Zumba fitness for beginners

If you want to lose weight and enjoy the process, then Zumba fitness is for you. The effectiveness of the dance for weight loss was tested by many Hollywood and domestic celebrities, including matchmaker number one Rosa Syabitova and famous actress Kirtsi Ellie. You can lose weight in the rhythm of incendiary Latin American music and you.

Zumba fitness for beginners

Efficiency Zumba Fitness Slimming checked on themselves more than 10 million people. A revolutionary idea was born completely by accident.

What is zumba fitness?

The choreographer Alberto Perez accidentally forgot to bring specialized aerobics discs to classes, I had to get the first disc I got out of the car, because it was impossible to cancel the training. An incendiary party began, which everyone liked to madness. Alberto thought and decided to create a fantastic Zumba - a mixture of dance and aerobics. The choreographer knows his stuff, because it was he who taught Shakira and Jennifer Lopez to dance.

The basis of the zumba fitness

TRIP TO NOVOPOSLENOVSKIY CHILDREN'S HOUSE Tuesday, November 06, 2012 Author Press Service Print One of the activities of the Youth Department of the Kursk Diocese are trips to orphanages that take place at least once a month. Most often, the youth of the diocese goes to Novoposelenovsky orphanage, with the pupils of which many children have already formed friendly ties. In the middle of October, a trip to an orphanage in the village of Ponyri took place, about which one of its participants Maxim Cherednichenko will tell us: good women who knew that there was a youth department of the diocese told us about the children's shelter in the village of Ponyri or there the children. We managed to collect things and toys that the children and I took to the orphanage. Many people responded to the trip, in the end, 15 people drove in three cars. Special thanks to the drivers, I think everyone will join in expressing gratitude in this matter. Especially since c. Ponyri is located somewhere in 80 kilometers from Kursk, that is, the distance is rather big. Reaching the shelter, we were met by Valentina Alekseevna, the director of the orphanage, and told us about the problems of the institution. She paid special attention to the children who are currently in their care. Such small residents of the orphanage are 77 people. Most of the children are of small age - up to the third grade, mostly having parents or one of the parents, but they cannot stay in the family due to the unfavorable situation and unfavorable conditions for living at home. Some adolescents still have bad fortunes, someone committed crimes or was close to committing them. Separated, we went to the children, someone went to the younger group, someone to the middle and older. The three of us with the guys were taken into the room to the first graders. The kids had a quiet hour, the teachers slowly woke them up, the children got dressed, made beds and gathered at their desks in the playroom. It was felt that they were interested to find out who came to them and why they came, they whispered to each other. We gave each child sweets and an icon of the Savior with a prayer.

At the heart of the direction are active training without fatigue. Zumba is a combination of strength exercises and dance movements. You dance, calories are wasted, the mood rises. This is the most emotional form of fitness. At the heart of Zumba are not only Latin American dances, it is possible to light both for salsa and hip-hop, flamenco, jazz and rock-and-roll. The main component of the classes is passion and positive energy. In the process of Zumba, you will not repeat the same thing, no boring movements, only endless dances and lively emotions.

Zumba fitness reviews

Those who have already achieved results from practicing this type of fitness claim that zumba fitness is effective in combating extra pounds. In one hour of training, you can burn about 700 calories. Problem areas are reduced in volume on the eyes. Plus a charge of positive energy for the whole day, you will know that you are dancing and enjoying life. It should be understood that Zumba fitness is not just chaotic movements, it is an acquaintance with the real movements of the most popular dances in the world: samba, afro, bachato meringue. The first time may be difficult, but you will succeed.

Zumba fitness for beginners

zumba fitness for beginners

Before you start classes, you need to find a qualified coach. If the first test lesson did not impress you, look for another coach. After all, it is important to forget about sports, and just dance and dance. That is why this type of fitness is suitable for those who are just starting to improve their body. Among other things, zumba fitness is fashionable. Even a beginner can master the movements, all that remains is to improve his skills.

Result Zumba fitness

  • Slim and athletic figure.
  • Fountain of positive emotions.
  • You will learn to move beautifully.
  • The reward will be a developed sense of rhythm.
  • All muscle groups are being worked out.
  • Develops flexibility and plasticity.
  • You will learn to feel your body.
  • Strengthens the heart.
  • Stamina improves.
  • The respiratory system is strengthened.

zumba fitness for beginners

For ten years, Zumba won the hearts of millions, she got to Russia. Zumba fitness will bring a holiday into your life, which is so lacking in the gray days.

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