Almond peeling

In recent years, chemical peeling has become perhaps the most popular salon procedure. Its advantages are the correction of aesthetic skin problems in a short time, as well as the preservation and maintenance of the achieved result.

The most popular drugs that have a gentle effect on the skin. These chemical agents include almond acid, with which make almond peeling.

Almond peeling and its benefits

Almond peeling: reviews, photo before and after

  • Almond peeling is one of the chemical variants, the effect is achieved due to phenoxyglycolic acid.
  • The main feature is the molecular weight and size. The mandelic acid molecule is 8 times larger than glycolic, so it penetrates the skin much more slowly and lingers in the upper layers of the epidermis much longer. That is why this type of chemical exposure is soft, superficial.
  • This type of peeling suits absolutely any skin, even sensitive and thin, and also does not cause side effects. Another advantage of this procedure is that it can be done in spring and summer. But we should not forget about contraindications.
  • This type of cleansing should not be used in the presence of individual intolerance to almond acid, if there are fresh herpetic elements on the skin, in case of complex somatic diseases, pregnancy.
  • The uniqueness of almond peeling is that, like any fruit acid, it cleanses, moisturizes the skin, has a pronounced antibacterial activity, rejuvenating effect and completely removes comedones. This great way to remove post acne, Anti-acne rash normalizes the sebaceous glands, is an alternative to mechanical cleansing.
  • It also has a beneficial effect on mature skin, after the procedure fine wrinkles are smoothed, pigment spots disappear.

Almond peeling

Almond Peeling: Procedure Description

Like any other dry cleaning, almond peeling is performed in several stages.

  • First of all, the cosmetologist removes makeup and cleansing the skin with milk with 10% mandelic acid. In some salons you will be offered to spend 2 weeks training at home. The meaning of this procedure is to apply milk with 15% acid to the skin 2 times a day. This gradual application will prepare the skin for a stronger effect and even out the stratum corneum.
  • The next step is to apply 5% of almond, lactic and glycolic acids on the skin in order to look at the body's individual reaction to chemical exposure.
  • At the third stage, the actual peeling is performed. Apply 30% acid with your fingertips and massage the skin. The duration of this procedure is 20-30 minutes.
  • Next, the solution is neutralized, soothing masks are made, usually with calendula.

Almond peeling: reviews, photo before and after

  • At the end of the procedure, a soothing cream is applied.


Almond peeling: post peeling care

  1. The day after peeling, the skin is very dry, it is an absolutely normal reaction to phenoxyglycolic acid.
  2. To reduce dryness, you need to use a special cream with collagen, algae extract, or lactic acid. It can be purchased in the salon, where you did the procedure. If possible, make a mask with similar components, it will soothe the skin and normalizes water metabolism.
  3. In the following days, you should use more fatty creams, preferably with shea butter, hyaluronic acid and aloe. Or you can use cosmetic oils purchased from a pharmacy. If you are doing this peeling in the sunny season, do not forget about the appropriate protection, preferably at least 30 SPF.

Almond peeling: reviews, photo before and after

Almond peeling: reviews

  • Marina: "I, as the owner of oily skin, are familiar with almost all types of peeling. I liked almond most of all. It has a superficial effect, but this is enough to cleanse the pores and even out the skin. For those who suffer from acne, this procedure is just a salvation, since mandelic acid fights against the very cause of acne. If you have a task to clean the skin, one procedure per month will suffice, and if the goal is to fight acne, this peeling is done 1 time per 10 days with a course 6 times. "
  • Valeria: "I love salon procedures, and almond peeling is one of the safest and cheapest cleanings. I really like the fact that it can be done at any time of the year, which means that in summer my skin glows with beauty and purity. After the first procedure I have the pigment spots that remained after the pregnancy disappeared, the black spots disappeared, the complexion evened out, and after this cleansing it was not a shame to walk down the street, usually after any salon procedure my skin looked burned and stained. I am satisfied, now I will only do this pi ing. "

Almond peeling: photo before and after

  • Yana: “I have thin, light, allergy-prone skin. Therefore, I was always afraid of peeling like fire, it seemed to me that they would simply“ eat ”my skin. I always tried to do natural care. But after giving birth, I realized that masks and scrabies the rashes began to appear, pigment spots and other “charms" appeared. Having read various forums, I realized that almond peeling was the safest and most gentle, and I decided. Cleaning itself didn’t cause much discomfort. , the beautician said that the skin should “burn out” well, and the dead cells should come off completely, then the relief would even out. I did, the irregularities of a year ago disappeared, small pimples left. In general, I am satisfied with the result, even though the black dots appeared after 1.5 weeks, but for superficial cleaning, I believe that an excellent result. "

Almond peeling is one of the most modern types of cleansing., it exfoliates old dead skin cells, revealing a new layer of skin. This procedure is painless and non-traumatic, so it can be used by girls with thin sensitive skin. Another advantage is the lack of post-peeling effect, that is, you can almost immediately return to your daily activities.

Almond peeling: photo before and after

In addition, mandelic acid has anti-inflammatory and bactericidal action, which allows you to deal with the causes of acne. From carrying out this procedure, some advantages. Feel free to choose almond peeling in the salon, and be beautiful!

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