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What to eat after training

Nutrition after exercise is especially important for those who are seriously involved in sports. Proper diet enhances the effect of employment. The wrong menu, on the contrary, will weaken it and reduce your effectiveness.

Can I eat after exercise?

After training, you must be sure to eat. At the same time it is necessary to follow certain rules:

What to eat after a workout?

  • When you pump relief muscles, milk can not be consumed. A high percentage of insulin is immediately detrimental to the relief.
  • If you have a lot of fat, then after class, eat 1 pure protein. The figure in the standard form needs additional muscle tissue. To do this, it is necessary to make the diet 40% protein and 60% carbohydrate food.
  • 3 hours before class the stomach should not be overfilled. This is necessary for ease of training. Carbohydrates with high glycemic index use at the end of classes as energy sources. Their goal is to raise insulin levels. The hormone contains beneficial properties. If the body does not receive the required amount of insulin, then after classes the destructive process of catabolism begins.
  • Approximate number of carbohydrate foods 60 - 100 gr. The necessary carbohydrate foods include honey, pasta, bananas, cereals, bran bread, fresh juice.
  • After strength training carbohydrates do not go into the body fat, approximately 6 hours.
  • What matters is the quality and quantity of carbohydrate foods in 24 hours. Immediately after class, it is advised to use a protein cocktail with a protein containing BCAAs or replace it with a gainer portion. Due to them, the process of protein synthesis in muscle tissue will increase by 3 times. The protein composition affects the amount of insulin secretion and regenerates muscles.
  • Within 2h after class do not take caffeinated products: chocolates, tea, coffee. Otherwise, caffeine will prevent insulin production, making it difficult for glycogen to enter the liver and muscle mass. If training is scheduled for the evening, have a snack 2 hours before it. After class, take a portion of protein in a complex of 30 grams. You can replace in the absence of such 20 grams. casein protein. Protein supplements will replace 200 gr. low fat cottage cheese.

How much after training can not eat?

What to eat after a workout?

You need to eat immediately after class, in the first 20 minutes. If you forbid yourself to eat for 2 hours, then the meaning of training will disappear. There will be a working out of adipose tissue, but the sensation of increase in strength, slender figure and rapid metabolism will not occur. In the first 20 minutes after training in the human body an anabolic window appears. During this period, take proteins and carbohydrates, but in no case fatty food even to 1 calorie hit the fat. Eaten is needed to restore muscle tissue, as well as weight gain. This is a very important point. If you do not eat after training, then there is a risk to plant yourself a heart.

Nutrition after exercise for weight loss

Balance the balance in the body and lose weight can only be if the amount of calories consumed exceeds the amount of food consumed. But their amount should be a multiple of the necessary energy for your normal physical well-being. If there is a shortage of weight in calories, then losing weight will be equal to a short period. This happens with models. They almost do not eat, but fat cells can not leave, due to the lack of muscles and a slow flow of metabolism. A sufficient amount of calories should be spent on gaining muscle mass, even if you are not in training. Nutrition before and after classes depends on factors such as:

  • Training duration
  • Exercise load - aerobics or strength exercises

The most productive are the lessons in the morning, when you have not eaten anything. The share of glycogen in the body is small in the early hours, which means fat deposits under the gun. Their bodies and will take energy for loads. But we girls often suffer from vegetative - vascular dystonia. Dizzy, dark in the eyes and a state close to fainting. What can there be training. But the more often and better you train, the better your body condition becomes. You feel much stronger, gradually dizziness, the heart rhythm is getting better.

What to eat after a workout?

If the workout takes place during the daytime, then in 1.5 hours eat complex carbohydrates. Like this: oatmeal, rice porridge and pasta from durum wheat. Always help out a fruit like a banana. A pair of fruits will give strength for further studies. In training there is the term "second wind". During the classes it will appear, adding strength.

Argued that after a workout can not eat immediately. However, there are people who act in this way. Oddly enough, but they really lose weight. Most likely, this process depends on the characteristics of the organism as a whole. Do not be afraid to eat, the energy for such exercises is essential. If you want to lose weight, exercise to exhaustion and at the same time do not consume food, then you face complete exhaustion and weakness with nausea. Do not push yourself to the extreme - perhaps this is the main rule.

Enter the rhythm of classes gradually, slowly. All systematize, analyzing your body. Write a schedule, stick to it. It is also useful at the time of training to keep a diary, where by day, hour, write down the products consumed during the day. Thus, you can derive for yourself the formula of healthy eating, combining with effective exercises. Learn and listen to your body. Do not follow the fashion, if instead of simulators in the gym, like ballet. Any activity, be it aerobics or strength training, should bring pleasure from the process.

Every girl seeking to lose weight, cope with the training process. Nutrition plays perhaps a key role. It includes fruits, red fish, black bread, juices, boiled meat and healthy green salads. Thanks to him, the body will become taut, slim, normal sleep. You prefer to spend more time on the air than at the computer.

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