Acrylic modeling on nails


In pursuit of beauty, women strive to stand out from the crowd - this also applies to nails, I want to make such a design that you cannot find in anybody else. Recently, the design of acrylic sculpting on nails is very popular. and, despite the fact that this is a relatively new design, it is already gaining momentum and there are more and more ways for such nail modeling.

What is interesting acrylic molding?

Acrylic modeling allows you to get a real work of art on the nails, and its main difference is that the nails look volume. The volume is given using a special acrylic material for sculpting. Powder on small pieces is superimposed on the nails, and then with a thin stick or brush from it you can create various patterns and patterns. Acrylic as a material is good because when it hardens, it becomes very obedient, like clay. Another advantage of acrylic - is that fashioned from nefigurki durable, they are well kept on the nails.

If you want to admire such beauty on your nails, then carefully consider the choice of a professional, as acrylic modeling on the nails appeared not so long ago and not all masters can perfectly perform this type of manicure.

What case is suitable acrylic molding?

This type of manicure is not very suitable for everyday design, as it can be called elegant, but for some special occasion it is perfect, for example, for a wedding or birthday. Acrylic modeling can be your highlight and chained looks to your pens. Such modeling can well complement the image, but at the theme party it will be very useful, because you can make almost any subject nails.

As a rule, such a design is applied on one or two nails so that the manicure does not look too elaborate, and the remaining nails remain transparent or monotonous, but if the design is delicate and small, then if you wish, you can do it on each nail.

How is acrylic modeling on nails?

Most often acrylic modeling on the nails is carried out in the form of flower arrangements,and if you keep proportions and harmony, it looks very beautiful.

It should be borne in mind that if the drawing itself is large, then it should not be too bright and voluminous, otherwise it may look tasteless. If you have never made yourself an acrylic pattern on the nails, you can try to make such a design on one nail and see how it looks. Usually masters perform a single design in the form of a butterfly or a large color.

Acrylic modeling on the nails is performed in the middle of the nail, because if you perform close to the tip, you still have to file it often, and if close to the cuticle, you can damage the skin. This type of design will ideally look on extended long nails. Acrylic modeling does not take much time if an experienced craftsman takes it, but of course a lot depends on the complexity of the drawing.

Some masters prefer to make acrylic patterns at first not on the nail, but to apply them with foil or paper. This can facilitate the procedure of such a design, especially for beginners. When the pattern is ready, the drawing is transferred with a wet brush on the nail and fixed on the chosen place, on which the glue is applied in advance. After completing acrylic modeling, a thin protective layer of acrylic is applied to the nails in order to protect the design from cracks and damage.

Acrylic modeling can be combined with other types of nail design, but do not forget about such a principle as moderation. There is no need to hold at once all the techniques and methods of decorating nails, minimalism on the nails can look very stylish!