Anti-cellulite massager


Beautiful smooth skin is the dream of every woman. But on the way to this dream often gets such a cosmetic defect as cellulite. And he can be like a complete, and have quite slender ladies. The best weapon against cellulite - special massagers.

Anti-cellulite massager for the body: how to choose?

Manual anti-cellulite massagers are many, they all differ in shape, size, etc. - can be in the form of a circle, oval, lamellar, finger, have a holder, be without it, the holder can be an extension of the massaging part. Massagers differ in the way they affect the skin - it can be point or extensive.

Anti-cellulite massager: how to choose?

Hand massagers can also be in the form of mittens worn on the hand, and have a rough rough surface. When using manual anti-cellulite massagers, it is better to immediately buy 2 and alternate their use, or rather, combine with each other. Massager with a handle is more convenient to massage the back of the thighs, and the front and the stomach - with a hand in a massage glove.

There is a massager consisting of metals and minerals, the fusion of which, when exposed to the active points of the body, stimulates metabolic processes well. At the same time, lymphatic drainage and blood circulation are noticeably improved, which means that the very cause of cellulite is eliminated. V-shaped massager contributes to its comfortable use in the most remote places.

Anti-cellulite vacuum massager: principle of operation

Another type of massager - anti-cellulite vacuum. This device is based on the principle of canned massage. This is an old method, when with deep exposure to the skin fat is extracted from the cells to the outside. This massager activates the process of splitting fats and removes them.

The impact occurs not only on the superficial areas of the skin, but also on the reflexogenic zones, which are closely related to the function of the internal organs. Thus, there is a general improvement of the body. Anti-cellulite vacuum massagers provide oxygen to the cells and normalize the water balance. You can use it on all parts of the body, including the face.

Anti-cellulite massager

The main effects of the use of a vacuum massager these are:

  1. Correction of the figure and the fight against cellulite;
  2. Removal of excess fluid, enhancement of cellular metabolism and the splitting of adipose tissue;
  3. Removal of toxins and metabolic products,
  4. Restoration of impaired blood supply.

For a high-quality vacuum massage specially prepare the skin. It must first be cleaned of impurities, it is advisable to peel, then reheat using a sauna or hot bath.

Cosmetic means applied to solve a particular task (massage creams, oils, gels) are applied to the heated skin.

The desired attachment is selected. They all have different diameters.

The procedure is carried out on the massage lines with soft circular movements. It is necessary to begin the impact with a minimum suction force, increasing it as the skin warms up.

After the procedure, the nozzle is rinsed with water, the remnants of cosmetics are removed from the skin with sponges or napkins.

User Reviews

Anti-cellulite massager: reviews

  • Olga: Somehow in the store I came across a stiff mitten. Bought, tried in my heart. I liked it, I use it as a scrub and plus I do a massage. A week later, I received a compliment from my husband that my skin was very tender. Now I don’t take a shower without mittens.
  • Elena: I bought an anti-cellulite brush: on one side she has pimples, on the other - bristles. I use in the bath. The result is great! The skin is firm and elastic. I advise everyone to try.
  • Valya: It is very convenient to use a roller massager. He always lies in my chair. When I watch TV, I massage hands, legs and sides. 5 min every day and cellulite is gone!
  • Irena: I have long been using a wooden roller massager on a string. In the morning, instead of charging, I warm up my body quickly, apply anti-cellulite cream, and everything is in order. I feel cheerful, no cellulite.
  • Vic: I want to share the results from the vacuum massager. Acquired on the Internet. Very pleasant procedure. After 2 weeks, cellulite became less, and after a month I did not notice him, only when I pressed my hands. I was very happy, and now I started massaging my belly with it.

Of the many anti-cellulite massagers on the market today, everyone will find something for themselves. Determine what result you need, based on this, select the desired device. Brushes, mittens, roller massagers affect more superficially, the vacuum device removes fats, toxins and excess fluid from the deeper layers of tissues. The most important thing in using any kind of massager is regularity!