varies from 150 to 300 rubles.

Antifungal nail polishes: reviews

  • Tatyana:Used antifungal varnish Loceryl. No matter how smeared - no results. In vain just spent money and time. Now I have started using Demicten - it is much cheaper, and the result is much better. Now I smear my nails and I look forward to a full recovery.
  • Oleg:I bought myself Batrafen for 1500 rubles. Disappointed strongly. The fungus progressed and progresses. I did everything according to the instructions. Maybe he just did not fit me?
  • Helena:I am delighted with Batrafen. He helped me get rid of my problem. Now I am not ashamed to wear open sandals, and I can make a beautiful manicure! Only a remedy helps if no more than 45% of the nail is affected !.
  • Svetlana:Discovered Demicten. Before that, I had ugly nails on my hands that were affected by fungus. One lacquer bottle was enough for me to get rid of the problem in 4 months. Thank you very much to the manufacturers of varnish! Very pleased.
  • Boris:Loceryl - a great antifungal agent! After I picked up the fungus in the bath, my life turned into a nightmare. Than only I did not try to treat my nails: tinctures, decoctions, creams and baths. Nothing helped. But Loceril cured my nails for 3 months ..
  • Angela:Used demiktenom. I was not impressed with this varnish. The nails both hurt and hurt. It costs, of course, not expensive, but the time spent is very pitiful. During the 4 months of treatment, I could try another tool, but I was hoping for Demicten, but in vain!

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Antifungal lacquer is an excellent tool that will allow you to put your legs in order relatively quickly and easily. Now you don't have to spend hours bathing and buying expensive creams. Choose for yourself the best at the price and quality of varnish and proceed to the treatment!