What protein is better to choose for a set of muscle mass

Solid, voluminous muscles - a sign of strength and beauty of their owner. To improve the fitness of the effectiveness of sports activities can be enhanced with the help of special dietary supplements. To quickly achieve success and not harm your health, you need to know which protein is best to take to gain muscle mass.

Protein is a protein that is known to be the main component of the tissues of the human body and a source of energy. This type of protein, as essential amino acids, is found in animal products. Interchangeable acids are in cereals from cereals. In order for the muscles to increase, one must not only actively train, but also consume a lot of protein foods. Sometimes athletes replace a diet that does not immediately bear fruit, taking medication based on protein.

The secrets of protein production

what protein is best to take to gain muscle mass

Protein products are not synthetic drugs - they are made from natural substances by removing impurities. Such additives have several forms.


This substance in which the maximum amount of protein is concentrated, and other elements are almost completely absent. Due to this, the isolate is very quickly absorbed and in the shortest time it restores the energy balance and muscle tissue, if taken immediately after classes.


Purification of such a protein is not intensive enough, so about 25-50% of the funds can be fats and carbohydrates.


This is the name of the protein, which underwent not only thorough purification, but also fermentation - all the components took the form of peptides. It is absorbed instantly. Unfortunately, this fact can be considered both positive and negative: the body does not feel the load and begins to reduce the production of enzymes necessary for the breakdown of proteins.

The isolate, concentrate and hydrolyzate can be made from proteins of different origin. Especially useful is egg protein. It is absorbed without residue, with it compare the value of other types of protein. Other varieties that are suitable for building muscle are:

  • whey - easily splitted amino acids prevail in its composition, as a result of which strength is renewed and muscles strengthen very quickly. Suitable for reception in the morning;
  • casein is extracted by curdling the milk, forms the curd mass in the body, breaks down gradually and maintains the energy supply for a long time. It is usually used at bedtime;
  • collagen - strengthens ligaments, joints, skin, therefore, it is often used as an addition to basic protein remedies;
  • Milk - a compound of whey and casein products;
  • Soy - reduces cholesterol in the blood and helps to preserve muscles while losing weight.

There is also a complex protein synthesized in the laboratory from several species.

Who knows how to choose - will surprise by force!

Modern manufacturers offer a lot of drugs that will help become the owner of impressive muscles. But, in order not to be disappointed, you should familiarize yourself with the characteristics of the products and decide which protein to choose.

Optimum Gold Standard

It consists of easily digestible whey protein isolate: only 3 g of carbohydrates are available per 24 g of pure protein. Obviously, with such a composition, the drug favors a speedy and high-quality increase in muscles. In addition to high efficiency, Optimum will delight its lovers with a pleasant taste.

Cellucor COR-Performance

which protein to choose

About 80% of this product is the purest protein. In addition, it contains beneficial amino acids. The popularity of the drug is also growing due to the unique variety of flavors and good solubility of the substance.

Combat Powder by MusclePharm

This protein includes many components: whey protein isolate and concentrate, partially fermented whey, glutamine and egg white, which supplies the body with the amino acids and arginine needed for muscle growth. Thus, after taking Combat body tissues for 7-8 hours, various proteins are obtained.

ISO-100 from Dymatize

The main component of the drug is a well-known rapidly digestible whey protein isolate. The branched chain amino acid leucine activates the processes of synthesis, so it will be very useful to use ISO-100 early in the morning, and after exhausting workouts.

Syntha-6 from BSN

This complex protein is rightfully included in the list of the best supplements for athletes. It has good taste and a sufficient amount of substances that promote muscle pumping: 22 g of protein, 15 g of amino acids and only 5 g of carbohydrates.

Hydrowheyot ON

Hydrowhey completes the ranking of the most effective protein supplements. This is a whey hydrolyzate - large proteins are separated for rapid absorption. It also contains the lion's share of protein, many amino acids and only 2 g of carbohydrates, but due to the form, not all modern supermen are satisfied with it.

So, after analyzing the information, it is easy to understand that the most qualitative are multicomponent preparations or agents containing highly purified protein in the form of an isolate without:

  • "companions" in the form of a large amount of fats and carbohydrates;
  • vegetable protein, which is needed in the fight against extra pounds;
  • synthetic flavors that adversely affect the work of the digestive system.

Explaining which protein is better for beginners, nutritionists talk about the benefits of whey protein, which will not lead to malfunctions of the beginner's digestive system, since it is less problematic to digest. Protein can also be used in the form of a hydrolyzate, but not for long, because the digestive organs can get used to the relief of functions, which is fraught with further disorders.

Violation of admission rules - zeroing effect

how to take protein to gain muscle mass

In order to grow your muscles like yeast as a result of your workouts, while your health remains normal, you need to figure out how to take protein to gain muscle mass. The optimal time for learning is:

  • morning;
  • late evening;
  • time after sports activities.

You can not take protein supplements before workouts, because for their splitting the body will need a lot of energy, and instead of a surge of strength during exercise will be felt fatigue and drowsiness.

To achieve the desired result, an athlete needs 2 g of protein per 1 kg of weight. The daily dose of the drug should be divided into 2-3 doses, so as not to overload the gastrointestinal tract. It is best to protein intake between breakfast and lunch, as well as immediately after exercise. On days when they are not provided, they drink it before the evening meal.

An alternative protein enrichment scheme is as follows:

  • in the morning on an empty stomach one third of the daily norm of whey protein;
  • one-third of whey for half an hour after pumping up muscles;
  • day one-third the dose of casein or combined protein;
  • at bedtime, a third of the daily amount of casein.

The contents of the bags are placed in water, milk, fruit juice. At the same time, the amount of liquid is unprincipled, but its temperature is yes. If it is high, the protein will curtail and lose all its beneficial properties. So the “environment” for him should be only warm

After reviewing the composition of specific drugs and finding out which protein is better to choose for a set of muscle mass, there is no need to hurry to begin an uncontrolled intake of highly purified protein. Only a combination of sports training and the competent use of portions of protein divided into portions, corresponding to body weight, will allow in the future to boast enormous muscles, excellent health and good mood.

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